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Captain Beefheart And His Magic Band-Electricity (Cannes Live 1968)

Don and His Magic Band (who truly live up to their name here) juggle fiery demon blues and witchy Americana; managing to keep all the volatile ingredients in place and delivering grooves and thangs. Also, was nice to see this song referenced in Twin Peaks: the Return. Did anyone notice?


Biota – Rackabones (Full Album)

Incredible stuff from the American band. This was after they’d changed their name from Mnemonists, and forged forward as the musical project Biota. Under the new moniker, the collective were quieter; more discrete. However, the music oozes towards you in an extremely unsettling manner; rolling, cracking, clumping, and dissolving then reforming before your very eyes. This is the whole album from 1985.

[0:00] “Vagabones: Part I”
[26:39] “Vagabones: Part II”
[52:59] “Rackabones: Part I”
[1:11:02] “Rackabones: Part II”

Talk Talk – I Believe In You

It’s hard to find words for the delicate song forms that Talk Talk conjured on their last 2 albums. This is from the first of the ‘Post Rock era’ of talk Talk, 1988’s ‘Spirit Of Eden’, the busier (if that’s the right term) of the two records. In fact, compared to the bleached, washed out music on follow up ‘Laughing Stock; as well as Hollis’ solo album (the final part of the trilogy?); this is positively anthemic. Beautiful.

Faust – Hurricane

Stomping Avant-Rock from the German Daddies of the “genre”, which is from their great 1997 album ‘You Know Faust’; an album that felt more like the return of Faust than their reformation ‘debut’, 1995’s ‘Rien’.

The Music Machine – Talk Talk

The Music Machine performing their garage punk anthem ‘Talk Talk’ on Where The Action Is. Some of you on here may recognise this from the version The Residents did on their classic covers album ‘Third Reich ‘n’ Roll’. 1966.

Radiohead – Lotus Flower

We’ve just heard that one of the founders of Corsica Studio’s has passed away. Amanda Moss was an artist, a promoter, a club pioneer, and a warm, loving person. She left us far too early. To remember her we want to post something that is as beautiful as it is sad; and this track from Radiohead’s underrated ‘King Of Limbs’ (2011) fits the bill, perfectly. Safe travels Amanda. X

*Video produced and Directed by Garth Jennings; dancing by Thom Yorke

Lata Ramasar – The Greatest Name That Lives


Thanks Natalie Sharp for alerting me to this amazing track.

Add N to (X) – Little Black Rocks in the Sun (edit)

This is a shortened version of the 1998 track to accompany the wonderful video directed by Nick Abrahams. Drum breaks and analogue synth monsters crash, burn, and reform endlessly. The fact that they’d gotten in Stephen Hawking for the intro was a great feat; he wasn’t known for guest appearances back in those days.

Warmduscher – Uncle Sleepover (Live @ The Windmill; Brixton 26/01/2017)

Scuzzy Nu psych Garage from London’s wonderful Warmduscher. This whole gig was fantastic, and could penetrate the most jaded soul.

Peter Gabriel – Lay Your Hands On Me

Post-Genesis, and pre-Sledgehammer; this track comes from his 4th album released in 1982, titled ‘Peter Gabriel’ ( as were the previous 3), but also known s ‘Security’. There are hints of what was to come, but this album covers a lot of ground; from the cold, Electro-Funk of ‘The Family & The Fishing Night’, through the energised Pop of ‘Shock The Monkey’ and the glittering chant fest of ‘San Jacinto’, onto tracks such as this one. Tribal drumming and oh so 80’s vocal chants nestle alongside sections that you will recognise from his later material; where it can be argued that his work became a parody of what he did on albums like this. Have a listen, see what you think.

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