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Sovetskoe Foto (feat. Clint Ruin) – Forget

Clint Ruin a.k.a Jim Foetus is guest vocalist on this track by German band Sovetskoe Foto. This track, from 1992 album ‘The Humidity’, sounds a lot like the stuff Jim was doing around the time, and could easily have been one of his own tracks.

Luke Vibert – StupH


XTC – Millions

Angular Post Punk from the UK bands 1979 album ‘Drums And Wires’

Las Malas Amistades – Discoteca Adentro

In amongst the “bigger” names, such as Black Dice, Animal Collective, Liars, No-Neck Blues Band, Excepter, Gang Gang Dance, the New York underground scene of the noughties spawned some short-lived and/or lesser known acts. A good few of these can be found on the 2003 compilation ‘Space Is No Place – NYC:Noise From The Underground Volume 1’ on  Psych-O-Path Records.  These guys deliver the final track of the album, which is this low key, hazy number. Low on Fi, High on character.


This Heat – Horizontal Hold (Peel Session)

A track that made it onto This Heat’s uncompromising self-titled debut from 1979, seems to have even more malevolent potency about it on this version from John Peel’s show two years earlier. Horizontal Hold is an Avant-Rock behemoth that conjures the ghosts of Faust, NEU!; and even Roots Reggae (the track seems to become an avant-skank at one point). Austere, frighteningly modern (still sounds like ‘now’, now), and tough as nails. Motorik, yet angular; minimal, yet dense. This track was from 1977, the same year the Sex Pistol’s released the turgid, tired Pub Rock of ‘Never Mind the Bollocks’, and it is incredible to hear how much more anarchic, radical, and forward thinking this music was than “Punk”.

Brian Eno & David Byrne – Mountain Of Needles

Crisp and clear; like the daytime view from an airplane. This beautiful ambient piece is from Eno & Byrne’s mighty 1981 album ‘My Life In The Bush Of Ghosts’.

Brendon Moeller – Tiger

Music for a buzz that’s a mile wide. This is Dubby, lush, blissed out Techno tune from Moeller’s 2008 EP ‘Electricity’.

Nicolas Jaar – Mud

Jaar’s new album ‘Cenizas’ sounds like he’s had the jump on the worldwide quarantine, and locked himself away for a while. The album is quiet, contemplative, and different to what has come before. Here’s a track from the album that would fall into the “lively” category, despite it being pretty mellow and expansive.

Snakefinger – Trashing All The Loves Of History

From Snakey’s fantastic 2nd album, 1980’s ‘Greener Postures’, this track see’s Django Reinhardt mixed in a blender with Hawaiian dancers, Post Punk gremlins, and a defective guitar.

Damo Suzuki Network – Live @ “Birthdays”(London 2012)

The full gig from May 2012, brought to you by Beauty & Disgust Recordings. Here the former Can man is backed by Justin Paton (the man behind band now, and Beauty & Disgust Recordings) on Bass, Graham Dunning (Mr Mechanical Techno himself) on turntable and percussion, Craig Tamlin on drums, Georgina Treloar on xylophone & percussion, and Marcus Hamblett on guitar. As in keeping with his “Network”, he plays with different line up’s in different cities, weaving Psychedelic/Avant Rock from scratch. He really manages to get a consistent sound from all of these different talents; even more amazing when you realise it’s all pure improvisation.

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