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Jimi Tenor – Barcelona Sunrise

The opening track to Tenor’s 2004 album ‘Beyond The Stars’ sets out his stall from the off,  and that stall is space age bachelor pad lounge/Soul music. Dig.


Jimi Tenor – Sirens Of Salo

Space age lounge Jazz from Finland’s Jimi Tenor here. This is off of his 2004 album ‘Beyond The Stars’.

Liars – Broken Witch

This was such a perfect opener for the bands 2004 album about Witchcraft upon the Brocken (Mountain) during German Walpurgis Nacht; titled ‘We Were wrong, So We Drowned’. The sound os a band who have ingested too many mushrooms and have wandered into the deep, dark parts of the forest.

Boom Bip – First Walk (Peel Session Version)

This track, that appeared on the 2004 mop up album ‘Corymb’, does not easily fit into the Category of ‘Hip-Hop’, which is the main tag that gets attached to Bryan Charles Hollon a.k.a Boom Bip. Even tags like ‘Downtempo’ (shudder) or electronica don’t suit a track that has far more in common with Ui, Tortoise, or any other country-tinged Post Rock acts. Nice for any walk, even if it’s not your first.

Baby Ford – NYC Slippers

Slithers of Disco shimmer on this taut, tight Microhouse number from the UK veteran. This is from Ford’s 2004 album ‘Basking In The Brakelights’

Liars – There’s Always Room On The Broom

Some scuzzy Punk-Funk from ‘They Were Wrong, So We Drowned’, the bands 2004 album about Witchcraft upon the Brocken (Mountain) during German Walpurgis Nacht.

Ginnungagap – Duel Ravens

Droning folky doings from Anthony Sylvester and Stephen O’Malley’s Ginnungagap (named after the yawning void from Norse mythology) project. From the album Remeindre (2004). This void is warm and cosy.

Electrelane – Take The Bit Between Your Teeth

Absolute stonker from the band’s 2004 album ‘The Power Out’.

Andrew Liles – The Ether Reel

Creepy and melancholic at the same time; in true Nursey fashion. Thank you Andrew Liles. From his 2004 album ‘My Long Accumulating Discontent’.

Jeff Mills – Zenith

Detroit Techno, pure and simple. This lovely slice of Hi-Tech Soul is from the one and only Jeff Mills a.k.a ‘The Wizard’. Taken from ‘From The 21st Part 1’ (2004).

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