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This Heat – Peel Sessions 1977


  1. Rimp Romp Ramp (0:00)
  2. Makeshift Swahili (6:40)
  3. Sitting (12:59)
  4. Basement Boy (15:15)
  5. Slither (17:24)

Nurse With Wound – Brained (Unconscious Mix)

Nurse With Wound’s crazed, demented, tripped out cover version of “Cottonwoodhill” by Brainticket get a zonked out mix. It starts with Jim Foetus’ vocals cutting through the fog, and eventually the listener gets thrown into occasional bursts of the maelstrom of the original version; then back into the voidy, bleached alternative. Dig.

A Bad Diana – Behind The Curtain Of The Sun

When Diana Rogerson came out with her ‘A Bad Diana’ project in 2007 (with the sole album ‘The Lights Are On But No-One’s Home’), it was glorious news for those Nurse With Wound fans that feel that Rogerson was always one of the most compelling elements of an incredible project (that luckily shows no signs of slowing down). Rogerson had already given us 2 incredible ‘solo’ works in the past with her Chrystal Belle Scrodd persona, but that was many years before A Bad Diana, and it could be said that this album was more than long overdue. Luckily it didn’t disappoint, and echoed the trajectory of her husband’s NWW, with the work becoming less demented and more spaced out (though eerily so). This track has Diana singing into a void of drones and chirping crickets. Minimal, simple; yet vast and majestic; here’s hoping for more from this mercurial, and fierce talent over the coming years.

Renaldo & the Loaf – Melvyn’s Repose

Tape loop shenanigans from the Swinging Larvae -era. Check out the loop at the one minute mark; hellish under certain, enhanced circumstances, but to this listener it has a haunting beauty. Portsmouth’s finest!

News From Babel – Devils

Krause bolstered by creepy bassoons on this light yet sinister piece from their 1984 album ‘Sirens and Silences/Work Resumed On The Tower’.

Skin/World of Skin – Nothing Without You

A terrifying “love” song wrapped in Doom ambient from Swans Gira and Jarboe. Haunting, beautiful, yet petrifying stuff here from the bands 1988 album ‘Shame, Humility, Revenge’.

Skin/World Of Skin – Breathing Water

Michael Gira and Jarboe took a sidestep from Swans with their project ‘Skin’ (also know as ‘World Of Skin’), and the sound was sparse, and paradoxically light ‘n’ floaty whilst being doomy and heavy. This is perfectly demonstrated on this track from their 2nd album, 1988’s ‘Shame, Humility, Revenge’, which can be loosely deemed as a depressive, obsessive “love” song.

Renaldo & the Loaf – Lime Jelly Grass

This is where the madness starts! The opening track to the gaggle of lysergic tape-loops, toy drums, and candy-coloured chants that is their 1980 masterpiece ‘Songs For Swinging Larvae’.

Biota – Rackabones (Full Album)

Incredible stuff from the American band. This was after they’d changed their name from Mnemonists, and forged forward as the musical project Biota. Under the new moniker, the collective were quieter; more discrete. However, the music oozes towards you in an extremely unsettling manner; rolling, cracking, clumping, and dissolving then reforming before your very eyes. This is the whole album from 1985.

[0:00] “Vagabones: Part I”
[26:39] “Vagabones: Part II”
[52:59] “Rackabones: Part I”
[1:11:02] “Rackabones: Part II”

Krzysztof Penderecki – Polymorphia

Well, many have been talking about the use of Penderecki in the, frankly, mindblowing 8th episode of ‘Twin Peaks: The Return’. However, Penderecki has been used with devastating effect in film before; most notably when Friedkin used him for ‘The Exorcist’, or when Kubrick did the same for ‘The Shining’. In fact, both of the films mentioned featured this spine tingling masterpiece. This track travels some in it’s 10 minutes; although every corner it takes you too is as terrifying as the last. The piece begins quietly, and after a period of barely heard rumbling the track builds and builds until the listener is in the eye of the skin-crawling storm. Then you get onto the plucking; which stumbles into a section that approaches bombast.

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