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The Teardrop Explodes – Sleeping Gas

Expert Post Punk moves from Julian Cope and co’s 1980 album ‘Kilimanjaro’. Lovely, lovely stuff with a hint of Mike Ratledge on organ.


The Residents – Handful of Desire

A cracking one minute tune from an album full of 60 second slices of delight. This is saturated with that electronic “Residential” feel, and really nails the sound they had during this period; from the incredible 1980 LP ‘The Commercial Album’.

Wire – Heartbeat

Simmering New Wave number that some may know from the cover Big Black did back in 1987. This track, the original, appeared on Wire’s 1978 album ‘Chairs Missing’.

Paul Schütze – Deus Ex Machina (Full Album)

Paul Schütze’s debut album from 1989 sets his stall out from the start; with a cyber update on Jon Hassell’s notion of ‘Fourth World Music”. Schütze’s music always sounds like it could be an alternative soundtrack to ‘Blade Runner’ (be aware fellow purists, I did state “alternative”), and this album is probably THE perfect candidate if in some other dimension the Vangelis OST was no longer deemed satisfactory (such a dimension surely cannot exist). The listener feels like they’re walking through the rain soaked, neon-lit streets of a future LA with Deckard. We have the full album on here as it was released on CD as one, single track. So, dip in.

Danielle Dax – Hammerheads

This is from Danielle’s second album, 1984’s ‘Jesus Egg That Wept’, and see’s her indulging in the kind of Gospel for the Hellbound that appealed to the likes of Jim Thirlwell, Nick Cave, Swans et al. 

Captain Beefheart And His Magic Band – Veteran’s Day Poppy

Today would have been Don Van Vliet’s 77th birthday if he was still in this dimension. So to celebrate this we give you the closing track from Don’s main masterpiece (as opposed to all of his other one’s), 1969’s “Trout Mask Replica’. This track has three sections to it, all three are wonderful, but somehow that coda is where the real magic is.

Wha Ha Ha – Keiro No Hibi

More from the Japanese band; this has a real familiar-sounding riff (one that will surely bring on a smile) interspersed with the odd section of sporadic nonsense. From their 1981 album ‘Getahaitekonakucha’.

Paul Schütze – Hallucinations (In Memory or Reinaldo Arenas)

Schütze brings his Fourth world electronica to Kevin Martin’s ‘Ambient 4: Isolationism’ (1994) compilation for Virgin records; though his material doesn’t really fit into the Isolationism “category”.

Warmduscher – Neon Tongues

The B-Side to the band’s new single “Big Wilma”, out now. This is all cheap drum machines, fuzzy synths, and spoken word (word!).

You can go to their bandcamp page and support them.

Kraftwerk – Köln II (1971)

The birth of NEU!, live on German TV back in 1971.

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