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Kling Klang – Heavydale

Some high jinx from Liverpool where King Crimson shacks up with Add N To (X). This is from the excellent bands 2006 album ‘The Esthetik Of Destruction’. Of course, this track was a live staple of the band some time earlier, and they used to belt this one out at gigs in the early noughties.

Cassiber – Orphee’s Mirror/I Tried To Reach You

Two tracks from Cassiber’s 1986 album ‘Perfect Worlds’. The first one shows drummer and ReR-man Chris Cutler doing his octopus thing in amongst sampledelia and mashed up noise. The second track has singer Christoph Anders belting out a number in such an OTT fashion, it beggars belief.

Faust – Hurricane

Stomping Avant-Rock from the German Daddies of the “genre”, which is from their great 1997 album ‘You Know Faust’; an album that felt more like the return of Faust than their reformation ‘debut’, 1995’s ‘Rien’.

Lydia Lunch & Thurston Moore – The Crumb

Apparently, this was ‘Structured, Cut Up And Puked Out’ in New York, 1987. Similar in feel to Lydia’s work with Clint Ruin (a.k.a JG Thirlwell, who mixed this); with that same, grimy, sweaty, dank sound that could be heard in that collaboration, as well as in various other artifacts of the No Wave fallout.

Scraping Foetus Off The Wheel – Satan Place

Imagine if the netherworld was where surfers went to hang ten on rolling waves of lava to a soundtrack to the demon familiars of the Beach Boys. You can’t? Well, this track from the second half of the 1983 album ‘HOLE’ will help you if you’re struggling.

You’ve Got Foetus On Your Breath – Wholesome Town

Racism, lynching, and rednecks get the Foetus treatment as Jim Thirlwell channels the spirits of Rawhide. From his 1982 album ‘ACHE’.

Stereolab & Nurse With Wound – Trippin’ With The Birds

Wonderful nod to Krautrock from the pairing of Stereolab and Nurse With Wound. Like Cluster meets NEU! meets Faust. From the 1997 ‘Simple Headphone Mind’ EP.

Nurse With Wound — Beetle Crawls Across My Back

Really, really great fan-made video to accompany this NWW track (which made it onto the compilation ‘Automating Volume Three) that totally fits into the bands ‘zone’. The track is a menacing piece of Exotica that has the wonderful Diana Rogerson on fine, fine form. Rogerson is the Sentinel’s true femme fatale of underground music; with a voice more chilling (and less affected) than Dagmar Krause or Diamanda Galas.

Captain Beefheart & His Magic Band – The Blimp (mousetrapreplica)

One of the many wonderful pieces from the Trout Mask Replica jigsaw; this time with the music actually being played by The Mothers of Invention whilst a Magic Band member delivers the vocals via the medium of telephone. Wonderful stuff.

Foetus Inc – Free James Brown (So He Can Run Me Down)

When 1990’s ‘Butterfly Potion’ EP came out and there was a song on it called ‘Free James Brown (So He Can Run Me Down)’, one hoped it would become the anthem of the year. After all, it was totally current due to the Godfathers incarceration following a 2 day car chase by the US police force, and the title was perfection. However, two things would stop it being the anthem it deserved. One, it was by Jim ‘Foetus’ thirlwell, and he was far too rooted in the underground for anyone but the hardened to actually notice his latest release. Secondly, the song in question is 4 and a half minutes of uncompromising Noise Rock heavily influenced by LSD. What Jimmy creates on the whole of the ‘Butterfly Potion’ EP (as well as elsewhere), is a vicious, ridiculously aggressive psychedelia. This, the third and final track on the release, is a whirlwind of fuzzed out noise, clattering metal percussion, and Jim’s addled sneering vocals. The middle section with all of the distorted JB samples is to be heard to be believed, and is a great launching pad for the drums and horn samples kicking back in with terrifying style. It’s a shame that an album didn’t come along with more material akin to this EP. In fact, Thirlwell has gone on record as saying that not recording an album on the back of ‘Butterfly Potion’ was one of his biggest regrets.

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