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Dan Curtin – Devotion

Ohio’s Dan Curtin with a track from his 1994 album ‘Silicon Dawn’, where the motor city sound is deeply imbedded into every beat. This track is all hi-hat shuffle and woozy strings.


Nev – Indexa Philosopler

This is the title track from the 1994 EP of the same name by Tim Prezzano, and no, it’s not a spelling error. Detroit influenced Techno with subtlety and nuance.

God – Tunnel

Malevolent Noise Rock from the UK acts final album, 1994’s ‘The Anatomy of Addiction’. Squealing horns, rumbling bass, and more space in the mix than your average Noise Rock track.

God – White Pimp Cut Up

Free Jazz and Dub effects pepper this raucous Noise Rock piece from God’s final album, 1994’s ‘The Anatomy of Addiction’.

Tortoise – Night Air

On the US bands 1994 debut album, they mixed up the sound with influences from Krautrock/Avant-Rock, Post-Punk, Dub/Roots Reggae, and Electronica. This was all filtered through a warm, woody sound palette and a minimal aesthetic. This is one of the more subdued track on the album (though a few are like that), and has the added bonus of a melodica.

Dan Curtin – Spliffed

The Detroit sound as imagined by Cleveland. This is from 1994, and was released on Peacefrog.

God – On All Fours

Noice Rock In excelsis here; from Kevin Martin’s bands final album, 1994’s ‘The Anatomy of Addiction’.

Stasis – Inspiration

Graceful, Detroit-inspired UK Techno from Steve Pickton here; this is the title track on his 1994 album of the same name.

God – Bloodstream

1994’s ‘The Anatomy of Addiction’ was sadly the final release by God, as Kevin Martin wanted to eschew the contraints of a band, and immerse himself in the studio. When one listens to tracks like this, you wish he’d found the time to do both. This mighty piece starts off with echoing horns; moves into grinding doom metal; then becomes a piece of sublime Krautrock influenced music topped of with luscious wah wha guitar and bongo drums.
Then to top it all off some serious dub bass kicks in and the track expands outwards.
it is a winner.

Pete Namlook & Tetsu Inoue – The Invisible Landscape

This is the ‘Invisible Landscape’ part of their 1994 collaboration ‘2350 Broadway 2’; Beautiful, and totally immersive Ambient music. It is so vey sad to think that both of these men are no longer with us, but makes one thankful that their work lives on and can still take us on a journey.

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