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Final – Awake But Numb

Spectral Ambient music from Broadrick’s 1993 album under his ‘Final’ moniker.


Dreamfish – Under Water

Deep, aquatic electronic bliss from Pete Namlook and Mixmaster Morris. From the 1993 album, also titled ‘Dreamfish’.

Coil – Baby Food

“Baby Food”, slang for the Ketamine buzz. Fitting, for this immersive, watery, electronic soundworld that sees the duo utilise their “Sidereal Sound” process. This was originally released in 1993 on the ‘Chaos In Expansion’ compilation, and later twinned with ‘Another Brown World’ and released as a 12″ under that title in 2017.

The Hair & Skin Trading Company – Go Round

A band that  could sometimes be described as a mixture of Indie, Shoegaze, and Krautrock with a track from their 1994 album ‘Over Valance’*. Restrained, and pointed, with bouts of guitar flare up. The piece also features backing vocals from Stereolab’s Laetitia Sadier.

  • the track also appeared on the 1993 EP ‘Go Round’.

Holger Czukay – Rhythms of a Secret Life

The final track on 1993’s ‘Moving Pictures’ album is a slow, languid, simmering piece of music. A wonderful finish to a wonderful album.

Final – Death/Love Dealer

Odd, semi-drone number from Broadrick’s 1993 album ‘One’.

Holger Czukay – All Night Long

Fantastic piece of subtle musicality from the one and only Can man, Holger Czukay. Sheldon Ancel and Romie Singh supply the wonderful vocals. This is from Czukay’s 1993 album ‘Moving Pictures’.

The Martian – Search Your Feelings

True Detroit flavours from Mike Banks as the Martian. From his 1993 EP ‘Journey To The Martian Polar Cap’.

Seefeel – Charlotte’s Mouth

Delicious blend of Shoegaze, Ambient Electronica, and Dub; from the bands 1993 album ‘Quique’.

Dreamfish – Hymn

Blissful, expansive Ambient from the 1993, also called ‘Dreamfish’. Dreamfish was Pete Namlook and Mixmaster Morris; here helped along with some recorded snippets of Terrence McKenna.

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