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Electrelane – Take The Bit Between Your Teeth

Absolute stonker from the band’s 2004 album ‘The Power Out’.


Andrew Liles – The Ether Reel

Creepy and melancholic at the same time; in true Nursey fashion. Thank you Andrew Liles. From his 2004 album ‘My Long Accumulating Discontent’.

Jeff Mills – Zenith

Detroit Techno, pure and simple. This lovely slice of Hi-Tech Soul is from the one and only Jeff Mills a.k.a ‘The Wizard’. Taken from ‘From The 21st Part 1’ (2004).

Black Dice – Miles Of Smiles

Field recordings meet the Dice’s noise boxes from this 2004 EP on Fat Cat records. This was back in the day when one didn’t quite know what to expect from Black Dice; apart from the fact that the music would be heavy duty lysergic sonics. Distorted marching bands and crickets abound on this 13 minute piece. See also the other track from the EP titled ‘Trip Dude Delay’, found elsewhere on The Sentinel.

Nurse With Wound/Cyclobe – Angry Electric Finger 2 (Part 5)

In the early noughties, Nurse With Wound sent out some raw ingredients to be cooked up by three performers. 1 was Jim O’Rourke, 2nd was, and the 3rd was Cyclobe. The version worked on by this duo seems to travel to a lot more destinations than the other two .* We’re talking about the outer reaches of music, where it becomes pure sound. Anything familiar with either of these acts will know what to expect, and the alliance more than lives up to expectations. This is from 2004.

*however, please check out the version; it’s also wonderful.

Philip Jeck – Veil

From 2004’s ‘7’, the long and languid ‘Veil’ is another beautifully haunting and textured vinyl phantom dredged up from the netherworld.

Electrelane – On Parade

Moddish motorik garage rock from the band’s 2nd album, 2004’s ‘The Power Out’. This is a real banger, and is in keeping with this bands high quality output.

Liars – They Don’t Want Your Corn, They Want Your Kids

After the Nu-No-Wave Punk-Funk of 2001’s ‘They Threw Us All in a Trench and Stuck a Monument on Top’, Liars came back with a(kind of) concept album about the Witch trails in the Harz mountains of Northern Germany titled ‘They Were Wrong, So We Drowned’ (2004). For this, the band got murkier and Witchier; taking the music into gloomier Avant-Rock and Psych realms. However, with this track the Punk-Funk of yesteryear is still on display, with the band sounding like a ramshackle, nastier LCD Soundsystem. The album wasn’t as well received as the previous effort, and sold poorly, which is a shame as it’s a great entry into the 00’s New York Avant-Rock explosion. The following album, 2005’s ‘Drums Not Dead’ was a much more successful album, and still their best.

Black Dice – Wastered (Side B)

Wastered was a split EP between Animal Collective and Black Dice. The Dice side is as monged out as one would expect from the band circa 2004. They were really making peak LSD moment music around this time; all Day-Glo terror and retardation.

Black Dice – Skeleton

New York’s Black Dice’s ‘Creature Comforts’ album from 2004 was the transition between the epic Avant-Rock of ‘Beaches & Canyons’ (2003), and the dayglo, whacked out Electro of ‘Broken Ear record’ (2005); an album that was out there in the lysergic netherworld, and placed the outfit among acts like Nurse With Wound and Irr.App.(Ext.). The track Skeleton has more structure than the majority of the album, but is still wayward, and takes the listener out deep into the magic mushroom laden woods with no map for the return journey. Queasy and spandangled psychedelia from the Noughties.

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