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Balil – Avidya

Handley and Turner (also known as Plaid and Black Dog Productions) go to town with some Electronica (Post-Techno? Ambient Techno? IDM?) that takes in Detroit Techno, Breaks, and whatever else worked. This is from their 1994 ‘Parasight’ EP that also featured the absolutely sublime ‘Island’. This doesn’t quite touch the majesty of ‘Island’; though nothing else on the EP does; but it certainly stands as a great relic of that particular time.


Stasis – Tau

The UK’s Steve Pickton’s Techno always had more than a hint of the motor city to it; his was a Techno taken straight from the blueprint, where soul took the front seat. ‘Tau’ is electronic and melancholic, and taken from 1994’s fantastic ‘Inspiration’ album.

Uzect Plaush – The Sky Rolled Back

From a true Ambient classic, 1994’s ‘More Beautiful Human Life’, Paul Schütze uses an anagram of his name for a pseudonym (he also released an album under the moniker ‘Seed’) for an album that tightens up the sound he harnessed under his real name.

Nev – Log N

Tim Prezzano; from Rochester, New York; delivered some deep, soulful, Detroit-style Techno under the name Nev. His output was, alas, minimal. This is from the excellent 1994 EP ‘My Plasma Block’

Autechre – Chatter

Some Acid Electro from Autechre in their early days; off of the Warp compilation ‘Artificial Intelligence II’ (1994).

Dark Energy/Suburban Knight – Midnight Sunshine

Classic Detroit Techno from UR man James Penningtom a.k.a Suburban Knight. This was originally released under the Suburban Knight moniker on a UR EP from 1994 called ‘Dark Energy’. It has been re-released on a collection of tracks from Pennington under the guise of Dark Energy titled ‘Collided Energy’, released in 2007. This track is in keeping with the classic Motor City sound; lush, warm, yet driving and pulsing Techno. The story behind the title of the track was revealed by Pennington  in an interview with Kodwo Eshun.
His grandfather was fighting as a GI in Germany in the second world war. One night the German shot flares into the sky which he stated lit up like a midnight sun.

Tortoise – Magnet Pulls Through

Minimal, restrained, and (unfortunately for some) tasteful; this sums up Tortoise doing what they do best. Sure they’ve gone into some sparkly funky areas before (‘Eros’ and ‘Monica’ from 2001’s ‘Standards’ album), but this is usually the type of material one holds onto as a fine example of what the US ‘Post Rock’ act are all about. Well, it’s this or the hellish Weather Report meets Ozric Tentacles shenanigans they are also known to inflict upon the listener. This is the opening track from their 1994 self-titled debut album.

Pressure Of Speech – Aphelion

Chunky Techno from the UK duo of Mickey Mann and Luke Losey with a track that appeared on the 2nd ‘Trance Europe Express’ compilation from 1994. This is a lovely slice of UK Techno that has hardly aged and still achieves what it originally set out to do.

Boredoms – Acid Police

Bridging the gap between Butthole Surfers and early Black Dice, Boredoms 1994  album ‘Chocolate Synthesizer’ was a far chaotic-cry from the mantric whizz of ‘Vision Creation Newsun’. Puerile at times, and engaging in disruption for the sake of disruption (although, what’s wrong with that?), the album isn’t an easy listen. Opener ‘Acid police’ is pretty smooth compared to what follows, and is a joyous racket.

Moonshake – Ghosts Of Good Intention

The UK’s Moonshake with a track that could soundtrack Sam Spades journey into interzone; from their 1994 album ‘The Sound Your Eyes Can Follow’.

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