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Kemialliset Ystävät – Himmeli Kutsuu Minua

From the bands 2007 album ‘Kemialliset Ystävät’; this is wonderfully uplifting freak folk from the city of Tampere. Ingest and enjoy.


Chrystal Belle Scrodd – Split And Well Hung

A track from the 1986 compilation ‘Ohrensausen’ (with the likes of Nurse With Wound, Coil, H.N.A.S, and Smegma; where Diana Rogerson plays around with the lyrics to songs like ‘That Old Black Magic’ and mangles them along with the disjointed music. Her voice goes from sultry to terrifying; something people familiar with her work with Nurse With Wound will recognise. Fantastic, as ever.

This Heat – Peel Sessions 1977


  1. Rimp Romp Ramp (0:00)
  2. Makeshift Swahili (6:40)
  3. Sitting (12:59)
  4. Basement Boy (15:15)
  5. Slither (17:24)

A Bad Diana – Behind The Curtain Of The Sun

When Diana Rogerson came out with her ‘A Bad Diana’ project in 2007 (with the sole album ‘The Lights Are On But No-One’s Home’), it was glorious news for those Nurse With Wound fans that feel that Rogerson was always one of the most compelling elements of an incredible project (that luckily shows no signs of slowing down). Rogerson had already given us 2 incredible ‘solo’ works in the past with her Chrystal Belle Scrodd persona, but that was many years before A Bad Diana, and it could be said that this album was more than long overdue. Luckily it didn’t disappoint, and echoed the trajectory of her husband’s NWW, with the work becoming less demented and more spaced out (though eerily so). This track has Diana singing into a void of drones and chirping crickets. Minimal, simple; yet vast and majestic; here’s hoping for more from this mercurial, and fierce talent over the coming years.

Kalahari Surfers – 1999

No, this isn’t a cover of the Purple one’s 80’s hit, but rather a post-punk song in its own right from the South African avant-rock outfit; another song from their 1985 classic album ‘Living In The Heart Of The Beast’.

Avarus – Iso Lääkelaiva

Finnish Avant-Rockers Avarus with some dream-like Crispy Witch folk from their 2004 album ‘Jättiläisrotta’. Lovely stuff that harks back to the Folk-Krautrock of acts such as Limbus 4.

Camberwell Now – Daddy Needs A Throne

Out of the ashes of This Heat rose Camberwell Now. Those familiar with the legendary This Heat will recognise the high precision drumming of Charles Hayward on this avant-punk tune from Touch Records infamous 1985 cassette compilation ‘Ritual : Magnetic North’; which also featured tracks from Renaldo & the Loaf, The Residents, Einstürzende Neubauten, Caberet Voltaire, and David Cunningham.


Faust – Miss Fortune

Faust’s debut album was a dizzying collage of avant-rock, noise, freak folk, and everything in between; it was certainly radical at the time, and would still unsteady the uninitiated to this very day. The third track, which covered the whole of side B, continued in this cut up style, and takes the listener on a journey through the 1971 German underground. One minute you feel like you’re walking through a beautiful meadow, only to suddenly be confronted by a hideous industrial structure belching smoke. Also, check the section where the band clearly took direct inspiration from the Velvet Underground’s ‘The Murder Mystery’.

Can – Mother Sky

A huge motorik monolith from the Cologne Krautrock darlngs. A classic track from the 1970 album ‘Soundtracks’.

“I say madness is too pure like Mother Sky”.

Thinking Plague – Lycanthrope

American RIO band Thinking Plague with an intricate slice of Avant-Prog from their wonderful 1989 album ‘In This Life’; released on the inimitable ReR, of course. The final acoustic guitar section is truly, and hauntingly, beautiful.

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