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Eddie Henderson – Anua

Eddie Henderson with a track from his 1973 album ‘Realization’, an album that fit snugly alongside efforts from Joe Henderson (no relation), Alice Coltrane, Herbie Hancock, Miles Davis and the like. Fusion before it went muscular Jazz-Funk wank-fest. This is Astral Jazz, if you want to give it a name; and whilst this track has less star dust than, say, ‘Mars In Libra’ (also on the same album), it is certainly skybound, and a thing of beauty.


Autechre – cloudline

An incredible sound shape, from a band renowned for their incredible sound shapes. By the 2:45 minute mark, you realise you’ve been lured into some reimagining of R&B; or some other dimension where West Coast Hip-Hop (along with one of its daddies Bernie Worrell) has been venerated by malfunctioning AI. Truly sublime, and one of many side departures from this North England duo; a departure that, yet again, could point to a new direction for them to travel. This is from their 2013 album ‘Exai’.

Kurtis Blow – Christmas Rappin’ (Do It Yourself Version – Instrumental)

Kurtis basically takes you to Disco heaven on the B-side of his 1979 track ‘Christmas Rappin’ (also know n as ‘Rappin’ Blow’). Hip hop in its infancy.

The Mothers Of Invention – Oh No

Another track from the “mop up” album ‘Weasels Ripped My Flesh’ (1970); and this one is prime Mothers material. It’s difficult to understand how this didn’t make it onto one of the albums proper. No matter, it surfaced in the end, and we’re sure you’ll like it, if not then you’re probably out to lunch.

The The – No Hiding Place

Well, here’s another track from Matt’s unreleased ‘Spirits’ album, from before he was The the and just plain old Matt Johnson. The other track from the album that is floating around out there is ‘What Stanley Saw’ (also on The Sentinel). ‘Spirits’ was made in 1979, and one can hear the future sound of The The on this track (embryonic ‘Slow Train To Dawn’ riff here); more so than on his 1981 album ‘Burning Blue Soul’. This is truly wonderful that this has come to our attention, and for those of you who are uninitiated out there, we hope you feel the same.

The Headhunters – Rima

Herbie Hancock’s Headhunters are known for the Jazz Funk stylings of tracks such as ‘Watermelon Man’. However, with the fantastic Rima, they, thankfully, went off-piste. This track really stands out from the rest of the 1975 album ‘Survival Of The Fittest’ and is a brooding, psychedelic Astral Jazz affair that is up there with the best. Such a great track, and makes one wish that The Headhunters took this direction for a whole album.

Faust – Right Between Yr Eyes

Post-reformation Faust with a lovely piece that shared flexi-disc space with fellow Space cadets Foetus and Stereolab; this flexi-disc, titled ‘Überschall 1996’, was handed out during Faust’s 1996 tour (which included their notorious gig at the Garage in London).

To Rococo Rot – Boiler Room: In Stereo

German Post-Rock group who fuse Electronica and essence of Krautrock ceased operations after nearly 20 years of activity. This live set for Boiler room is their last, recorded performance, made in 2014. Thanks for everything guys, you’ll be missed.

Nurse With Wound + – Angry Electric Finger 3 (Mute Bell Extinction Process) [Full Album]

Here’s the full result of being given full reign with raw Nurse materials. These materials were also given to Cyclobe and Jim O’Rourke. One can hear the heart of NWW beating within all three “remixes” (or, mixes); although it seems that Cyclobe are the act that really put their own stamp onto proceedings. Matt Waldron’s effort is pretty much Nurse in excelsis (Matt’s a fully fledged member now anyway), and does his very best to make sure all of those warped shapes spring out from the speakers and start writhing around in your living room.

Pink Floyd – Interstellar Overdrive (live in Belgium 1969; with Frank Zappa)

Well, here’s a curio. Was it common knowledge that Frank jammed with the Floyd back when they were good? It wasn’t to us until recently, and if it wasn’t to you, then here’s the proof. We’re not sure how much Frank digs this. Remember, he wasn’t into drugs and had his own ideas about being “far out”.

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