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Prince – Dirty Mind

Clipped, Nu Funk from the ridiculously talent ed (soon to be) superstar. From his 1980 album, also titled ‘Dirty Mind’.


The West Coast Pop Art Experimental Band – I Won’t Hurt You

Beautiful, fragile song held together by a lilting acoustic guitar and a heartbeat. From their 1967 album ‘Part One’.

Dock Boggs – Pretty Polly

Appalachian folk from Virginian Moran Lee “Dock” Boggs circa 1929.

Nolan Porter – Keep On Keepin’ On

American Porter with a Soul great* from 1971. This track became a classic among the ‘Northern Soul’ scene.

*This song was the inspiration for Joy Division’s “Interzone”, from their first album ‘Unknown Pleasures’.

Art Bears – Three Wheels

The final track from the bands 1979 album ‘Winter Songs’ ; an album composed by Fred Frith around the texts written by Chris Cutler. Cutler based these texts on carvings on Amiens Cathedral, found in the north of France. The album is austere, heavy in mood (some could say gloomy, but don’t let that put you off), and militantly outré. the final track is lush when contrasted with some of the albums earlier tracks, and spins out into the void with exquisite use of backwards tape loops and Dagmar Krause’s chilling vocals.

The Fugs – CIA Man

It seems that New York’s the Fugs never get a mention without being compared to the Mothers of Invention; which is maybe fair enough, as both bands merged musical parody, with Blues and Psychedelic Rock, and both bands were deeply satirical, though The Fugs never got nearly as much praise as the Mothers did. This great tune is from their 1967 album ‘Virgin Fugs’, and has a rowdy feel to it that still works to this day.

Wire – Blessed State

Pure magic from Wire’s incredible 1979 album ‘154’.

Slapp Happy – Mono Plane

The band’s 1972 debut album ‘Sort Of’  saw Slapp happy augmented by members of Faust; and one can hear it. In fact, this track is reminiscent of that other Krautrock monolith, Can.

Funkadelic – Standing On The Verge Of Getting It On

The title track from Funkadelic’s 1974 album is an energised, Rock-infused Soul anthem that just screams to be played loud.

The Fall – Big New Prinz

Sleazy rock ‘n’ roll from their 1988 album ‘I Am Kurious Oranj’; viewed from a different angle on the 1990 compilation ‘458489 A Sides’. This mighty, mighty tune is peak Fall.


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