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Tindersticks – Talk To Me

Pub singing in excelsis from the bands 1995 album, also titled ‘Tindersticks’.


Techno Animal – Needle Park

Jon Hassell joins in the narcoleptic fun as Techno Animal dull your senses. This is from the 2nd disc of their 1995 album ‘Re-Entry’, which was titled ‘Heavy Lids’.

Autocreation – Autumn

UK Techno from the short lived Autocreation (also known as Sine Bubble) circa ’95.

The Black Dog – Raxmus

The opener to The Black Dogs 1995 album ‘Spanners’ is grainy instrumental Hip-Hop that had the band aligning with the likes of Wagon Christ rather than Derrick May or Model 500. Of course, the album spanned several genres in its 60 odd minutes, so one got nods to many things other than the Detroit blueprint.

Autechre – Overand

The penultimate track on Autechre’s hulking, rusted, metallic beast of an album; 1995’s ‘Tri Repetae’; changes tack from what came before, and allows the listener to freefall into beatless space and creepy ambient.

Ken Ishi – Extra

Lively, joyous Japanese Techno from Ishi’s 1995 album ‘Jelly Jones’.

Robert Hood – The Rhythm of Vision

The tougher end of the Detroit sound from the Minimal master. This featured on the 1995 EP ‘Tresor 3’, which also featured the likes of Jeff Mills, Joey Beltram, and Maurizio.

Foetus – Hammer Falls

The Sentinel has already gone into the issues surrounding 1995’s ‘GASH’; for both Thirlwell and his audience; so there is no need to go into that again. ‘Hammer Falls’ is one of the albums crackers, and drags the listener into a maelstrom that includes a horn section on steroids, punishing drums, and diseased raga shenanigans. Long live Jimmy!

Stereolab – Disco Grande Session (1995, Spanish Radio)

1. John Cage Bubblegum (00:00)

2. Metronomic Underground (3:20)

3. How to Play Your Internal Organs Overnight (12:24)

4. Percolator (16:17)

5. The Extension Trip (20:35)

6. Lo Boob Oscillator (23:40)

Tournesol – Break ‘n’ Space

Detroit strings meets breaks on this tune from the 1995 album ‘Moonfunk’ on R & S.

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