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Thomas Köner ‎– Kaamos

The first of three tracks called ‘Kaamos’ from the 1998 album ‘Kaamos’ on the Mille Plateaux label. Drone on droogies.


Kalahari Surfers – Golden Rendevous

Another tune from the bands 1988 album ‘Sleep Armed’; this time it’s an angular Post Punk number from Warrick Sony and his many aliases.

Skin/World of Skin – Nothing Without You

A terrifying “love” song wrapped in Doom ambient from Swans Gira and Jarboe. Haunting, beautiful, yet petrifying stuff here from the bands 1988 album ‘Shame, Humility, Revenge’.

The Fall – Psycho Mafia

Let’s celebrate the 1st day of Autumn with a song by The Fall!

Wolf Eyes – Enemy Ladder

Wolf Eyes channel metal and old skool hardcore on their 2016 album ‘I Am A Problem: Mind In Pieces’. This is the official video directed by Will Benedict.

Kalahari Surfers – Houghton Parents

If you want edgy, how about an anti-apartheid band operating in the heart of the beast during apartheid? This mixture of smooth soul and RIO was the second track on the bands 3rd album, 1988’s ‘Sleep Armed’; which was named after a Cassiber track. Surf the waves.

Ectogram – Excerpt From The Faust Tapes

Welsh Post-Rock act giving us some Faust from their 1995 EP ‘Spoonicon’. This was back before we knew this ‘excerpt’ was called ‘J’ai Mal Aux Dents’.

Great cover.

Electrelane – Gone Darker

The band go, ahem, darker with their motorik psych mod sound on this fantastic track from their 2005 album ‘Axes’. Outstanding!

Skin/World Of Skin – Breathing Water

Michael Gira and Jarboe took a sidestep from Swans with their project ‘Skin’ (also know as ‘World Of Skin’), and the sound was sparse, and paradoxically light ‘n’ floaty whilst being doomy and heavy. This is perfectly demonstrated on this track from their 2nd album, 1988’s ‘Shame, Humility, Revenge’, which can be loosely deemed as a depressive, obsessive “love” song.

Julie’s Haircut – Gathering Light

This spacey Italian Psychedelic Rock band are channeling the spirit of ‘Set The Controls For the Heart Of The Sun’ on their new album ‘Invocation and Ritual Dance of My Demon Twin’. Dig.

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