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Frank Zappa – Pick Me, I’m Clean

The wonderful Ike Willis on vocal duties on this tune from the 1981 album ‘Tinseltown Rebellion’.

Renaldo & the Loaf – Blowflies’ Dilemma (Larval Forms)

The bands release titled ‘Arabic Yodelling + Grain by Grain (For Accuracy)’ partnered up their fantastic 3rd album along with outtakes and alternate versions from said work. Here we get a different version of ‘Blowflies’ Dilemma’, and it could have easily made it onto ‘ArabicYodelling’. Wonderful! We’re guessing they decided which version to include on the album by playing a game of “it”.

Molero – Phasma Gigas

Music that shimmers and sparkles. Wonderful stuff from the Venezuelans 2020 album ‘Ficciones Del Trópico’.

Appleblim & Peverelist – Circling

Less concerned with the dancelfoor, and more a soundtrack for a paranoid walk through the City streets at night. This is the 2008 collaboration between the two UK producers.

Future Sound Of London – Smokin’ Japanese Babe

FSOL inhabited the Trip-Hop/Downtempo space on their 1995 EP ‘Far-Out Son Of Lung And The Ramblings Of A Madman’, and demonstrated the variety of shapes and moods that could be drawn from said sub-genre. Here they space it all out and relax the music until it’s practically horizontal.

ToiToiToi – Vaganten

Faux medievalism from the German Hauntologists 2021 album, also titled ‘Vaganten’.

Nurse With Wound – Or

Come and dissociate with us with this track from the Nurses 2020 album ‘Trippin’ Musik’.

Renaldo & the Loaf – Dichotomy Rag

Wonky, joyful mania from 1983’s ‘Arabic Yodelling’.

Automatic – Suicide in Texas

The clue is in the title. This LA three piece showing their influences on their sleeves on this track from their 2019 debut album ‘Signal’.

The Beta Band – Push It Out

In the late 90’s and early 00’s, The Beta Band were the act that demonstrated where UK “Indie” needed to be. Unfortunately. their presence did nothing to prevent the likes of Kasabian, The Libertines, and Kaiser Chiefs; but they did their best and we still have the memories. This is from their 1998 EP ‘Los Amigos Del Beta Bandidos’.

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