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Kalahari Surfers – Golden Rendevous

Another tune from the bands 1988 album ‘Sleep Armed’; this time it’s an angular Post Punk number from Warrick Sony and his many aliases.


Kalahari Surfers – Houghton Parents

If you want edgy, how about an anti-apartheid band operating in the heart of the beast during apartheid? This mixture of smooth soul and RIO was the second track on the bands 3rd album, 1988’s ‘Sleep Armed’; which was named after a Cassiber track. Surf the waves.

Ectogram – Excerpt From The Faust Tapes

Welsh Post-Rock act giving us some Faust from their 1995 EP ‘Spoonicon’. This was back before we knew this ‘excerpt’ was called ‘J’ai Mal Aux Dents’.

Great cover.

Electrelane – Gone Darker

The band go, ahem, darker with their motorik psych mod sound on this fantastic track from their 2005 album ‘Axes’. Outstanding!

Swans – The World Looks Red / The World Looks Black

Swans continue on their mantric psychedelia path with this expansive track from last years ‘The Glowing Man’ album. Sounds like the band had ingested heaps of spaced out Krautrock and early Pink Floyd. Wunderbar!

Can – Moonshake

We honour Holger Czukay, who sadly passed away, with this mantric, propulsive banger from Can’s 1973 album ‘Future Days’.

Kraftwerk – Heavy Metal Kids

This is from the 1st phase of Kraftwerk, where they sounded like NEU! as imagined by Faust (the NEU! connection was obviously due to the fact that Klaus Dinger and Michael Rother were the rhythmic backbone of this incarnation). This is from some live material from 1971, about a year after they released their absolutely stunning debut album on Phillips; and is definitely in the same vein. Ralf Hütter was taking a break around this time, so this is essentially NEU! with Florian Schneider. (Kraut) Rock on!

Black Dice – Things Will Never Be The Same

Black Dice’s 2003 magnum opus ‘Beaches & Canyons” is, as the title suggests, the Brooklyn acts ode to the Californian beach’s; a kind of ‘Surf’s Up’ as played through the looking glass. This track is that moment a huge black cloud passes over the sun, throwing the sand and water into shadow. Or perhaps it’s a massive, dark green wave that wipes out a surfer? A gloomy moment on an extremely far out, yet colourful album.

Tortoise – Magnet Pulls Through

Minimal, restrained, and (unfortunately for some) tasteful; this sums up Tortoise doing what they do best. Sure they’ve gone into some sparkly funky areas before (‘Eros’ and ‘Monica’ from 2001’s ‘Standards’ album), but this is usually the type of material one holds onto as a fine example of what the US ‘Post Rock’ act are all about. Well, it’s this or the hellish Weather Report meets Ozric Tentacles shenanigans they are also known to inflict upon the listener. This is the opening track from their 1994 self-titled debut album.

Kling Klang – Heavydale

Some high jinx from Liverpool where King Crimson shacks up with Add N To (X). This is from the excellent bands 2006 album ‘The Esthetik Of Destruction’. Of course, this track was a live staple of the band some time earlier, and they used to belt this one out at gigs in the early noughties.

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