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The Hair & Skin Trading Company – Amine

Avant-Rock and Dub rub up against each other in this gorgeous track from the bands 1993 EP ‘Go Round’. The track slowly rotates around drums and bass whilst guitars, vocals, and other ephemera, melts and drifts into the ether.

Nurse With Wound – The Dream of Reason Brings Forth Monsters

This 2020 piece is the soundtrack for the film ‘Entering The Forbidden Zone’ by Conor McGrady. We’re in deep 21st century-era NWW territory here, so the initiated will know what to expect.

Foetus Interruptus – English Faggot / Nothin’ Man

The tune starts with creepy menace and samples from ‘Something For Susan’ by Henry Mancini, before building into noisy bile with Thirlwell’s vile alter-ego Clint Ruin in full hate-mode. This is from Jim’s 1988 album ‘THAW’, which is probably his most nihilistic outing. However, don’t let that description put you off, it’s a wild psychedelic ride and utterly hilarious to boot.

To Rococo Rot – Tomorrow

Brittle Electronica from the German Post-Rockers 1999 album ‘The Amateur View’.

Henry Cow – Live in Lambeth Town Hall, Brixton (1978)

Improv, squeals, squarks, skronks, and flickers of albums past from the Cambridge band.

Dave Angel – Airborne

Tugs on the heartstrings as well as the feet; this is the original mix/version of this tune from Angel’s 1994 EP ‘In Flight Entertainment’.

Lights in a Fat City – Somewhere [full album]

This Heat with Didgeridoo? Some have said that in the past. These two were on the wonderful ‘These Records’ label, who did also happen to have the aforementioned This Heat on their roster. The austere, minimal feel of Avant-Rock bands past were definitely underpinning the buzz of the didgeridoo, making for an album that easily slotted into the RIO category. This is the whole of ‘Somewhere’ from 1988.

Cyrus – Inversion

The Basic Channel guys dive deep on this immersive Dub techno tune from 1994.

Cop Shoot Cop – Disconnected 666

Sound piece from a band who usually do the brutal, Industrial Rock ‘n’ Roll one would associate with Foetus, Birthday Party, et al. From their 1990 debut ‘Consumer Revolt’.

Ash Ra Tempel – Live at Berlin (1971)

The Kosmische superstars go into overdrive and show the likes of Pink Floyd and the Stooges how it’s done.


00:00 Soirée Académique

24:17 Talking

24:39 Le Bruit Des Origines

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