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Captain Beefheart & His Magic Band – Sugar ‘n’ Spikes

Joyous free Rock with a huge dose of the Delta blues from Don Van Vliet’s truly seminal 1969 album ‘Trout Mask Replica’.


The Lickets – Driven From Home

Thumping drums and hazy organs abound on this slowly building track from last years album ‘Round The Red Lamp’.

Can – Little Star Of Bethlehem (Full Length Version-Alternate Mix)

Different, rawer version of the track that ended up on the bands “mop up” album ‘Delay 1968’. A real treasure for Can fans.

The Lickets – Smoking Hippie

The Texan band whip up a real hazy buzz on this track from their 2007 album ‘Journey In Caldecott’.

The Lickets – Crowd Of Pimps In The Rain

First thing to state is that, no, this track doesn’t live up to/match the title; however, what we do get is a languid, expansive, yet propulsive Avant-Rock track that leans heavily on the pastoral psych angle. This is from the criminally underrated (yes, we did say that) bands 4th album, 2007’s ‘Journey In Caldecott’.

God – Lord, I’m On My Way

Grindcore and free Jazz get an industrial Avant-Rock makeover replete with cavernous production. Kevin Martin’s heavy duty outfit really go for it on the 1992 release ‘Possession,  which is possibly their high point; though final album ‘Anatomy of Addiction’ is a colossus beast and just as awe-inspiring.

L.Voag – Living Room

Jim Welton, former bassist with The Homosexuals, was an incredibly busy man after his stint with the aforementioned Punk outfit. He formed several bands and released a wealth of material afterwards. However, he recorded and released what is possibly his greatest work between albums for The Homosexuals. The album was ‘The Way Out’ from 1979, and the moniker he used for this project was L.Voag. This album, all with tracks named after different rooms in a house, seems to follow its own perverse logic; rendering ‘New Wave’ and ‘Post-Punk’ as abstract as fellow UK act This Heat managed to. This track goes heavy on the delay pedal whilst the drums and guitar tap into the Rock ‘n’ Roll station.

Pink Floyd – Careful With That Axe Eugene

A track from 1969’s ‘Ummagumma’, which was a double album. The first disc, which this track is from, is a ‘live’ album consisting of the sets they played around this time. The second disc is made up of studio work; with some really good stuff on there (like the track posted on here previously). This band can be a bone of contention for experimental/psychedelic fans. Some don’t want to be affiliated with a band adored by the masses who clutch their copies of Mojo magazine like their lives depended on it; a band who carried the pompous excesses of Prog into the ’80’s. However, there are others who don’t want the early achievements of a band who made some dark, murky Psychedelia to be overlooked just because of Roger Waters and his conceptual wankathons. Now there are those who separate the two with the Syd Barrett equation; this tool however, does not work when faced with material from this album. Yes, the album features a brilliant live version of Syd’s incredible ‘Astronomy Domine’, but continues with  free Psychedelic Rock numbers that inspired many a Krautrock band; numbers that were written by the others post- Syd; numbers that can happily sit side by side with much of the music from that formidable German ‘scene’. In short,  Roger Waters and his overblown rock opera’s and mojo magazine aside, some early Pink Floyd music is classic free form Psychedelic rock , so there.

Throbbing Gristle – Weeping

There are few tracks as grim and creepily depressing as Throbbing Gristle’s ‘Weeping’. Genesis P Orridge’s vocals scream desperation as violins and plucked strings conjure up scabby bodies cowering in the dusty corners of abandoned houses. The original ‘Industrial’ music from 1978’s ‘DOA: The Third And Final Report’. Nasty.

Harmonia – Walky Talky

For 1975’s ‘Deluxe’ album, the trio of Moebius, Roedelius, and Rother are joined by Guru Guru’s Mani Neumeier on drums.  With that line up, and the fact that it was produced by Conny Plank, it’s kind of a Krautrock fans wet dream. The sounds are light, buoyant, and expansive. Spaced out Kosmische with a drive to it.

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