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Aphex twin – D-Scape

Slightly ominous Ambient Techno effort from Richard D James’ 1993 EP ‘On’. This spacious number was where the listener could breath after the onslaught of ’73 Yips’, and gather their strength before the Horror-Core gloom-Techno of ‘Xepha’. Funny as the whole EP starts in an optimistic, upbeat fashion 9with added fart bass).


Einstürzende Neubauten – Ubique Media Daemon

A titan of a track! If only everything tagged ‘Industrial’ was up to the standards of this monumental juggernaut. Metallic marching drums underpin chanting and Blixa’s diseased vocals. This is from the bands 1993 EP ‘Malediction’, the accompanying piece to the album ‘Tabula Rasa’.

Reload – Ehn

The duo of Mark Prichard and Tom Middleton are maybe better known for their work under the Global Communication moniker; as well as Jedi Knights. However, before they made waves under those identities, they released an album as Reload in 1993 titled ‘A Collection Of Short Stories’, which was a continuous stream of various Techno and Electro shapes which tapped right into the established ‘Ambient Techno’ scene, as well as the burgeoning ‘Intelligent/Home Listening Techno’ music that eventually got tagged as ‘IDM’. ‘Ehn’ is an upbeat Ambient Techno tune with a chugging funk bassline and sparkly synths.

Paul Schütze – Rapture of the Skin

Another delve into Schütze’s sparkling, chiming soundworld. This time, it’s from his 1993 album ‘The Rapture of Metals’, which was originally going to be a proposed 2nd disc for his 1992 album ‘New Maps From Hell’. However, the label (Extreme) did not want the extended package, so the second disc was altered, and edited 6 months later and released as ‘The Rapture of Metals’; though Schütze always considered it to be part of ‘New Maps of Hell’.

The Hair & Skin Trading Company – Snowballs

A track from the ‘Loa’ (1993) 12″ that sees the band really thrashing it out with some gnarly post-Industrial Rock moves.

The Black Dog – The Actor & The Audience

A track from their 1993 album ‘Temple of Transparent Balls’ that is more than a little mocking of ‘Ardcore and Jungle; where the trip have Black Dog-ified the genres (‘Ardcore bred Jungle). They talked in interviews about how they found the over-the-top aggression in said genres hilarious; which pretty much nails it. Their playfulness is our gain, as even though there is much lampooning on this tune, it still fits in with the rest of the album and has that unique sound this act were renowned for.

Reload – Le Soleil Et La Mer (Black Dog Productions Remix)

Pritchard and Middleton’s delicate number from their 1993 album ‘A Collection of Short Stories’ made even better by some meddling from the Black Dog crew (surely the greatest Electronica act during the period?). Beautiful stuff, and has the trademark BD percussive complexity; and of course those clipped string sounds that just tug so hard on the heartstrings. This was on the ‘Auto Reload EP: Volume 2’ release from 1993. Phew! We got through that without once mentioning the “I term”.

Dreamfish – School Of Fish

Fizzing, blissful Ambient from Pete Namlook and Mixmaster Morris. This really sums up the whole optimistic, feel good Ambient scene that took the Techno party chill-out room into everyone’s bedrooms. This is from the 1993 album ‘Dreamfish’.


Pete Namlook – Air [full album]

Here it is, in its entirety; a total Ambient classic from the prolific German Pete Namlook. This album ranges from deep space drones, through Tangerine Dream-like throbbing electronic pulses, and onto Space Age Jazz Cocktail music with a snazzy shuffle. A stunning piece of work from 1993, and one that really showed up the limitations of many contemporary “Ambient” artists of that time. Bliss.

Dreamfish – Fishology

In 1993 Pete Namlook and Mixmaster Morris got together and created a band called Dreamfish that released an album called Dreamfish. This was an album that was very much an Ambient record, and in line with the vast wave of Ambient Electonica (from Ambient Techno, through to IDM, and onto the realms of pure drift and throb). However, one track stood out, and it was ‘Fishology’, which has a Jazzy shuffle and what could be described as Digital-age Scat-singing. Spaced, expansive, but cheeky.

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