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Faust – Right Between Yr Eyes

Post-reformation Faust with a lovely piece that shared flexi-disc space with fellow Space cadets Foetus and Stereolab; this flexi-disc, titled ‘Überschall 1996’, was handed out during Faust’s 1996 tour (which included their notorious gig at the Garage in London).


Foetus – Kreibabe

The absolutely insane closing track from Jim’s true comeback album (basically, not ‘GASH’, 2001’s ‘FLOW’. The tracks starts out with oscillating synths with Jim’s whacked out vocals over the top; like a brainwashing experiment in some bunker somewhere damp, dark, and scary. It builds and explodes, and then truly becomes the stuff of nightmares. The track quietens down and explodes again, and varies from creeping to confrontational menace with each section. Finally we end up in some sampled, classical dystopia with otherworldy moans and marching robots. Thank you for this Jim, it’s a colossal beast.*

  • the huge, noise-rock track as closer seems to have become a tradition after this album, as he does the same with ‘LOVE’ and ‘HIDE’; with each one being less effective than the last, sadly.

Einstürzende Neubauten – Ubique Media Daemon

A titan of a track! If only everything tagged ‘Industrial’ was up to the standards of this monumental juggernaut. Metallic marching drums underpin chanting and Blixa’s diseased vocals. This is from the bands 1993 EP ‘Malediction’, the accompanying piece to the album ‘Tabula Rasa’.

Can – I’m So Green

So very Kraut, yet so very catchy. It could be argued that this track from the immense Cologne outfit’s equally immense 1972 album ‘Ege Bam Yasi’ was an influence for lesser acts years later; such as The Stone Roses with their track “Fools Gold”. The Happy Monday’s also evoked Can (and this groove in particular) on a few of their tracks. Thing is though, ‘Madchester’ wasn’t fit to shine Can’s shoes.

Faust – C Pluus

One from the reformed Krautrock units 1997 album ‘You Know Faust’, an album that could be considered the first actual comeback studio album by the band, as 1995’s ‘Rien’ was constructed by Jim O’Rourke from tapes of their live recordings. This album has all the hallmarks of a band who liked to stretch out (time) their sound; encompassing everything from the harshest electronic noise to the softest acoustic strums. This track is a strange beauty; soft yet ramshackle; and builds a skeletal base for Jean-Hervé to blow his Trumpet over. Lovely.

Add N To (X) – Peel Session 1997

1. Hit Me (0:28)

2. Sir Ape (5:34)

3. The Black Regent (10:40)

4. Warm Jag (14:53)

Captain Beefheart & His Magic Band – Korn Ring Finger

A brilliant track that, astoundingly, never made it onto any of Beefheart’s albums proper; Korn ring Finger was made around the same time as the ‘Mirror Man’ album, and fits in perfectly with that sound. This is The Sentinel’s favourite era of the tCaptains music, and this piece is just as good as ’25th Century Quaker’,‘Tarotplane’ etc. The sound, like ‘Mirror Man’ is bouncy, expansive, and effortlessly psychedelic.
1967; amazing.

Foetus – Hammer Falls

The Sentinel has already gone into the issues surrounding 1995’s ‘GASH’; for both Thirlwell and his audience; so there is no need to go into that again. ‘Hammer Falls’ is one of the albums crackers, and drags the listener into a maelstrom that includes a horn section on steroids, punishing drums, and diseased raga shenanigans. Long live Jimmy!

Faust – Der Pfad

Short ‘n’ sweet Faust track from the reformed Faust’s 2nd album, 1997’s ‘You Know Faust’.

Clint Ruin & Lydia Lunch – Stinkfist

Metal bashing mania from the master of disaster and Miss Lunch. This is from 1987 where Jim Foetus a.k.a Clint Ruin is joined by Cliff Martinez, DJ Bonebrake, and Spit on sheet metal, while Lydia moans along with them. Industrial; before all of the Puppies with poor dance grooves mangled the term.

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