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The Sabres of Paradise – Smokebelch I

Andrew Weatherall decided to formĀ  Techno ‘band’ in the early 90’s, and named them The Sabres of Paradise. Taking elements of Dub, Hiuse and techno, the band were part of the whole new UK Electronica movement that was given several different monikers (Ambient techno, Armchair Techno, IDM, etc, etc). This track, from their debut album ‘Sabresonic’ (1993), takes its cue from the Detroit masters and is a spacious, moody, elegant slice of Techno.


The Hair & Skin Trading Company – Amine

Avant-rock and Dub rub up against each other in this gorgeous track from the bands 1993 EP ‘Go Round’. The track slowly rotates around drums and bass whilst guitars, vocals, and other ephemera, melts and drifts into the ether.

Cop Shoot Cop – All The Clocks Are Broken

One of Cop Shoot Cop’s tracks that isn’t merely “Post-Foetus” (they did a few), and this is the penultimate track on their 1993 album ‘Ask Questions Later’. Rolling drums and swelling synths make for a truly dramatic experience. Industrial stadium rock, but in a good way.

The Hair & Skin Trading Company – K-Funk

Molten Psychedelia from the UK acts 1994 album ‘Over Valance’.

The Fall – Lost In Music

Sister Sledge get Smitherised in this cover from 1993’s ‘The Infotainment Scan’.

Tindersticks – Nectar

Tindersticks frame their usual melancholy with tumbling guitars and upbeat horn blasts. This is from their 1st album, titled ‘Tindersticks’ (not to be confused with their 2nd album, also titled ‘Tindersticks’).

Infiniti – Sunlight

Emotive Techno with that unmistakable Detroit stamp; from the motor city Godfather, Juan Atkins. This was released in 1993 on Peacefrog.

David Sylvian & Robert Fripp – Jean The Birdman

Sylvian out-Ferry’s Ferry on this slinky number from Sylvian and Fripp’s 1993 album ‘The First Day’.

The Hair & Skin Trading Company – Deep

After Loop the band split into 2 entities; which were Main, and this band, The Hair & Skin Trading Company. Both took Loop’s post-Kraut aesthetic further, with Main focusing on the dissolving drone, and these guys playing with groove, rhythm, and industrial punch. This track is from the band’s 1993 EP ‘Go Round’, and has a vicious riff to accompany the droning psychedelics.

Stasis – Artifax

Beautiful UK Techno with Detroit in mind. Sweeping strings and melancholic electronica abound in this lovely piece from a 1993 split with Nuron.

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