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Broadcast – The Black Cat

Exquisite, cardigan-coated Pop from the Birmingham outfit; off of their gorgeous 2005 album ‘Tender Buttons’.


Foetus – Time Marches On

A true heartbreaker for those who know! This is from Jimmy’s utterly brilliant 2005 album ‘LOVE’. The equally brilliant video was Directed and animated by Sam Sohlberg.

Electrelane – Gone Darker

The band go, ahem, darker with their motorik psych mod sound on this fantastic track from their 2005 album ‘Axes’. Outstanding!

Jan Jelinik – Planeten In Halbtrauer

Wonderful stuff from Jelenik’s Krautrock plunderphonic album ‘Kosmischer Pitch’ (2005). This isn’t what one would expect and Jelenik doesn’t go for the obvious Motorik pastiche, thankfully.

Black Dice – Snarly Yow

The opener from the bands 2005 album ‘Broken Ear Record’ set out the stall for their new direction post-drummer; which means busted, whacked out Electro on a serious dose of Psilocybin. Wonder at the mashed-ness of it all.

Jan Jelinek – Lemminge Und Lurchen Inc

Jan Jelinek’s 2005 album ‘Kosmischer Pitch’ was to Krautrock what his 2001 album ‘Loop-Finding-Jazz-Records’ was to Blue Note. There’s hints of the original material here; though it’s more of a fleeting feeling. Jelenik plunders late 60’s/early 70’s German psychedelic Rock to crete something new from the debris. This isn’t Krautrock plunderphonics in order to make a faux-Krautrock replica, and it hasn’t been done to do a kind of Micro-House “update” of the Teutonic Motorik sound; instead, Jelinek has used the source material to make a multi-textured Ambient album. The album is like a fuzzy, analogue Paul Schütze; when Schütze is in the mood to wander off from the grid more often. This track is quite wired compared to the general feel o the album. However, it’s still a rather sedated mania, where one can feel oneself happily giving in to the lunacy as it sits at the end of a flower-littered forest path.

Liars – Drum And The Uncomfortable Can

Another number from this New York bands classic 2005 album ‘Drums Not Dead’. There were many comparisons to This Heat when this album came out, which was understandable (especially when keeping the Uk bands ‘Deceit’ album in mind). However, this isn’t a cheap rip-off, and this fiery avant-rock album (very well represented by this track) picks up the baton handed to them by countless legends from the past, such as Faust, Beefheart, Can, The Residents et al. Enjoy.

Liars – Let’s Not Wrestle Mt. Heart Attack

Gnarly 00’s Avant-Rock from New York’s Liars. This is from their 2005 masterpiece ‘Drum’s Not Dead’; an album that is up there with Black Dice’s ‘Beaches & Canyons’ as an example of noughties outré Rock music at its finest.


Richie Hawtin – DE9 Transmissions

Back in 2005, the act of using tools such as Ableton Live and DigiDesign ProTools to DJ was cutting edge; and the sheer volume of tracks that Hawtin mixes into this set moves it somewhere between mix and composition. This was also defining the ‘Minimal’ sound around this point; a sound that helped revitalise Techno, yet became an albatross in itself (how many times have we seen that?). Techno fans will recognise snippets of beloved tracks here and there on this solid gold release. Dig in.

Animal Collective – Did You See The Words?

Opening track from the aptly titled ‘Feels’ from 2005. This is like the Beach boys tumbling outwards on an MDMA rush. This is a track for goosebumps, butterflies, and tingling neck hairs.

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