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Damo Suzuki’s Network – Give Me More Light (Metaphysical Transfer)

This fucking absolute legend is playing a  gig in Whalley Range tonight! So, for those of us not in Manchester, we have to make do with this; a track made with his “network” (made up of musicians local to wherever the gig is being played. If you ever get the chance to see him playing with his Network, we strongly suggest you go and see for yourself. Magic usually occurs.


Einstürzende Neubauten – Seele Brennt

Einstürzende Neubauten are known to throw everything including the kitchen sink into their recordings, and on this track from their classic 1985 album ‘Halber Mensch’, they even get their whips out (no, that isn’t a euphemism). Passages of quiet (with Blixa whispering over barely audible bass guitar pluckings and the aforementioned whips) brought to a halt every time by bursts of noisy Industrial “Rock”. Crack on, as they say.

Black to Comm – His Bristling Irascibility (Mirror Blues)

Sounds ‘n’ samples twisted up and bent out of shape on Richter’s most recent effort. Marc Richter’s second album of 2019, ‘Before After’, is, in keeping with the rest of his work, of a very high standard.

Tipsy – Fuad Ramses

Many a lounge and Exotica album was plundered for Tipsy’s 1996 debut ‘Trip Tease’; here, listen!

Talking Heads – New Feeling

Jittery New Wave from New York’s Talking Heads; found on their first album ‘Talking Heads :77’. A truly righteous band.

The Residents – Boy In Love

Fragile, gloomy Psychedelia that sounds like it could have been on the bands 1980 LP ‘The Commercial Album’. This previously unreleased song was released on a mop up album called ‘Residue’, that collected (then) rarities and tracks that never made it to albums.

Radiohead – Optimistic/In Limbo

Yes, these 2 have to come together; a little like The Stranglers with ‘Do You Wanna’ and ‘Death And Night And Blood’. One feels naked without the other, and there’s a moment where the first track transitions into the second that is pure magic. ‘Optimistic’ is all ragged Indie Rock seen through a prism; whilst ‘In Limbo’ is beautiful, tumbling, disorienting Psychedelia

Captain Beefheart & The Magic Band – Tropical Hot Dog Night

This track, from Don and the boys 1978 album ‘Shiny Beast (Bat Chain Puller)’, has an almost Calypso feel to it. In fact the whole album is a lot “straighter” than the shelved album ‘Bat Chain Puller’ from the previous year; and indeed the two final Beefheart albums to follow this.

“Step out of a triangle into striped light
Turn around and step back into striped light”

Swans – Stupid Child

Oppressive, grim track from the bands desolate 1986 album ‘Greed’. If anyone has ever had a large dose of LSD and found themselves plunged into a bleak psychedelic stupor akin to a heavy depression, then they may find this track feels familiar.

Wire – I Should Have Known Better

The Sentinel wishes a Happy Birthday to Colin Newman, and brings you the opening track from Wire’s greatest album, 1979’s ‘154’.

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