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Plunderphonic – Replica (Captain Beefheart – Lick My Decals Off, Baby Plunderphonics Mix)

John Oswald plunders the whole of Beefheart’s ‘Lick My Decals Off Baby’ album for this (kinda) “cover” of the title track. Dig.

Haf Japanese – Werewolf

An ode to lycanthropy from the 1989 album ‘The Band That Would Be King’.

Talking Heads – Animals

Uptight New Wave declaring a mistrust of animals. Great stuff from the bands 1979 album ‘Fear of Music’, produced by the band and Brian Eno.

Andrew Liles – Journey Remix (remix by Paul Bradley)

Ringing drones from Lile’s 2006 remix album ‘In My Father’s House Are Many Mansions’. The album also features re-workings from Aranos,, The Hafler Trio, and Colin Potter; among many others.

Audiojack – Schizophrenic

Bouncy Tech-House from the UK duo. This is from their 2009 EP ‘Jack The Keys’.

Audiotech – Phase Two

Machine funk with the bare bones showing; all underpinned by Electro beats. Juan Atkins and Ron Cook, from 1995.

Main – IV

It’s easy to get confused with Main track titles. So, just to clear this up, this is IV from ‘Ablation’, and not IV from ‘Transiency’, or IV from ‘Firmament’. This is the final track from the 2013 album, and is a peaceful drift into the vastness of outer space.

Surgeon – Spider

Brums best Anthony Child, with his brand of tough Techno. This track can be found on the SRX label collection ‘Unreleased Tracks 1995-1996’.

Aux 88 – Direct Drive

Detroit move the Electro sound forward on this tune from 1995.

Nocturnal Emissions – Informatic Forces

Astounding Sound piece/Ambient/call it what you want from the bands 1991 album ‘Cathedral’. We’re really talking about the outer regions here folks, so strap in, and expand outwards.

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