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Butthole Surfers – Perry

The Perry Mason theme tune gets a deranged re-working from our favourite Buttholes; this off-kilter psych garage tune is from 1986’s ‘Rembrandt Pussyhorse’.

“It’s about licking the shit off the floor, It’s about doing the things that you ought to do,
It’s about being a butthole surfer.”


No-Neck Blues Band – Make Love

The Harlem collective with a restrained number that has vocalist Takahashi Michiko at front and centre. This is from their 2008 album ‘Clomeim’.

180 Gs – Helter Stupid

Not only a cover of a band that, well, one wouldn’t expect to be covered; but a cover as strange as this is totally unexpected. The A Capella weirdos go for the Frisco plunderphonic masters with resounding success on their 2007 album ‘180 D’Gs To The Future’.

Shuggie Otis – Happy House

Sparkly, Funky, but sadly, too short. This track is from Shuggie’s 1974 album ‘Inspiration Information’.

Flying Lotus – Burning Down the House (feat. George Clinton)

No, this isn’t a cover version of the Talking Heads hit, rather it’s a meeting of like-minded artists who bridge a generation (or two) gap and delight us with technicolour Soul music. George featured in FlyLo’s fucked up film ‘Kuso’ as the scatological Doc (perfect for George), and it’s great to see that there’s been a musical collaboration too, as Steven Ellison (along with friend and collaborator Thundercat) is one of the natural heirs and successors to Parliament/Funkadelic. This is from Ellison’s brand new album ‘Flamagra’, which is receiving huge attention on its release.

The Stranglers – Shah Shah a Go Go

From the band’s 1979 album ‘The Raven’; which, whilst solid, isn’t up there with the previous years ‘Black & White’, which is one of the real New Wave/Post Punk classics. However, tracks such as this see the band in top form. The track opens with the call to prayer, before they kick in with a synth sound that predicted so much of what would come during the next few years in both the New Wave, Indie, and Pop scene. Then that sharp, angular UK Post Punk sound that launched so many careers. Fantastic song!

Thundercat – Bus In These Streets

Like Curtis Mayfield jamming with Frank Zappa and his crew; the third track from 2017’s ‘Drunk’ album is Soul music with sly humour.

David Jackman – Silver Skies

A simple, pretty Piano riff starts to unsettle as it repeats and slips out of sync. From Jackman’s 7″ single, 1997.

Warsaw – No Love Lost

This is raw Post Punk from back in 1978, when Joy Division were called Warsaw and Martin Hannett hadn’t put his stamp on them yet. Dig.

Captain Beefheart & His Magic Band – Sugar ‘n’ Spikes

Joyous free Rock with a huge dose of the Delta blues from Don Van Vliet’s truly seminal 1969 album ‘Trout Mask Replica’.

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