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Underground Resistance – Lunar Rhythms

Detroit Techno from 1995 with some heavy Electro and Acid leanings.


God – Appeal To Human Greed EP

This is the entire 1995 EP of remixes from the ’94 album ‘Anatomy of Addiction’. Most notable are the two remixes of ‘Bloodstream’ (the mightiest track from ‘Anatomy of Addiction’); especially ‘The Evening Redness In The West Mix’ version with its ultra-heavy sub-bass. The 2nd mix of that track is channeling ‘The Gospel Comes To New Guinea’-era 23 Skidoo, and is almost up there with the previous mix. However, there are plenty of other goods on display, such as the doom-laded ‘Tunnel’, or the Industrial Trip-Hop (akin to Martin’s other project, Techno Animal) of the ‘Gold Teeth’ remix. Makes one wonder if Martin would ever bring God back to life.


(00:00)- Gold Teeth (Charles Atlas Mix)

(04:45)- Bloodstream (The Evening Redness In The West Mix)

(15:18)- On All Fours (Biomechanical Mix)

(20:04)- Tunnel (Electro-Convulsive Mix)

(26:48)- Bloodstream (Peckinpah Mix)

Seed – The Luxury Of Horns

Australian Paul Schütze recorded some projects under monikers other than his own name, and Seed was one of them. Although in truth, the album he made under the name Seed, 1995’s ‘Vertical memory’, isn’t really much different to the material he made as Paul Schütze or Uzect Plausch). Gathered under the ‘Ambient’ banner back in the early to mid ’90’s, some of Schütze’s work has worn well, and some hasn’t. In fact, a lot of the Seed album isn’t as interesting as it once was, but this track is dreamy; like free falling into a vortex of digital lights and gentle horn stabs. Lovely. As for material under his own name, check out the fantastic ‘Apart’ from 1995, which would be a great place to start, and gives the listener a wide selection of Schütze’s various styles.

Nev – Winter Wind Through Hyper Hut

Fizzing, buzzing, electronic Soul music from Nev’s 1995 EP ‘From Above It Ripples Over Stones’. Techno from the New York state with a real Detroit feel.

Techno Animal – Resuscitator

Doom drone from Techno Animal’s 1995 album ‘Re-Entry’.

Techno Animal – Red Sea

Glittering sound piece from Techno Animal’s 1995 album Re-Entry’; this is from the second disc, aptly titled ‘Heavy Lids’. Disc one was titled ‘Dream Machinery’ and was all zombified, apocalyptic Trip-Hop, whilst the second disc was spaced out doom drones.

Mark Broom – Gira

Is it named after the Swans frontman? We don’t know, but we do know that this slice of spectral, stalking UK Techno from 1995 is off of Broom’s ‘Time’ EP.

Repeat – Hurricane Felix

Primo UK Techno from the “supergroup” Repeat; made up of the two guys from Plaid, Dave Hill, and Mark Broom. All of these guys collaborated to varying degree’s with other monikers for Baby Ford’s ifach label, and the lo-fi, minimal sound that dominated that label is present on this track from the band’s 1995 album ‘Repeats’.

Ectogram – Excerpt From The Faust Tapes

Welsh Post-Rock act giving us some Faust from their 1995 EP ‘Spoonicon’. This was back before we knew this ‘excerpt’ was called ‘J’ai Mal Aux Dents’.

Great cover.

Repeat – Tomorrows People

Another slice of deep, ambient Techno from the quartet of Ed Handley, Andy Turner, Dave Hill, and Mark Broom. A slice of electronic beauty.

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