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Love – The Red Telephone

Forever Changes had a dark, melancholic edge to it; suggesting that Love had become a little soured by the Psychedelic dream. The Red Telephone is a perfect example of the ‘tone’ the band had at this point.
So many lovely string arrangements on this album; and they are there in this song.
1967. Old.

Negativland – The Playboy Channel

Fantastic track from their classic 1987 album ‘Escape From Noise’, with guest noisemakers jello Biafra playing ‘flushing toilet’, and Mark Mothersbaugh on various instruments/sounds. Short, sweet, and lovely,

The Music Machine – Talk Talk

The Music Machine performing their garage punk anthem ‘Talk Talk’ on Where The Action Is. Some of you on here may recognise this from the version The Residents did on their classic covers album ‘Third Reich ‘n’ Roll’. 1966.

Joy Division – Isolation

Absolutely classic track from an album that warrants the same amount of praise. What can be said about Joy Division’s ‘Closer’ (1980) that hasn’t already been said? That may seem like a cop out, but that’s the best you are gonna get this morning.

Todd Rundgren – International Feel (Single Version)

Todd Rungdren decided to go for a bit of radio airplay by combing the opener to his 1973 album ‘A Wizard/A True Star’ with the closing track to said albums A side (titled ‘Le Feel Internacìonále’). This is expansive glitter-glam-prog-pop of the highest order, and probably gives Ariel Pink hard on’s just thinking about it. A very, very more-ish track(s) that gives grins to all who are righteous.

Roxy Music – Mother Of Pearl

The band’s 1973 album ‘Stranded’ was the first without Brian Eno*. Even though t doesn’t quite tickle the nooks and crannies that ‘For Your Pleasure’ managed to, it certainly has its moments, such as this glam/garage number that’s in true Roxy style.

*Reportedly, Brian Eno later rated this album as Roxy Music’s finest.

Einstürzende Neubauten – Yü-Gung (Fütter Mein Ego)

From their jet black 1985 album ‘1/2 Mensch’, Yü-Gung (Fütter Mein Ego) sits alongside the work of EN admirer and friend, Jim ‘Foetus’ Thirlwell. In fact, Jim jumped in to help play this track one time when they were playing live and Mufti a.k.a F.M. Einheit cut his leg open whilst throwing around sheet metal. Great stuff and a total joy for those who miss the metal bashing era of Industrial music.

Model 500 – Off To Battle

From the B-Side to 1987’s ‘Sound Of Stereo’, Juan Atkins hands us the classic Detroit Techno blueprint yet again. Digi funk and Hi-Tech Soul right here my brothers and sisters.

Chrome – Chromosome Damage

Imagine if the Stooges actually sounded like you would have expected them too once you heard about the heavy duty substance ingestion. Well, once you hear 1970’s Chrome, you’ll never have to imagine again. This is from the brilliant ‘Alien Soundtracks’ from 1978.

ESG – Dance

Classic stuff from the band’s 1983 debut ‘Come Away With ESG’. Minimal Funk that found a home among the post-No Wave scene over in New York.

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