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Cluster – Sowiesoso

Warm, ever-expanding Kraut-Electronica from this wonderful duo’s 1976 album; also titled ‘Sowiesoso’. Food for every growing Ambient baby.


Slapp Happy – The Drum

Slapp Happy were always a hard one to pin down. Associated with a variety of serious and potent avant-garde outfits, it was a surprise to many upon hearing their  “naive rock” (as the bands Peter Blegvad described them) for the first time . Slapp Happy consisted of Peter Blegvad, Anthony Moore, and Dagmar Krause. Dagmar is sweet sounding on the majority of Slapp Happy releases, and at that time wasn’t known for her chilling vocals that she mustered for bands such as Art Bears and News From Babel (what a contrast). Their debut was1972’s ‘Sort Of’, an album released on Polydor, and recorded  with the help of label mates Faust. Those same three Faust members (Jean-Hervé Péron, Gunther Wüsthoff, and Werner ‘Zappi’ Deirmaier) were the ‘backing band’ for this album too. ‘Sort Of’ was a commercial failure, and Polydor demanded a straighter second album (sound familiar?), which is what this 1973 effort was an attempt at. However, Polydor rejected what was intended to be the ‘Casablanca Moon’ album and the band parted company from the label. They came to the UK and signed to Virgin. They re-recorded the ‘Casablanca Moon’ album with session musicians and released it under the moniker ‘Slapp Happy’. Luckily, the rougher, less sentimental sounding (and far, far better) version of the album recorded with Faust was released by Recommended Records in 1980, and then re-released in 1982 with the title ‘Acnalbasac Noom’. This is Pop, pure and simple. Pop, with Faust as the backing band.

Kalahari Surfers – Mafking Road

Some Soca and Ska influences for a track from the 1988 album ‘Sleep Armed’ by Kalahari Surfers, with some glorious brass flourishes.

Astral Social Club – Ginnel

Neil Campbell has been paving his own way under the Astral Social Club moniker for some years now. His is the stuff of Industrial fancies and techno daydreams. Machine rhythm and noise that varies in groove (sometimes blissful drone is the order of the day), but always hits the spangled, Psychedelic zone. This is from a split 7″ back in 2009, and has some plaintive piano atop the gnarly machine locked groove.

Pere Ubu – Street Waves

Garage Punk as part of the New Wave from the Cleveland Titans; the section where it all kicks in again at the 2 and a half minutes mark is one of music history’s sweet spots. This is from the bands debut album, 1978’s ‘The Modern Dance’

Terry Riley – Poppy Nogood and the Phantom Band

The B side to 1969’s ‘A Rainbow in Curved Air’ has Riley playing all of the instruments; with the sax playing inspired by John Coltrane; and using a time lag accumulator that consisted of two tape machines, looped audio tape, and a patch cord; hence the “Phantom Band” of the title. This woozy, expansive sound takes the listener into a warm, hypnotic, sedative state that is highly seductive.

Butthole Surfers – Sweat Loaf

It’s probably safe to say that everyone can remember the first time they saw the moniker of this Texan band. The sound of their music lived up to the lurid name; with the outfit delivering fratboy Psychedelia that was raw, funny, juvenile, slapstick, and usually quite frightening.
Here they opened their ‘Locust Abortion Technician’ (1986) album with an irreverent cover of Black Sabbath’s ‘Sweet Leaf’. The intro to this track became famous in itself, and was sampled by Orbital on their track ‘Satan’, which, if I’m honest, doesn’t stand the test of time and sounds as awful as something that the Chemical Brothers would have produced. This track on the other hand, still does it. Raw, raucous, blood-splattered Rawk peppered with maniacal vocals courtesy of “Gibbytronix”; interspersed with sections of blissful, psychedelia that propels you among the clouds, before the next descend into loony toon hell.

Cop Shoot Cop – Disconnected 666

Sound piece from a band who usually do the brutal, Industrial Rock ‘n’ Roll one would associate with Foetus, Birthday Party, et al. From their 1990 debut ‘Consumer Revolt’.

Faust – T-Électronique

Faust, reformed 90’s style, but without Peron; this is a lovely bit of wayward motorik avant-rock from the legendary krautrokcers that finishes of the 1999 album ‘Ravvivando’.

Gang Of Four – I Found That Essence Rare

Much imitated but never bettered, here’s Gang Of Four with some sharp New Wave/Post Punk off of their classic 1979 album ‘Entertainment’.

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