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Glenn Branca – Lesson No. 2

RIP Glenn Branca.


Einstürzende Neubauten – Ich bin’s

A track from the German acts 1987 album ‘Fünf Auf Der Nach Oben Offenen Richterskala’. Nasty, short and brutish; like life.

Scraping Foetus Off The Wheel – Hot Horse

A track that sounds like Neubauten accompanying a Hillbilly’s soliloquy about his dating rituals, with the Glitter band laying down some expansive guitar riffs at the latter section. This is from Slim Jim’s classic 1984 album “HOLE”.

Electrelane – Blue Straggler

Brighton 4 piece Electrelane conjure up the spirits of fallen mods on this typically moody piece from their 2001 debut ‘Rock It To The Moon’.

Biota – Tinct [full album]

Biota’s 1988 album ‘Tinct’ is, like the vast majority of their work, a winder to behold. The music defies categorisation and, seemingly, the natural laws of physics. This is music that constantly shifts in and out of focus, disintegrating and re-forming before one’s very own ears. Hints of warped Folk, Jazz, and Rock (?) move in and out of one’s field of hearing, all knotted together with noise (albeit very quiet and subtle “noise” at times); rendering the listener queasy and unsure of their footing. Oddball stuff, and certainly the “real deal”. All of their albums are incredible, and this is a perfect one to start with, though this music is certainly not for avant-beginners.

Sun City Girls – Tell Me Something Good

Wanna hear a raucous, absurd Rock cover of a Rufus and Chaka Khan song? Well look no further than this cover from Sun City Girls 1986 LP/Cassette ‘Midnight Cowboys From Ipanema’.

Kalahari Surfers – Free State Fence

The 80s saw the arrival of an avant-garde outfit operating out of a South Africa which was still under Apartheid.
Warrick Sony, using various aliases to give the illusion that the Surfers were a collective, brought influences such as The Residents, Henry Cow, Can, Faust, and This Heat together with some real African touches. Their early stuff was great, especially the first two albums ‘Own Affairs’ and ‘Living In The Heart Of The Beast’.
This track is the opener from ‘Own Affairs’ (1983).

The Hair & Skin Trading Company – Amine

Avant-rock and Dub rub up against each other in this gorgeous track from the bands 1993 EP ‘Go Round’. The track slowly rotates around drums and bass whilst guitars, vocals, and other ephemera, melts and drifts into the ether.

The Residents – The Coming of the Crow

Fred Frith and Chris Cutler guest on the track from The Residents 1980 classic ‘The Commercial Album’. This was around the time that Cutler and Frith were making music together, along with Dagmar Krause, under the moniker of Art Bears; and this track pretty much sounds like an instrumental piece by that band.

Main – VIII

A track from the UK “Post Rock” acts 1994 album ‘Motion Pool’. Scraping, metallic drones make way for a throbbing bass, before buzzing guitars join the fray and the components intermingle in deep space.

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