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Young Marble Giants – Brand New Life

Typically low-key, minimal stuff from this Post Punk three piece. Off of their second album, which was called ‘Colossal Youth’ (1980), just as their previous, no label self-released album from 1979 was.


Gilbert & Lewis – R

Drones, rumbles and assorted tinkering from the 1980 album ‘3R4’ by this duo who also made up half of Wire.

The Residents – The Coming of the Crow

Fred Frith and Chris Cutler guest on the track from The Residents 1980 classic ‘The Commercial Album’. This was around the time that Cutler and Frith were making music together, along with Dagmar Krause, under the moniker of Art Bears; and this track pretty much sounds like an instrumental piece by that band.

Frank Zappa – Dumb All Over

This song lampooning the planets most popular cults is, sadly, even more relevant today than it was when he released 1981’s ‘You Are What You Is’ album. This is a kind of broken funk rock number with Frank’s mocking vocals in space mode.

Blurt – Get

The B-Side to Blurt’s debut single in 1980 was, like the 1st side, a kind of Post-Punk that picked up the baton that the Contortions handed over. Skronky, funky (in a punk, roughshod kind of way), and even with a hint of motorik in there. The name for this act was so fitting. So sit back and enjoy some raw sax first thing in the morning.

Art Object – Ride The Metro

Not to be confused with early 80’s Bristol band ‘Art Objects’, this US act appear to have just made the one EP in 1980 titled ‘Ride The Metro’; which was a rough, No Wave type of deal.

The Fall – Peel Session 1980


1. Container Drivers (0:00)

2. Jawbone And The Air-Rifle (3:40)

3. New Puritan (7:04)

4. New Face In Hell (14:18)

Scientist – Dangerous Match 6

A real beauty from Scientist’s 1980 Dub classic ‘Scientists Wins The World Cup’.

The Residents – Floyd

Sparkly Electronica from 1980. This and Diskomo show that the fab four were ahead of the game when it came to trippy, electronic dance music; with the likes of Kraftwerk, Cluster, Suicide et al just ahead of them.

The Teardrop Explodes – Sleeping Gas

Expert Post Punk moves from Julian Cope and co’s 1980 album ‘Kilimanjaro’. Lovely, lovely stuff with a hint of Mike Ratledge on organ.

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