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Basic Channel – Quadrant Dub I

Radiant, sparkling Dub Techno from the masters of the genre. This is from 1994, and has lost none of its magic.


Hardfloor – Funalogue

The title track from the German duo’s 1994 mini-album is a real swinging House number that goes all Acid in the second half; and a real stand out on the album that mostly comprises of Hardcore Acid Techno and Downtempo number; which were kind of out of character for these guys.

Uzect Plaush – Wetzone Rapture

Light as a feather Ambient piece from Paul Schütze’s 1994 album ‘More Beautiful Human Life’. This work; which he released under an anagram of his real name; had a more stable rhythmic undertow than his other albums, and got promoted by Apollo as an Ambient Techno release. However, the similarities to that sub-genre are superficial at best, and this is yet another entry into Schütze’s very own take on fourth world music.

Organum – Sphyx

This is the title track from Jackman’s 1994 album of the same name. Flutes can be heard, but we’re not in any hippy utopia here people, as this track glows like a radioactive forest; alive with fallout deviations and mutations.

Organum – Veil Of Tears (Part 2)

The second part of ‘Veil of Tears’ stumbles into the same noise-meets-field-recording arena that part 1 inhabited. David Jackman as baffling and esoteric as ever; from his 1994 album ‘Veil of Tears’.

The Hair & Skin Trading Company – Go Round

A band that  could sometimes be described as a mixture of Indie, Shoegaze, and Krautrock with a track from their 1994 album ‘Over Valance’*. Restrained, and pointed, with bouts of guitar flare up. The piece also features backing vocals from Stereolab’s Laetitia Sadier.

  • the track also appeared on the 1993 EP ‘Go Round’.

Nev – Tronaglib

Intricate, smart, emotional Techno from American Tim Prezzano’s 1994 EP ‘My Plasma Block’.

Aphex Twin – Stone In Focus

Float off.

Aphex Twin – Grass

Good luck spotting the grass on this track; as rather than lush and fertile, this sounds ashy, dry, and barren (RDJ’s sly humour again, perhaps?). This is from his mighty 1994 effort ‘Selected Ambient Works Volume II’, and album that has no fart jokes, no puerile splutter and drill ‘n’ mass shenanigans. Float on, and on, and on.

Autocreation – Dark Smile

Dark, cavernous Techno from 1994. Autocreation* were short lived, and comprised of Tara Patterson, Mark Van Hoen, and Kevin Hector, with their productions falling under the ‘Ambient Techno’ banner (anything that wasn’t straight, in your face dancefloor fodder got pushed onto that tag). They released one album, 1994’s ‘Mettle’, before signing off wit a couple of EP’s. This track is the album opener, and is an icy take on the Motor City sound.

  • They also went under the name Sine Bubble.
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