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Horace Andy – Sylarking

Sweet Roots Reggae with the man with THAT voice. Tis is from his 1972 album of the same name.


Devo – Bushwhacked

Oddball Rock ‘n’ Roll from Devo’s early days. This eventually surfaced on their ‘Recombo DNA’ anthology, and is possibly from their ‘Freedom of Choice’ period.

Terrence Dixon – Rush Hour (Convextion Unreleased Version)

Some Detroit Electro from the 2012 split release ‘Tracks From The Vault Vol. 2’.

Gang of Four – Glass

A track from one of the great Post Punk albums, 1979’s ‘Entertainment’ by Gang of Four.

Basic Channel – Q-Loop (Full Length)

This was Basic Channel’s comeback release. In 2014, after 20 years, the duo came back under the famous moniker to release a three track EP.. On Side A (which is where on could find Q-Loop) they deliverĀ  a super minimal dose of fruggin’, gnarly Dub Techno.

Adam and the Ants – Zerox

This pumped up Post Punk single from 1979 celebrates a machine that was an accessible, and revolutionary step forward in the DIY scene at the time.

Robert Hampson – Umbra

Former Main and Loop man Hampson with a piece from his debut solo album, 2009’s ‘Vectors’. This sounds like a walk in an arid desert, rife with radiation.

Sun Ra – Mu

Minimal set-up, maximum effect; which is in keeping with the whole of Side A* of this 1969 album ‘Atlantis’.

*Side B is another story entirely)

Butthole Surfers – Live at the Rollick (Atlanta 15/05/1987)

The Buttholes at the height of their powers, live in Atlanta in 1987!

Adam and the Ants – Beat My Guest

The B-Side to the bands 1981 single ‘Stand & Deliver’ is far more in line with their early period (e.g. the stone cold classic ‘Dirk Wears White Sox’ album). It sounds like it was recrded during that period, with that line up, but we cannot say for certain.

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