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Reload – Ehn

The duo of Mark Prichard and Tom Middleton are maybe better known for their work under the Global Communication moniker; as well as Jedi Knights. However, before they made waves under those identities, they released an album as Reload in 1993 titled ‘A Collection Of Short Stories’, which was a continuous stream of various Techno and Electro shapes which tapped right into the established ‘Ambient Techno’ scene, as well as the burgeoning ‘Intelligent/Home Listening Techno’ music that eventually got tagged as ‘IDM’. ‘Ehn’ is an upbeat Ambient Techno tune with a chugging funk bassline and sparkly synths.


Richie Hawtin – DE9|Closer to the Edit

Minimal before it was watered down and Hawtin lost his mojo. It could be argued that he perfected the ideas we can hear taking shape here with his 2005 release ‘DE9| Transitions’ , but there’s no doubt that this 2001 release is a solid statement for what Hawtin envisioned. As a description of what’s going on here, tech-wise etc, we’ll leave it for Hawtin to explain “After recording, sampling, cutting, and splicing over 100 tracks down to their most basic components, I ended up with a collection of over 300 loops, ranging in length from 1 note to 4 bars. I then started to recreate and reinterpret each track, putting the pieces back together as if an audio jigsaw puzzle- using effects and edits in between each piece. This 53 minute piece, consisting of over 70 tracks and 31 ID points, represents what those loops became, and how their interactions created something that had not existed before.”

Devo – Make Me Dance [Demo]

A track that sadly did not make it onto 1980’s ‘Freedom of Choice’, as it’s a Devolution banger! All stiffened New Wave dance moves and minimal synth patterns.

Tortoise – High Class Slim Came Floatin’ In

Tortoise open their 2009 album ‘Beacons of Ancestorship’ confidently with “High Class Slim Floatin’ In,” all Dubby drums and fuzzy guitar riffs; and  synth melodies resemble that sound like Harmonia employed Bernie Worrel. In fact it appears that Tortoise had dragged out all the analogue electronic gear in their possession for this album; and it’s a very good thing that they did.

Captain Beefheart & His Magic Band – Korn Ring Finger

A brilliant track that, astoundingly, never made it onto any of Beefheart’s albums proper; Korn ring Finger was made around the same time as the ‘Mirror Man’ album, and fits in perfectly with that sound. This is The Sentinel’s favourite era of the tCaptains music, and this piece is just as good as ’25th Century Quaker’,‘Tarotplane’ etc. The sound, like ‘Mirror Man’ is bouncy, expansive, and effortlessly psychedelic.
1967; amazing.

Foetus – Be Thankful

Noisy Foetus material from 1996, and his ‘NULL’ EP.

“You’ll go where you’re driven and be grateful!!”

Tyree – Night Of Acid

Chicago Acid from 1988; so, classic stuff from the very eye of the storm.

Eater – Outside View

North London Punk band Eater with their first single in 1977. The band were young, with an average age of 15, and had a 14 year old drummer, Dee Generate; and like many Punk acts of the day, were short lived.

The Monochrome Set – Peel Session 1979

1. Espresso (0:07)

2. Noise (3:03)

3. Love Goes Down The Drain (4:53)

4. Ici Les Enfants (7:27)

5. Fat Fun (10:06)

Foetus – Hammer Falls

The Sentinel has already gone into the issues surrounding 1995’s ‘GASH’; for both Thirlwell and his audience; so there is no need to go into that again. ‘Hammer Falls’ is one of the albums crackers, and drags the listener into a maelstrom that includes a horn section on steroids, punishing drums, and diseased raga shenanigans. Long live Jimmy!

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