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Kraftwerk – Tanzmusik (Live in ZDF-aspekte-Studio, 1973)

Ralf & Florian showcase a track from their 1973 album, er, “Ralf & Florian”. Glittering Krautrock jewels proliferate in this lovely, gorgeous track.


Suicide – Live at CBGB’s September 1986

Worth the entry price just to see Martin Rev’s threads. However, the music is also a reason to watch and listen; the whole energy and ramshackle No Wave Electro really makes you wish you were there.


1. Dance

2. Devastation

3. Cheree

4. Love So Lovely

5. Rocket USA

Paddy Steer – Dragon’s Breath (live 2009)

Paddy has some company as he delivers a track from his 2009 album of the same name. Funky space fusion Manchester style.

The Birthday Party – Live in Minneapolis, April 6th, 1983.

A whole Birthday party gig captured on film. Enjoy.

Devo – (I Can’t Get No) Satisfaction [Live on SNL 1978]

Possibly the best live rendition available of Devo’s vast improvement of the Stones dirge. Just watching these guys keep up the jerky, devolved dancing style defies belief; especially marrying this with the expertly executed music, lopsided rhythm and all. A band who were no shirkers when it came to rehearsing, Devo were a real class act.

Aranos – Concerto No. 42 for Violin and HD Part 1/4

Here is a portion of a concerto for violin and a hard drive at a concert in Prague, circa 2010. This is more in keeping with Vastl’s Avant-Classical tangent, as opposed to his folk material.

Kraftwerk – Kakteen, Wüste, Sonne (Live 1971)

Kraftwerk live in 1971 were essentially the whole of NEU! with Florian Schneider (Ralf Hütter is nowhere to be seen), and they were bridging the gap between the molten, incendiary Avant-Rock of ‘Kraftwerk 1’ and the aforementioned NEU!. Krautrock, yes.

The Fall – Telephone Thing (live on the Late Show, BBC2 1990)

The Fall, live on TV in 1990. See ya mate……yeah, yeah, see ya mate.

Kraftwerk – Köln II (1971)

The birth of NEU!, live on German TV back in 1971.

Captain Beefheart & His Magic Band – When Big Joan Sets Up (Live in Detroit 15/01/1971)

This was pretty soon after the Captain and his band emerged form the house on Ensenada drive in the woodland hills, after spending 8 months cooped up (and in the case of the band members, imprisoned) rehearsing and recording the seminal ‘Trout Mask Replica’ album. As one can see in this performance, Don Van Vliet looks pretty well fed, whilst the rest of them look scrawny, wild eyed and manic. One can only imagine what it was like in that house, where the atmosphere must have been akin to living within an intense cult; but the stunning results are undeniable when one listens to the ‘Trout Mask Replica’ album, or to this gig where the band blast out tangles, intricate, hyped-up Avant-Rock of the highest order.

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