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Fred Frith – Come Across

The spirit of Henry Cow lives on with this track from former-Cow man Frith’s 1980 album on Ralph Records, ‘Gravity’.

The Future Sound Of London – The Far-Out Son Of Lung And The Ramblings Of A Madman

The Future Sound Of London constructing a Sampledelic piece of Astral Jazz with a hefty dose of gnarly funk. If only Trip-Hop sounded like this. This is from their excellent 1995 EP of the same name. You may recognise the drum sample of Rotary Connection’s ‘Life Could’.

Devo – Smart Patrol/Mr DNA (Live)

Live footage from the bands 1978 tour that ended up in their 1979 (released in 1981) short film ‘Devo: The Men Who Made The Music’. Great rendition of the ‘Duty Now For The Future’ track.

Don Cherry – Utopia and Visions

Loose, free, spacious, and joyous. This is from Cherry’s 1972 album ‘Organic Music Society’.

Black To Comm – Stolen Androgens

New track from Marc Richter’s forthcoming album ‘Oocyte Oil & Stolen Androgens’. This is a soothing, meditative piece; hinting at a calmer, spacier approach compared to the two disturbed albums he released in 2019.

John Fahey – Wine and Roses (Live 1969)

Haunting Americana from the one and only Fahey.

You’ve Got Foetus on Your Breath – New York or Bust!

The opening track from Thirlwell’s debut album is like a No Wave Adam Ant.

Black Sabbath – Planet Caravan

Hazy, floaty Psych from the Heavy Metal heavyweights 1970 album ‘Paranoid’.

The Contortions – Dish It Out

Gnarly, ragged Punk Funk from the infamous 1978 No Wave compilation ‘No New York’.

James Brown – Licking Stick, Licking Stick

Swaggering Funk single from the Godfather. 1968.

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