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Cluster – Es War Einmal

Gentle, lilting beauty from the German duo’s wonderful 1976 album ‘Sowiesoso’. The way this piece slowly unfolds is just sublime.

Peter Gabriel – San Jacinto

You can almost taste the early to mid 80’s on this lush, twinkling number from the former Genesis man. This is from his 4th album from 1982, originally titled ‘Peter Gabriel’, just like the previous 3 alums, and later handed the unofficial title of ‘Security’.

Broadcast – I Found The F (Live)

Trish and crew with a wonderful rendition of the opener from their 2005 album ‘Tender Buttons’.

Harmonia – Live at Fabrik in Hamburg

The German supergroup in top form. Rother, Moebius, Roedelius, Neumeier push and pull on this one. Motorik and propulsive, yet open and free; a truly wonderful performance that can be found on the ‘Documents 1975’ album; a collection released in 2015.

Actress – Hubble

This Hubble sure knows how to Bubble (up). Blissful electronics from Darren Cunningham’s 2010 album ‘Splazsh’.

Hot Chip – Over and Over

Commercially viable noughties Hipster Garabe? Why not. We’ll even throw in the “official video” directed by Nima Nourizadeh. 1996.

David Toop & Max Eastley – Burial Rites

Toop and Eastley’s 1994 album ‘Buried Dreams’ takes the listener through a fugue-cityscape of spice-scented souks and dark, musty alleyways. This is the albums second track.

Miles Davis – Rated X

This track stands apart from the rest of the ‘Get Up With It’ album (1974). In fact, this track stands apart from everything that Miles did; even taking into account the beast of a live album ‘Dark Magus’ (1977).
Heavy, heavy psychedelic voodoo funk is one way to describe this track; and you can hear it’s influences in the funk-tinged Industrial of 23 Skidoo and Clock DVA, as well as in Techno, Jungle, Drum ‘n’ Bass, and various other Electronic Dance Music permutations. This is also a Davis piece that mirrored the extremes being reached over in Germany among those in the so-called ‘Krautrock’ scene.
Yet already having heard the aforementioned bands and genres that followed do nothing to lessen the impact of this track upon first hearing it. The fact that it’s from 1974 just adds more to the wow factor. It starts with a foul tempered Dr Phibes on the organ, which is relentless and discordant throughout. In fact, relentless is the key word here, as everything about this track exemplifies the word. The drums rattle and skip, being a proto-Drum ‘n’ Bass; as already alluded to. The guitar licks are like zombified funk, deadened yet unstoppable and determined. The track is rough, raw, and repetitive, yet feels like it’s building and building; with the pressure intensifying with each and every bar. Praise and commendations must go out to Teo Macero for this striking piece, as this direct-hit stab at futurism is the producers doing, rather than Miles’.
Mental, evil, yet groovy. But don’t just take our word for it, have a listen.


Dave Angel – Artech

Stockwell’s finest with a fast paced number from the excellent 1994 compilation ‘Experimenta’.

Basic Channel – Phylyps Trak

Dubby, minimal, pacy; this is an early tune from the German duo, and is from their 2nd EP. It’s from 1993, and is foil-wrapped for freshness. A brilliant track from one of the true greats of Techno.

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