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Tindersticks – Running Wild [extended instrumental]

Stunning, cinematic stuff from Tindersticks’ 2003 EP ‘My Oblivion’. Moody, noir-ish, and perfect as the night closes in. Beautiful.


Nev – Strata Fission

RIP Tim Prezzano 1969-2018. News has recently come in about this underrated producer passing away. It was always sad to think about how little material of Tim’s was available, and that is something that is very final now. Rest in space Tim.

Henry Cow – Amygdala

Lush, pastoral Canterbury-style Jazz fusion from the Cambridge outfits first long player. This is before the darker chamber feel of 1974’s ‘Unrest’, but still very much a track (and album) worth delving into. This first album was called ‘Legend’ (Leg End –  geddit?), and was released in 1973.

final – Black Dollars

Nighty night.

The Books – Enjoy Your Worries You May Never Have Them Again

Lilting, folktronica from the New York duo’s debut album ‘Thought For Food’ (2002). Playful, yet touching stuff here on the opening track.

Lee “Scratch” Perry – Roast Fish & Cornbread

Absolute classic Roots Reggae number from the heart of the Black Ark; 1976 style.

Slint – Good Morning Captain

That bleached, desert-like sound of American Post-Rock (think early tortoise) owes a lot to Slint’s 1991 album ‘Spiderland’, an album that deserves “classic” status, an album with fantastic opening and closing tracks. This is the closer, and continues with the vaguely threatening feel that the band deliver throughout the album. This threat builds, and the latter half of the track is intense in a non-metal, metal way; or summat like that. PJ Harvey cites this album as a huge influence on her 1992 debut ‘Dry’, with the juxtaposition of intense passages of music suddenly followed by quiet, ultra-restrained whispers.

Snakefinger – Yeti: What Are You?

Wow! Snakefinger would have been 69 today if he hadn’t have passed on to the great gig in the sky back in July ’87. The Sentinel pay respect with the opening track from his great 3rd album, 1982’s ‘Manual of Errors’.

Autechre – Cipater

The opening track from Autechre’s 1997 album ‘Chiastic Slide’ has a wonderful moment where everything shifts; and this album is a point where things start shifting for Autechre. Their previous album ‘Tri Repetae’ was rigid, Electro that rolled and lumbered along in big, rusted blocks (and was hugely effective at this). Autechre are now known for ever-shifting, free form Electronica where the lsitener is hardly ever on solid ground. 1997’s ‘Chiastic Slide’ was where Autechre would, ahem, start to ‘slide’ away from the grid-like structures of previous affairs onto the liquid technology of today. ‘Cipater’ perfectly sums up this transitional period, and is a fantastic piece in its own right.

The Hair & Skin Trading Company – Take Control

Simmering, slow burn Psych Rock from the UK acts 1994 album ‘Over valance’.

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