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The Residents – The Moles Are Coming

As The Residents were so keen on telling everyone at the time of the 1982 ‘Intermission’ EP release, this WAS NOT part 3 of The Mole Trilogy (this was before they, or we, would have to come to terms with the fact that Part 3 was never coming) However, it WAS part of the Mole story, and was an EP made up of tracks that were played during the intermission of the bands first worldwide tour, ‘The Mole Show’; a tour that would render The Residents, as we knew them up until that point at least, no more. The EP is solid, and a firm fan favourite (some of us would say it’s the greatest work that came out of the whole Mole idea/debacle). This track sees organ and knifing percussion support a Greek chorus chanting ‘Mole Are Coming’. The track builds up and includes synthetic mariachi horn sections. Fantastic stuff.

Cyclobe – The Eclipser/The Moths Of Pre-Sleep

Both sides to Cyclobe’s 2010 single. ‘The Eclipser’ is like the march of death replete with rattling bones and machines of destruction. ;The Moths Of Pre-Sleep’ is undulating, expanding space in music form.

Population One ‎– Down The Lodge

Spectral Techno from Terrence Dixon’s 2016 EP ‘Detroit City At Night’.

Paul Schütze – Sleep 1

The first of the “sleep tracks from 1995’s ‘Apart’, is “chamber drone”. Warm, yet not “fluffy” in any way.

Brian Eno – New Space Music

Warm, enveloping piece from the 2014 reissue of Bri’s 1993 album ‘Neroli (Thinking Music Part IV)’. This is the extra “track” (it’s a whole new disc).

Talking Heads – Dancing for Money (Unfinished Outtake)

Something from the ‘Fear of Music’ sessions.

The Rotations – Seems Like A Different Guy

Sleazy bar room Blues, Glasgow style. one for droppin’ acid at the pool room, from the wonderful Rotations.

Circle Jerks – When the Shit Hits the Fan

Californian Hardcore Act in parody shocker! This sardonic ode to recession featured on the soundtrack to Alex Cox’s 1984 film ‘Repo Man’.

The Lickets – Her Name Came On Arrows

Hazy, Psychedelic Folk music on the title track to the US bands 2009 album ‘Her Name Came On Arrows’. We’ve said this before, yet we will say it again, The Lickets are criminally underrated/overlooked.

The Focus Group – The Kool Kranium

Excellent soundtrack to walking around the strange, and frankly, Hauntological island of Portland (UK). This is from the 2013 album ‘The Elektrik Karousel’.

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