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Ui – Sleep Hold (“Answers” recording sessions 28/02/2002)

The New York Post Rock trio in classic form.


Ui – Drive Until He Sleeps

Lovely, lovely stuff from the New York trio’s 1998 album ‘Lifelike’. The band manage to wrap some sultry bass licks around the post Rock breaks.

Ui – Butterfly Who

New York’s Ui take their Post Rock into funky Disco territory; with an irresistible section after the 2:00 mark. From their 1996 debut ‘Sidelong’.

Ui – The Piano

A languid, funky number from Ui with nary a Piano in sight (well, apart from at one point….kinda). This is from the bands fantastic debut ‘Sidelong’ (1996).

Ui – Golden Child

New York’s Ui give us some funky Post Rock with the addition of Banjo; which is always more than welcome. This is from their superb 1996 album ‘Sidelong’.

Ui – August Song

New York’s Ui were part of the American ‘Post-Rock’ scene; whatever that term meant to people or, indeed, the band themselves. There were similarities with fellow travellers Tortoise, that almost woody sound and a distinctly American play on the remnants of Krautrock. Ui however, were looser, funkier, and more playful; plus, they used Banjo. This is the opening track from their wonderful 1996 album ‘Sidelong’, and should bring a touch of August to this February morning.

Uilab – St. Elmo’s Fire

Ui + Stereolab = Uilab.
A 1998 cover of a Brian Eno track  no less.

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