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A Guy Called Gerald – Live @ His Studio, 11th of February 2017

Just a guy (called Gerald) chilling at his studio and doin’ a little jam; for 5 hours. This man is still ahead of the game as far as we’re concerned, and no matter what you think of his seeming arrogance at times, the guy is a class act that delivers stunning Techno in all of its flavours and shades. Gerald manages to hit spots where the music is tough, trippy, sexy, and, importantly, retains serious groovage. This is Techno. He did this on the 11th of February, 2017. If you haven’t had a chance to see him do this live, then take it when it does come.

John Cale – Memphis

John Cale’s excellent cover of Chuck Berry’s ambiguous track about Marie  really has Cale put his own stamp on it. From 1986’s ‘Even Cowgirls Get The Blues’.

The The – What Stanley Saw

The only track that’s surfaced from Matt Johnson’s unreleased ‘Spirits’ album. It is unclear whether the albums material was recorded and finished by 1979 or 1981, but it probably doesn’t matter. ‘What Stanley Saw’ is a fantastic The The track, with Johnson’s vocal style weirdly sounding like the current singing style of friend and collaborator Jim ‘Foetus’ Thirlwell; with a 20 year distance between.The music is in keeping with early The The, in that its sonically adventurous whilst still retaining an almost ‘pop’ feel. Johnson is a songwriter at heart and it can always be heard, even on the earlier experimental material. It would be great to hear the unreleased ‘Spirits’, but until then this will just have to do.

Fishbone – Junkies Prayer

Brilliant track that stands apart from the usual early 90’s Crossover thang that they were known for (and undoubtedly good at). This is far more in the realms of The Last Poets; visceral, unflinching, and spiky. From their 1991 album ‘The Reality Of My Surroundings’, which was probably their very finest and, definitely, their most diverse.

Mogwai – Travel Is Dangerous

From the band’s 2006 album ‘Mr Beast’, this track pulls that Mogwai trick of breaking your heart without you knowing why. The official video also adds to this, whilst giving you easier clues as to why you feel choked up. Fantastic dose of melancholy.

Butthole Surfers – Graveyard

This is the first version of ‘Graveyard’ to be found on 1987’s ‘Locust Abortion Technician’ (the second can also be found on The Sentinel). This track is like Rock music regressing back to its primordial origins, or its Foetal stage. Paul Leary sprays his Evil-Hendrix geetar all over it while Gibby’s vocals ooze like sludge. Classic. This album is 30 years old….

Jeff Mills – Zenith

Detroit Techno, pure and simple. This lovely slice of Hi-Tech Soul is from the one and only Jeff Mills a.k.a ‘The Wizard’. Taken from ‘From The 21st Part 1’ (2004).

Warmduscher – The Sweet Smell Of Florida

This is from the band’s 2016 debut release, and the video is by Niall Trask, Sophie Wedgwood & Warmduscher. Talking about Florida, driving through Clapham; that sums this band up nicely.

Weep – Shut Up And Drive

America’s Weep cover Rhianna’s hit. Someone on YouTube smeared it all over Venture Bros and we thought we’d post it.

Einstürzende Neubauten – Die Befindlichkeit Des Landes Kollaps

EN resurrect the spirit of Kraftwerk via their very own scrap metal yard; bringing the melancholia (mon cher) to rub up against the tough clanking. This is Neubauten at peak post-Tabula Rasa, and is one beautiful segment of the utterly sublime ‘Silence Is Sexy’ (1999).

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