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The Raincoats – Peel Session 1980

1. Using My Eyes (0:07)

2. Family Treet (2:31)

3. Baby Song (6:19)

Thanks, as always, to the Vibracobra23 YouTube channel for these Peel Sessions.


The Raincoats – Lola

The raincoats cover ‘Lola’ by The Kinks in the style of Cavewomen; from their self-titled 1979 debut album.

The Raincoats – Baby Song

Fragile, spindly Post-Punk from the wonderful 1981 album ‘Odyshape’. All hail The Raincoats.

The Raincoats – Shouting Out Loud

Beautiful song that really tugs on the heartstrings; from their 1981 album ‘Odyshape’. Fantastic.

The Raincoats – Only Loved At Night

Ramshackle, fractured, yet deeply touching; this is something that can be used to describe most of the work by The Raincoats. This gem is from their 1981 (2nd) album ‘Odyshape’. Really beautiful stuff.

The Raincoats – Dancing in My Head

The Raincoats are a band who’s thunder appears to have been stolen by The Slits. There are similarities beyond the fact that they were both ‘Post-Punk’ all girl bands, such as former Slits drummer Palmolive was on the first Raincoats album (1979’s ‘The Raincoats’), both outfits played a jagged form of music that wasn’t easy to settle into, and there were influences from Reggae and Dub used inventively by both acts. This song is from their second album, 1981’s ‘Odyshape’; a far more melodic affair than the avant-primitivism of their debut (a must listen, nevertheless), and those touches of Reggae can be found slinking through the song.

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