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Thomas Fehlmann – Triggerism

Lovely deep and dubby Techno from the veteran producer. This is from his excellent new album ‘Los Lagos’.


Stasis – Welcome To The New Age Disco

Class Detroit-style Techno from the UK’s Steve Pickton; from his 1994 album ‘Inspiration’.

Thomas Fehlmann – Window

Lovely deep and dubby Techno from Fehlmann, who, at age 61, shows no signs of slowing down or losing his touch. Apparently he’s left the Orb to spend more time on his own work, and judging from tracks like this, along from others from his new album ‘Los Lagos’, this is a move to be celebrated.

Orbital – Philosophy By Numbers

Haunted House riffs propulsed by skittery Electro riddims’? Yes, it’s ‘Philosophy By Numbers’ from Orbital’s 1994 album ‘Snivilisation’.

Orbital – Out There Somewhere Parts 1 & 2

Fantastic track (in 2 parts) that finishes up the Hartnoll brothers 1996 album ‘In-Sides’, where they throw in old skool rave stabs circa ’91/’92; along with current (for 1996) Techno moves; all propelled by skippy, brittle, light Electro drum patterns. This track moves and shifts many times throughout its 24 minutes; taking the listener through a variety of electronic landscapes, while the drum machines act as the reliable anchor. Enjoy.

Vapourspace – Cosmic Dance of Shiva

A track from Mark Gage’s 1993 album ‘Themes From Vapourspace”; back when Techno seemed to have a myriad of shapes to play with. This is a track that could could have been seen as some kind of dark Trance tune a mere year later (and with a  title like that, the Goa Trance brigade would have leapt all over it).

YO3 – Deep Sleep

Crisp, finely-crafted melodic Techno from way back in 1994. YO3 was one of Beaumont Hannant’s monikers, and this was released on (GPR), who also brought us material from the likes of The Black Dog, Nev, and Luke Slater.

Mark Henning – All Star Geek

Stunning, tough, and groovy techno from Mark Henning. This is known in some circles as a “bad boy tune”. Great stuff from 2008.

Nev – Green Sound

Thoughtful, restrained Detroit-inspired Techno from 1994’s ‘My Plasma Block’ EP. Something that would be called ‘IDM’ or ‘Electronica’ in retrospect, but is really Techno; a genre that comes in many shapes and sizes.

The Black Dog – Vanttool

The Black Dog had such a trademark sound in the early days that you could immediately identify one of their tracks, despite there being a deep connection to the original Detroit model of Techno in their work. They successfully paid homage and their debt, whilst forging a path of their own; which any avid listener can attest to This track is from the 1992 EP of the same name.

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