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Model 500 – Mind Changes

Classic Detroit Techno from 1992 with a track from Juan Atkins’s Model 500 project. This was from ‘The Passage’ EP, and is the standout track. Hi tech Soul with some synthetic melancholia for good measure.


Ultramarine – British Summertime

The sound of the early 90’s, and the sound of British summertime. This was from an album were the music fitted perfectly into the whole “chill out room” thing that was taking off; not quite full on Ambient-Techno (and certainly not pure Ambient), and not fiddly enough for the IDM tag. What better time to post this track from the duo’s 1992 album ‘Every Man And Woman Is A Star’; with it’s rolling piano’s, Proto Trip-Hop breaks, and dub references; than now?

Swans – Her

Wander off into the long grass and flowers with this track from 1992’s ‘Love of Life’.

Aphex Twin – Tha

Beautiful, dreamy Electronica from 1992. This is, of course, from James’ debut album ‘Selected Ambient Works Volume 1’.

The Black Dog – Vanttool

The Black Dog had such a trademark sound in the early days that you could immediately identify one of their tracks, despite there being a deep connection to the original Detroit model of Techno in their work. They successfully paid homage and their debt, whilst forging a path of their own; which any avid listener can attest to This track is from the 1992 EP of the same name.

Dan Curtin – 3rd From The Sun

Cleveland, Ohio native who is now resident in Berlin; Curtin has been delivering true techno from day one. Here’s a lovely track off of his very 1st EP (also titles ‘3rd From The Sun’), from all the way back in 1992. Great stuff from the days when this incredible Electronic Soul music was made with hardware.

Main – Feed The Collapse

Spaced, yet crisp, clear, and direct; a track from the band’s second EP. 1992’s ‘Calm’.

The Hair & Skin Trading Company – Nine Tenths Of The Law

A track from the B-Side to the bands 1992 ‘Ground Zero’ EP that has hints of Faust, as well as some of the more spartan, experimental Post Punk acts of days past. The Band went on to become hazier, expansive, and tripped out in their sound; but the kernel of what they were alway about can be heard here.

Stereolab – The Seeming and the Meaning

Absolute cracker from the band’s first album, 1992’s ‘Peng’ on Too Pure. Dig!

F.U.S.E – Another Time (Revisited)

Richie Hawtin with some Windsor Techno from back in 1992. Classic, classic stuff that stands proudly next to the motor city sound.

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