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Frank Zappa – Stink-Foot

Frank gives us a lesson on this well known but rarely talked about condition ; from his 1974 album ‘Apostrophe(‘)’.


C.W. Vrtacek – Pontos

Avant-Dervish music from Biota’s Charles O’Meara.This is from his 1981 album as C.W. Vrtacek titled ‘Victory Through Grace’.

Jimi Tenor – Barcelona Sunrise

The opening track to Tenor’s 2004 album ‘Beyond The Stars’ sets out his stall from the off,  and that stall is space age bachelor pad lounge/Soul music. Dig.

The Sabres of Paradise – Smokebelch I

Andrew Weatherall decided to form  Techno ‘band’ in the early 90’s, and named them The Sabres of Paradise. Taking elements of Dub, Hiuse and techno, the band were part of the whole new UK Electronica movement that was given several different monikers (Ambient techno, Armchair Techno, IDM, etc, etc). This track, from their debut album ‘Sabresonic’ (1993), takes its cue from the Detroit masters and is a spacious, moody, elegant slice of Techno.

Biota – Biota [full album]

After they changed their name from Mnemonists to Biota, the US acts sound started to shift into something more subtle. However, this album has that darker, denser feel that they were known for under their former moniker. This is their self-titled album from 1982.

Freshly Wrapped Candies – Think

A playful track from the US bands 1989 album ‘I Like You’. This was released on Ralph Records and you can hear an influence of The Residents here for sure. Also, rumour has it that Jay Clem was involved with this band so……

Paul Schütze – The Rapture Of Concealment

More Fourth World Electronica from Australia’s underrated Paul Schütze. This is from his 1996 album ‘New Maps of Hell II’.

Nev – Rowju

Lovely Techno off of the wonderful 1994 ‘My Plasma Block’ EP  from New York’s Tim Prezzano. It’s a real shame, and mystery, why we didn’t get more from this guy.

Electrelane – Blue Straggler

Brighton 4 piece Electrelane conjure up the spirits of fallen mods on this typically moody piece from their 2001 debut ‘Rock It To The Moon’.

Stasis – Utopia Planetia

Strong Detroit flavours in this track from the UK’s Steve Pickton. Lovely Techno from his 1996 album ‘fromtheoldtothenew’.

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