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Faust – Miss Fortune

Faust’s debut album was a dizzying collage of avant-rock, noise, freak folk, and everything in between; it was certainly radical at the time, and would still unsteady the uninitiated to this very day. The third track, which covered the whole of side B, continued in this cut up style, and takes the listener on a journey through the 1971 German underground. One minute you feel like you’re walking through a beautiful meadow, only to suddenly be confronted by a hideous industrial structure belching smoke. Also, check the section where the band clearly took direct inspiration from the Velvet Underground’s ‘The Murder Mystery’.


Biota – Rackabones (Full Album)

Incredible stuff from the American band. This was after they’d changed their name from Mnemonists, and forged forward as the musical project Biota. Under the new moniker, the collective were quieter; more discrete. However, the music oozes towards you in an extremely unsettling manner; rolling, cracking, clumping, and dissolving then reforming before your very eyes. This is the whole album from 1985.

[0:00] “Vagabones: Part I”
[26:39] “Vagabones: Part II”
[52:59] “Rackabones: Part I”
[1:11:02] “Rackabones: Part II”

Nurse With Wound – Phenomenon Of Aquarium And Bearded Lady

The madness of a NWW head movie was in full swing by the time of 1983’s ‘Gyllensköld, Geijerstam And I At Rydberg’s’; and Diana Rogerson had gotten on board, and can be heard riding roughshod over this. “It all turned out nicely in the ending”.

Skullflower – Furthur

Pure psych noise from the UK’s Skullflower. The point where psychedelic consciousness just blacks out. This is from the band’s most recent album, 2017’s ‘The Spirals of Great Harm’.

Burial – Beachfires

The B-Side from Burial’s new release, ‘Subtemple/Beachfires’. This, along with side A, is very far from the post-Dubstep shuffle of Burial past. He’s scrubbed at this, wiped away the beats and bass, and left traces of the original work that’s smeared across your speakers. This is Ambient sound/noise, yet still very much Burial. Possibly not one that’ll go down well with all of his fans, but The Sentinel really likes it.

Andrew Liles – The Ether Reel

Creepy and melancholic at the same time; in true Nursey fashion. Thank you Andrew Liles. From his 2004 album ‘My Long Accumulating Discontent’.

Black Dice – Miles Of Smiles

Field recordings meet the Dice’s noise boxes from this 2004 EP on Fat Cat records. This was back in the day when one didn’t quite know what to expect from Black Dice; apart from the fact that the music would be heavy duty lysergic sonics. Distorted marching bands and crickets abound on this 13 minute piece. See also the other track from the EP titled ‘Trip Dude Delay’, found elsewhere on The Sentinel.

Wolf Eyes – T.O.D.D

Wolf Eyes ordered their noise somewhat on 2015’s brilliant ‘I Am A Problem: Mind In Pieces’ (possibly their finest album yet), which honed its power rather than diluting it; the B Movie Horror feel they have always been so good at delivering has just gotten eerier, which ups the tension. Hints of Butthole Surfers and Throbbing Gristle on this track, as well as the rest of the album. This tune gets a great accompanying video that was directed by Paris-based artist/filmmaker Will Benedict, in collaboration with Copenhagen-based artist Steffen Jørgensen.

Biota – Moom

A track from the American collective’s 1988 mini-LP ‘Awry’. Deformed folk with the hint of a diseased shanty from the band.

Aural Holograms – The Day Of Opening The Tomb

Oozing drone from the Czech republic, supposedly recorded in 1999 by Finnish duo Anti Haapapuro and Jussi Saivo. Nightmarish or relaxing, depending on your mindset; perhaps both at the same time.

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