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Radiohead – Morning Mr. Magpie

In among the spiky, tight locked avant-funk grooves of this is a great song; post-Kid A Radiohead style of course. This is from 2011’s misunderstood ‘The King Of Limbs’.

The Fall – Flat Of Angles

Great swaggering track from the Fall’s second album, ‘Dragnet’ (1979).

Sun City Girls – The Flower

Drone Blues Raga from USA’s Sun City Girls; and this is another from their classic 1990 album ‘Torch Of The Mystics’.

Jeff Mills – Condor To Mallorca

Real, classic-era Detroit Techno from The Wizard himself. This track sounds like it expands upon ‘It Is What It Is’ by Derrick May, and toughens it up for the 90’s. Slamming machine phunq from the motor city circa 1994; taken from the Tresor album ‘Waveform Transmission Vol 3’.

The Residents – Lizard Lady

Lysergic cartoon pop from an alternate reality where the hit parade is littered with terrifyingly comic bangers. From their 1978 EP that never was ‘Buster & Glen’.

Tuxedomoon – Where Interests Lie

Gloomy New Wave with an Avant bent from Frisco’s Tuxedomoon. This is from their mini LP/EP ‘Scream With A View’ (1979).

Animal Collective – Did You See The Words?

Opening track from the aptly titled ‘Feels’ from 2005. This is like the Beach boys tumbling outwards on an MDMA rush. This is a track for goosebumps, butterflies, and tingling neck hairs.

Hardfloor – Drugoverlord (Remix)

Nutty House from the German duo usually known for their tough Acid workouts. This is from the bands 1993 album ‘TB Resuscitation’. Jack the House.

Hawkwind – Opa-Loka

Hawkwind on the Kraut tip for this motorik chuggathon from their 1975 album ‘Warrior On The Edge Of Time’. More than a hint of NEU!, let’s be honest; yet still replete with the trademark whooshing sounds.

Sun Ra – Yucatan I

Restrained piece from Ra’s 1968 album ‘Atlantis’. This track is a very minimal setup consisting of log drums and Hohner Clavinet; and that’s pretty much it. Minimal setup, maximum effect.

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