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Jan Jelinek – Lemminge Und Lurchen Inc

Jan Jelinek’s 2005 album ‘Kosmischer Pitch’ was to Krautrock what his 2001 album ‘Loop-Finding-Jazz-Records’ was to Blue Note. There’s hints of the original material here; though it’s more of a fleeting feeling. Jelenik plunders late 60’s/early 70’s German psychedelic Rock to crete something new from the debris. This isn’t Krautrock plunderphonics in order to make a faux-Krautrock replica, and it hasn’t been done to do a kind of Micro-House “update” of the Teutonic Motorik sound; instead, Jelinek has used the source material to make a multi-textured Ambient album. The album is like a fuzzy, analogue Paul Schütze; when Schütze is in the mood to wander off from the grid more often. This track is quite wired compared to the general feel o the album. However, it’s still a rather sedated mania, where one can feel oneself happily giving in to the lunacy as it sits at the end of a flower-littered forest path.

The Residents – Earth vs The Flying Saucers

Around the mid 80’s The Residents had an idea of restoring sci-fi B movies by colouring them and doing a brand new soundtrack. They even checked out an old Porno cinema in Frisco with a notion of buying it in order to screen these restorations. Like many of their early ideas (Vileness Fats is the example that leaps immediately to mind), ambition exceeded ability; or at least ‘do-ability’. The idea was scrapped (they probably would have lost interest in it anyway), and all we have to show for it is a montage of the 1956 movie ‘Earth vs the Flying Saucers’ that has had colour added and, of course, music made by the fab four themselves accompanying the montage. This ended up being released with the first edition of the Cryptic Guide To The Residents.

Matmos – Lipostudio….And So On

Who thought a track that utilised samples of liposuction could be funky then elegant and beautiful? No one probably, that is until Matmos released their 2001 album ‘A Chance To Cut Is A Chance To Cure’. This track features a few guest appearances, such as Stephen Thrower on Clarinet, as well as Felix Kubin and Blevin Blectum on ‘speech’. Suck away at this one.

Jan Jelinik – They, Them

On his 2001 album ‘Loop-Finding-Jazz-Records’, Jan Jelenik constructed music that consisted of second long snippets of 1960’s-70’s jazz recordings put through his “loop-finding modulation wheel”. The results were warm, fuzzy, minimal electronica that sounded like it was slowly crumbling. A very pleasurable listen.

Asmus Tietchens – Charsima Perdu

Warped shenanigans involving some degree of Plunderphonics from our man Tietchens. This is from a 1992 compilation dedicated to the King titled ‘The Memorial Elvis Project’ that needs seeking out by The Sentinel. Uh-huh-huh.

Philip Jeck – Veil

From 2004’s ‘7’, the long and languid ‘Veil’ is another beautifully haunting and textured vinyl phantom dredged up from the netherworld.

Barbed – Symbols (1994 – Full Album)

The full, yes full, album of Barbed’s 1994 debut, unofficially titled ‘Symbols’. Lost, dusty reel to reel tapes collide with drum machines, synths, and all manner of sonic flotsam and jetsam; submerging the listener in dizzying, spinning Sampledelia that was unlike any of the other Electronica that was out at the time (if that label even fits, which it doesn’t) A totally underrated classic from the wonderful These Records label.

The Future Sound Of London – The Far-Out Son Of Lung And The Ramblings Of A Madman

The Future Sound Of London constructing a Sampledelic piece of Astral Jazz with a hefty dose of gnarly funk. If only Trip-Hop sounded like this. This is from their excellent 1995 EP of the same name.

Manorexia – Helicobra

Jim gives us a bit of simulated Eastern promise from his first Manorexia album, 2001’s ‘Volvox Turbo’. Fantastic.

Tom Recchion – The Perpetual Motion Clock

Back in 1996, whilst bands such as Stock, Hausen & Walkman, and Tipsy (especially early Tipsy) seemed to riff on vandalised Exotica, Lounge, and Easy Listening; Ex LAFMS (Los Angeles Free Music Society) member Recchion released an album of Lounge-core Sampledelia, titled ‘Chaotica’, that was recorded between 1985-86. What Recchion achieved with this dizzying, candy-coated piece of sampledelia seemed to be mirrored in the activities of other bands. Tom appeared to have started something with this. Check out the rest of this album, as well as the work of the other acts mentioned.

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