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Drexciya – Black Sea

Tough Techno from the mysterious Detroit team. Hard, aquatic tune from 1995.

Seed – The Alteration

Seed was a side project from Australian Paul Schütze, that was used for a sole album, 1995’s ‘Vertical Memory’. Much of the Seed album was like the output of his other moniker, Uzect Plausch, where his usual Fourth World Electronica became more streamlined, which put it ever-so-slightly more in sync with the Ambient Techno that surrounded him at the time. This track, however, could have been off of any of the albums under the Paul Schütze title. Lovely stuff that glitters and sparkles in the night. 

Lou Reed – This Magic Moment

Fantastic version of the Doc Pomus track from 1960 (as performed by Ben E King & The Drifters). This featured on the 1995 Pomus tribute album, ‘Till The Night Is Gone’, and was recorded around that time. It was, of course, also used in David Lynch’s 1997 film ‘Lost Highway’, and features on that soundtrack.

Tindersticks – Tiny Tears

Pub singer ahoy! A tearjerker from the 2nd Tindersticks album.

Paul Schütze – Sleep IV

Well, Sleep 1, 2, and 3 featured on Schütze’s 1995 album ‘Apart’; and part 4 ended up on a compilation from the same year called ‘Statics’. One to drift off to.

Stereolab – Motoroller Scalatron

Stereolab with their trademark Motorik Pop-Rock from the truly wonderful 1995 album ‘Emperor Tomato Ketchup’. The slight shift in tone at 2:33 is sublime.

Mark Broom – Intron

UK Techno stalwart Mark Broom with a tune from back in the day. This track is a minimal combination of spaced strings and percolating Bass synth underpinned by a subtle kick drum and crisp handclaps. Produced by Dave Hill (another one from the Ifach crew), and released in 1995.

Mark Gage – Rex Me Fecu

Mark Gage, better known for his Vapourspace moniker, delivers some gnarly Techno here. New Yorker Gage didn’t ever fall prey to the ramping up of BPM’s that a lot of mid 90’s Techno suffered from, yet managed to make the music tough when needed (tempo does not equal tough), and his balancing of groove and grit is perfectly demonstrated on this track from 1995.

The Black Dog – Further Harm

Post-Techno melancholia here from The Black Dog’s wonderful 1995 album ‘Spanners’. There’s humour in this track with some slapstick twanging sounds, but that still doesn’t take away from the aching beauty of it. A soundtrack to London (where the band hail from), a city where you can be surrounded by crowds of people yet still feel like you’re the only person there. Wonderful stuff!

Tortoise – Gamera

A track from the ‘Millions Now Living Will Never Die’ era; and it’s a track that should have ended up on the album which, apart from the mighty ‘Djed’, fails to hit the heights of their 1994 debut. Not quite as majestic as the aforementioned ‘Djed’, but ahead of the Jazz Funk meets Ozric Tentacles that makes up the rest of ‘Millions….’. Starts out with the band summoning the spirit of John Fahey, before the breaks and buzzing keyboard kicks in; great stuff.

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