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Parliament – One of Those Funky Things

P-Funk, Uncut Funk, The Bomb.
The best track from ‘The Motor Booty Affair’ album from 1978.

The Stranglers – Threatened

Menacing, low-slung New Wave from The Stranglers utterly brilliant ‘Black & White’ album from 1978.

Francis Bebey – Forest Nativity

A track to be found on a compilation of this Cameroonian titled ‘Psychedelic Sanza 1982 – 1984’. Traditional Makossa meets Electronics in a lush, dizzying African take on the electric, Astral Jazz trajectory. Wonderful.

Actress – Falling Rizlas

Here’s the official video for this sparkling, beatless Electronica from Darren Cunningham’s 2017 album ‘AZD’. What makes it even better is that this has been directed by Dean Blunt. 2017.

Arthur Russell – Let’s Go Swimming (Walter Gibbons Mix)

Some excellent alt-Electro moves from Arthur and Walter circa 1986. You know the drill.

Steroid Maximus – Seventy Cops

Electro-pulsed Car chase music in a Lalo Schifrin stylee from Jimmy’s 2002 Steroid Maximus album called ‘Ectopia’; which was the last album he did under that particular moniker.

Captain Beefheart & His Magic Band – Moody Liz

The sister/companion piece to the bands ‘Kandy Korn’, ‘Moody Liz’ takes the listener from tumbling psych, country Blues, through a slow, steady musical incantation, and onto a finale that is just pure loveliness. Don and his (truly) Magic Band at their best; circa 1967.

LCD Soundsystem – 45:33

Never mind this tracks dubious origins; which was a collaboration with Nike to create a theme for your workout (although, it certainly works for that); what we have here is a medley of cracking LCD tracks. The opening section is Disco heaven, and what follows is a great showcase of Murphy’s talents; the boy can certainly write a dance tune. Forget the original concept, this is a great LCD Soundsystem album that never was.

Moondog – Oo Debut

Moondog’s Trimba instrument features on this excellent (aren’t they all?) track from the Viking of 6th Avenue. Circa 1954.

Jeff Mills – Exhibitionist 2 DVD 1 PART 1

Jeff delivering the more tripped out, galactic end of the Motor City sound; and lowers the pace that he was once known for. Great stuff from his 2015 DVD.

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