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Infiniti – Sunlight

Emotive Techno with that unmistakable Detroit stamp; from the motor city Godfather, Juan Atkins. This was released in 1993 on Peacefrog.


David Sylvian & Robert Fripp – Jean The Birdman

Sylvian out-Ferry’s Ferry on this slinky number from Sylvian and Fripp’s 1993 album ‘The First Day’.

The Hair & Skin Trading Company – Deep

After Loop the band split into 2 entities; which were Main, and this band, The Hair & Skin Trading Company. Both took Loop’s post-Kraut aesthetic further, with Main focusing on the dissolving drone, and these guys playing with groove, rhythm, and industrial punch. This track is from the band’s 1993 EP ‘Go Round’, and has a vicious riff to accompany the droning psychedelics.

Stasis – Artifax

Beautiful UK Techno with Detroit in mind. Sweeping strings and melancholic electronica abound in this lovely piece from a 1993 split with Nuron.

Cop Shoot Cop – Room 429

The New York outfit with their scuzzy ballad from 1993’s ‘Ask Questions Later’.

Nurse With Wound – Brained (Unconscious Mix)

Nurse With Wound’s crazed, demented, tripped out cover version of “Cottonwoodhill” by Brainticket get a zonked out mix. It starts with Jim Foetus’ vocals cutting through the fog, and eventually the listener gets thrown into occasional bursts of the maelstrom of the original version; then back into the voidy, bleached alternative. Dig.

Aphex Twin – On

Pretty electronica, back from when the “home listening Techno experience”, or, “IDM”*, was new and astounded indie-kind (and was loved by true Techno heads too, it’s safe to add). Even the fart bass doesn’t take anything away from the aching beauty of this. Richard D James as a mere slip of a lad, and from his 1993 EP of the same name. The fantastic stop-motion video was made by Martin Wallace and, the one and only, Jarvis Cocker.

*Also called “Ambient Techno” back in those days.

The Black Dog – Cost II

Detroit flavours pepper this track from the band’s 1993 album ‘Temple Of Transparent Balls’; where a long lost House vocal is buried beneath electronic strings and clipped synths.

The Black Dog – Kings Of Sparta

Twilight electronica; the perfect soundtrack to driving around London on a dark winter night. From their 1993 album ‘Temple Of Transparent Balls’

Vapourspace – Space Walk

Mid 90’s Techno with some excellent finger clicks. This is from Mark Gage’s ‘Themes From Vapourspace’ (1993) album, an album that has aged pretty well and could still do some dancefloor damage.

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