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Nev – Strata Fission

RIP Tim Prezzano 1969-2018. News has recently come in about this underrated producer passing away. It was always sad to think about how little material of Tim’s was available, and that is something that is very final now. Rest in space Tim.


The Hair & Skin Trading Company – Take Control

Simmering, slow burn Psych Rock from the UK acts 1994 album ‘Over valance’.

Nev – Green Sound

Thoughtful, restrained Detroit-inspired Techno from 1994’s ‘My Plasma Block’ EP. Something that would be called ‘IDM’ or ‘Electronica’ in retrospect, but is really Techno; a genre that comes in many shapes and sizes.

God – Lazarus

Horns like buzzing wasps make way for a wailing that gets picked up by a brutal rhythm section; before the song gets into its tough, nasty groove. Suffer eternal!

Aphex Twin – Cliffs

Trippn’ on Cornish cliffs from Richard D James’ dark 1994 classic ‘Selected Ambient Works Volume II’; an album where he did go truly Ambient.

God – Body Horror

Some gnarly Noise Rock from UK band God; Nasty, noisy, but with some space, light and shade in what is essentially bad trip music. This is from way back in 1994, and from their album ‘Anatomy of Addiction’.

Nev – Rowju

Lovely Techno off of the wonderful 1994 ‘My Plasma Block’ EP  from New York’s Tim Prezzano. It’s a real shame, and mystery, why we didn’t get more from this guy.

Stasis – World Out Of Time

Sombre, moody UK Techno with strong Detroit flavours. The man behind the moniker is Steve Pickton, and this is from his 1994 album ‘Inspiration’ on Peacefrog.

Main – VIII

A track from the UK “Post Rock” acts 1994 album ‘Motion Pool’. Scraping, metallic drones make way for a throbbing bass, before buzzing guitars join the fray and the components intermingle in deep space.

Robert Hood – Chase

The minimal master with some tough Techno off of his 1994 album ‘Internal Empire’.

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