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Kraftwerk – Tanzmusik (Live in ZDF-aspekte-Studio, 1973)

Ralf & Florian showcase a track from their 1973 album, er, “Ralf & Florian”. Glittering Krautrock jewels proliferate in this lovely, gorgeous track.


Frank Zappa – Camarillo Brillo

Frank with a track from his 1973 album ‘Overnite Sensation’, which is a light, skipping amalgam of Soul and Country, done à la Zappa. The horn section that kicks in towards the end sounds like it was possibly lifted by Madness some years later for their hit ‘Our House’. Lovely, lovely stuff from Frank, and funny too (as usual).

Roxy Music – Amazona

Some sparks fly in this funky Glam Rock number from the band’s third, Eno-free album, 1973’s ‘Stranded’.

Sly & the Family Stone – If You Want Me To Stay

This is just one of many examples of how ‘soulful’ soul used to be. Ridiculously so in fact….none more Soul.. Amazing track from the ‘Fresh’ album (1973)

Faust – Excerpt from Side A of “The Faust Tapes”

This 1973 album did not have a track list when it came out, and one seems to have been made retrospectively. Now here at The Sentinel, we would hardly describe ourselves as “purists”; however, these tracks titles that were added many years later (or were they?) don’t really add to the experience, so we could just say this is the section on Side A that starts with rummaging, walking around, and the sound of an automated telephone message, before launching into (Kraut) funky bass and drums and electric drill accompaniment; which fizzes into insanity before a fog of organs descends upon the listener. Next is some spooky ghost howling before a buzzing raw motorik number (recorded in a dustbin) fucks your ears. Then we have lush, prog frills that can bring a smile to the most jaded music fan, before the track falls apart into erratic noodling, then…..drifting on a ferry on a pitch black misty lake.


Lalo Schifrin – The Exorcist (Rejected Score)

Lalo Schifrin’s score for the Exorcist was rejected by William Friedkin. This is baffling when you first start listening to Schifrin’s score, especially when the director ended up using music by the likes of Anton Webern and Krzysztof Penderecki that sounded exactly like the music Schifrin had put forward for th trailer. One of the issues was that Shcifrin’s music was used in an insane trailer for the film that was banned due to making people violently ill. The trailer was akin to a strobe effect; coupled with the terrifying music it was on of the most unique trailers ever made. However, due to the fact that it could bring on epilepsy, or at least a violent case of chundering, the trailer was banned; and along with this Schifrin’s score was a casualty. The music used in the trailer perfectly matched the atonal work of Penderecki et al; however, when Schifrin handed Friedkin more of the score, it was clear that it owed more to Bernard Hermann’s work for films like Psycho, whereas Friedkin had asked for a score that “did not sound like music” and which was “tonal and moody.” In the end, maybe Schifrin was too traditional for what Friedkin had envisaged; a new score for a new kind of Horror.

Can – Moonshake

We honour Holger Czukay, who sadly passed away, with this mantric, propulsive banger from Can’s 1973 album ‘Future Days’.

Todd Rundgren – International Feel (Single Version)

Todd Rungdren decided to go for a bit of radio airplay by combing the opener to his 1973 album ‘A Wizard/A True Star’ with the closing track to said albums A side (titled ‘Le Feel Internacìonále’). This is expansive glitter-glam-prog-pop of the highest order, and probably gives Ariel Pink hard on’s just thinking about it. A very, very more-ish track(s) that gives grins to all who are righteous.

Roxy Music – Mother Of Pearl

The band’s 1973 album ‘Stranded’ was the first without Brian Eno*. Even though t doesn’t quite tickle the nooks and crannies that ‘For Your Pleasure’ managed to, it certainly has its moments, such as this glam/garage number that’s in true Roxy style.

*Reportedly, Brian Eno later rated this album as Roxy Music’s finest.

Sun Ra – Space Is The Place

The monumental title track from his 1973 album. Big Band Jazz meets Astral travelling; like someone sprinkled the cotton club with stardust and spiked the drinks with mescaline. Dive in to this stone-cold classic.

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