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Philip Jeck – Unveiled

A track from Jeck’s 2008 album ‘Sand’; where he conjures yet more phantoms from piles of vinyl, resulting in a track where the listener can almost see the shapes of Djinns moving around in the distance while a sandstorm swirls in front of their vision.


Nurse With Wound – Human Human Human

Cooking tips from Stapleton and co. This track (that also features Organum) was on the 1991 compilation ‘The Portable Altamont’.

Guru Guru – Der LSD-Marsch

Classic Guru Guru with the final track from their 197 debut ‘UFO’; this has all of the hallmarks of the band at this time; all replete with THAT riff of theirs that pops up again and again on an album that explodes into Free Rock again and again. There’s very little solid ground on this track, yet that Kraut-Sabbath feel remains. Also, this one even has a drum solo, yet we’re definitely not talking ELP or Yes.

The The – Out Of The Blue (Into The Fire)

Here’s the second track from the 1986 album ‘Infected’, along with the official ‘video’ for it; which is pretty much a segment of the ‘Infected’ “film”, as each track on the album had a video made for it which, in it’s entirety, made up the ‘Infected’ film. This track, and ‘Infected’ in general, has all of the hallmarks of an 80’s production. For some, ‘Soul Mining’ was the definitive The The album; for others, it’s ‘Infected’, and Johnson’s own brand of alternative Pop burned very brightly around this time.

Orbital – Philosophy By Numbers

Haunted House riffs propulsed by skittery Electro riddims’? Yes, it’s ‘Philosophy By Numbers’ from Orbital’s 1994 album ‘Snivilisation’.

Suicide – Devastation

Some Electro-Rockabilly-Punk from one of the most important bands to have graced underground music. The one and only, monomaniacal Suicide. This is from the duo’s 1988 album ‘A Way Of Life’.

Stevie Wonder – Higher Ground

This track is an absolute classic and a true Soul/Funk gem. From the very get go and that unbelievable guitar sound, the listener knows that they’re in very, very good hands. From Stevie’s 1973 album ‘Innervisions’.

Faust – Hurricane (Live at the Garage in London 1996)

Tough Krautrock by a fully charged up and reformed Faust. This is from Faust’s notorious gigs at the Garage in Highbury, London, in 1996. They played 2 nights in a row; both being absolute killer sets.

Tears For Fears – Sea Song

Well what do you know? Tears For Fears cover Robert Wyatt!!! Ok, no one can match the original, but hearing Sea SongĀ  in a post-George Michael context is interesting no? It’s also obvious that these guys have a love for the great man. This is from their 2nd album, 1985’s ‘Songs From The Big Chair’.

Techno Animal – Mastodon Americanus

Nutted, Zombified Electronic-Dub; like Trip-Hop with Creutzfeldt-Jakob Disease. This is from their 1995 album ‘Re-Entry’.

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