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Frank Zappa – Strictly Genteel (All Versions Mix)

This ‘All Versions Mix’ of a track that features at the end of Zappa’s ‘200 Motels’ (1971) film was put together by YouTube’s boomaga. They used 4 different versions; 1st. 200 Motels Original Soundtrack album (hereinafter called OST) … recorded 1971 2nd. London Symphony Orchestra, Vol. 2 (LSO) … recorded 1983 3rd. 200 Motels movie audio (200M) … recorded 1971 4th. Make A Jazz Noise Here, disc 2 (MJNH) … recorded 1988.

So, a bit of a chimera, but one that has much more sonic clout than the ‘200 Motels’ soundtrack delivered. Now stand up and sing the Freak National Anthem.

Voyant Inc. – Lost In Time (Traumer Edit)

Thomas Melchior and Daniel Bell with an edit of their 2017 track. This is 2 minimal stalwarts flyings the MNML flag. Jack Your Body.

Coma World – Megatone

Someone has been listening to Ui we see, and it’s this duo from London. This is from their self-titled debut released earlier this year.

Grungerman – Untitled (B3 from ‘Fackeln Im Sturm’ )

Another one from Voigt’s obliteration of schlager via Minimal Techno, 1997’s ‘Fackeln Im Sturm’. ‘Tränen Lügen Nicht’ (1974) by Michael Holm gets the treatment on this track.

Black Dice – Bad Bet

The Brooklyn trio are back with their first album since 2012’s ‘Mr Impossible’. This here is the opening track from ‘Mod Prog Sic’ and sees the band overlay a stalking Electronica rhythm with peeling guitar and other mumbling ‘n’ fumbling sounds. The whole ‘if Butthole Surfers were an Electro group’ thing they started (in full swing at least) on 2005’s ‘Broken Ear Record’ is still in effect here, and elsewhere on the album.

Boards Of Canada – In A Beautiful Place Out In The Country

Melancholic electronica was no new thing when this came out in 2000; after all, those pioneers of Detroit Techno knew how to tease soulful longing out of their machines back in the early 90’s. However, Scotland’s Boards Of Canada really mined that ‘melancholic electronica’ well with aplomb on their 2000 EP ‘In A Beautiful Place Out In The Country’. Both their title track and the lovely ‘Kid For Today’ (see earlier Sentinel post) conjured that sweet ache immensely well. The vocoder on the vocal’s truly hits the sweet spot.

Joke Lanz – Prositt

Here’s some insanity from the German’s brand new album ‘Zungsang’, available as digital download on Bandcamp, and cassette. Imagine NWW jamming with Black Dice, and you are well on your way.

Doo Rag – Shake ’em On Down

Good ol’ boy mania meets skiffle with this track from the Tuscon bands 1994 album ‘Chuncked & Muddled’.

Captain Beefheart & The Magic Band – The Past Sure Is Tense

One from the Captain’s final album, 1982’s ‘Ice Cream For Crow’. Sheer class.

Stasis – Artifax

A beautiful slice of techno from one of the UK’s real class acts. Steve Pickton produced a series of records in the early to mid 90’s which understood what the Detroit guys were doing, and did his own version of it. He doesn’t make music anymore, and hasn’t for some time, but his music still resonates with many, a music that not only tugs at the feet, but tugs at the heart as well. This is from the 1993 split EP with Nuron titled ‘Likemind’.

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