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Broadcast & The Focus Group – The Be Colony

Maximise your Hauntological essence by pairing Broadcast with The Focus Group. This loveliness is from the collaborative 2009 album ‘Investigate Witch Cults Of The Radio Age’.

The Residents – Birthday boy

Happy 5th birthday to us, happy 5th birthday to us.

Nurse With Wound & Aranos – Either Open or Unsound

Let us celebrate 5 years of the Sentinel (that’s right, it’s our birthday!) with the wonderful pairing of Steven Stapleton and Petr Vastl back in 1997, on their ‘Acts Of Senseless Beauty’ album.

Faust – Lights Flickr

Faust (or is it now faUSt?) return with some gnarly noise Rock. This is from their forthcoming album ‘Fresh Air’. You can’t keep the old Krautrockers down.

Moonshake – Ghosts Of Good Intention

The UK’s Moonshake with a track that could soundtrack Sam Spades journey into interzone; from their 1994 album ‘The Sound Your Eyes Can Follow’.

Ui – The Piano

A languid, funky number from Ui with nary a Piano in sight (well, apart from at one point….kinda). This is from the bands fantastic debut ‘Sidelong’ (1996).

Innerspace Halflife – Body Flicker

Deep and lovely Chicago House. You know the kind, the kind that is as futuristic and spaced out as Detroit Techno. Yeah, that kind; from this duo’s 2015 EP ‘Village Hidden In The Sound’

Soundgarden – Slaves and Bulldozers

A band called Grunge who, here at least, were delivering straight up heavy Metal as Black Sabbath first imagined. Slow and heavy, and touching on Doom, this track is a real slice of audio fire.

Avarus – Live At The Beach House

Not sure when this is from; possibly circa 2008. However, dig these Finnish Freaks jam.

Prince & the Revolution – Tambourine

Today is 32 years to the day since Prince (who passed away a year yesterday) released an album that was a wonderful example of 80’s Psychedelic Soul, ‘Around The World In A Day’; a work that was mirrored by the following album ‘Parade’. This track is a taut slice of Avant-Funk a la¬†Prince, with a frosty sexiness quivering throughout.

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