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DeepChord Presents Echospace – Sub-Marine

‘Sub-Marine’ is the perfect title for this spacious Dub Techno number from the 2010 album ‘Liumin’. The whole album has a submerged, fluid, spacious sound. It could be music from the stars as much as the deep blue sea. Dive in.


Cluster – Sowiesoso

Warm, ever-expanding Kraut-Electronica from this wonderful duo’s 1976 album; also titled ‘Sowiesoso’. Food for every growing Ambient baby.

Slapp Happy – The Drum

Slapp Happy were always a hard one to pin down. Associated with a variety of serious and potent avant-garde outfits, it was a surprise to many upon hearing their  “naive rock” (as the bands Peter Blegvad described them) for the first time . Slapp Happy consisted of Peter Blegvad, Anthony Moore, and Dagmar Krause. Dagmar is sweet sounding on the majority of Slapp Happy releases, and at that time wasn’t known for her chilling vocals that she mustered for bands such as Art Bears and News From Babel (what a contrast). Their debut was1972’s ‘Sort Of’, an album released on Polydor, and recorded  with the help of label mates Faust. Those same three Faust members (Jean-Hervé Péron, Gunther Wüsthoff, and Werner ‘Zappi’ Deirmaier) were the ‘backing band’ for this album too. ‘Sort Of’ was a commercial failure, and Polydor demanded a straighter second album (sound familiar?), which is what this 1973 effort was an attempt at. However, Polydor rejected what was intended to be the ‘Casablanca Moon’ album and the band parted company from the label. They came to the UK and signed to Virgin. They re-recorded the ‘Casablanca Moon’ album with session musicians and released it under the moniker ‘Slapp Happy’. Luckily, the rougher, less sentimental sounding (and far, far better) version of the album recorded with Faust was released by Recommended Records in 1980, and then re-released in 1982 with the title ‘Acnalbasac Noom’. This is Pop, pure and simple. Pop, with Faust as the backing band.

The The – Jealous of Youth

The opening section of the 1st track from 1991’s ‘Shades of Blue’ EP has a Foetus feel to it, with hard horn stabs and Matt’s growling vocals; however, it rapidly becomes clear that we’re dealing with another beast entirely, one made up of funky guitars and drums with Pop sprinkles on top.

Juan Atkins & Moritz von Oswald – Concave 2

Behold 2 Techno legends as they take the dubness onto the middle of the dancefloor with.A.Tune. 2017.

Captain Beefheart & the Magic Band – Her Eyes Are a Blue Million Miles

Gorgeousness and gorgeousity made flesh; track 10 from 1972’s ‘Clear Spot’ will get you every time.

Fifty Foot Hose – Rose

Sultry, slinky stuff from the West Coast Psychedelic outfits 1967 album ‘Cauldron’.

Seed – The Luxury Of Horns

Australian Paul Schütze recorded some projects under monikers other than his own name, and Seed was one of them. Although in truth, the album he made under the name Seed, 1995’s ‘Vertical memory’, isn’t really much different to the material he made as Paul Schütze or Uzect Plausch). Gathered under the ‘Ambient’ banner back in the early to mid ’90’s, some of Schütze’s work has worn well, and some hasn’t. In fact, a lot of the Seed album isn’t as interesting as it once was, but this track is dreamy; like free falling into a vortex of digital lights and gentle horn stabs. Lovely. As for material under his own name, check out the fantastic ‘Apart’ from 1995, which would be a great place to start, and gives the listener a wide selection of Schütze’s various styles.

Dr. John – Gris-Gris Gumbo Ya Ya

What an opener! And what a way to introduce an alter-ego. Unfortunately, Dr. John a.k.a John Rebennack didn’t maintain this kind of sorcery (his Dr. John the Night Tripper phase, to be exact), but we luckily have the artifacts on his early albums, including this one; his 1968 debut ‘Gris Gris’. This track just floats out of the speakers, with the odd rattle or two, and just oozes hokey Voodoo pomp (that’s a good thing by the way) whilst Rebennack reads off a list of ailments he can cure with his snake oil. The Tm Waits comparison is inevitable, and no doubt young Waits was listening to this guy (along with Beefheart). Wonderful.

Frank Zappa – Flakes

A song that many can relate to as it’s about being ripped off by a variety of tradesmen. Funny, and still (sadly) relevant; and from his 1979 album ‘Sheik Yerbouti’.

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