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Stereolab – Freestyle Dumpling

Here’s the groop with a tune that featured on the 2002 compilation ‘Rough Trade Shops: Electronic 01’. This sees them in a stomping mood where guitar fuzz abounds.


Stereolab – Vonal Declosion (live at the Windmill, Brixton 2008)

Oh to have seen Stereolab at the cosy Windmill; a band who always deliver live, and this rendition of this brilliant track from their 2003 album ‘Margerine Eclipse’ hits the spot, so one can imagine the whole gig saw them nail it.

Stereolab – The Flower Called Nowhere

A song that spins like a merry-go-round whilst sprouting incandescent melodies, whilst  ethereal vocals that sound like the ghosts of French movies from the 60’s (it’s Stereolab, after all) abound. This is from their 1996 album ‘Dots And Loops’.

Stereolab – Peel Session 1991

1. Super Electric (0:07)

2. Changer (4:49)

3. Doubt (8:57)

4. Difficult Fourth Title (11:32)

Stereolab – Disco Grande Session (1995, Spanish Radio)

1. John Cage Bubblegum (00:00)

2. Metronomic Underground (3:20)

3. How to Play Your Internal Organs Overnight (12:24)

4. Percolator (16:17)

5. The Extension Trip (20:35)

6. Lo Boob Oscillator (23:40)

Stereolab – Peel Session 1996

1. Metronomic Underground

2. Brigitte

3. Spinal Column

4. Tomorrow Is Already Here

Stereolab – Freestyle Dumping

Chunky grooves from the Groop. This track first appeared, at least to our knowledge, on the 2002 Rough Trade compilation “Electronic 01”; even though it’s not really electronic, but don’t ask us about that, have a word with Rough Trade.

Stereolab – The Seeming and the Meaning

Absolute cracker from the band’s first album, 1992’s ‘Peng’ on Too Pure. Dig!

Stereolab – Eye Of The Volcano

Great stuff that ranges from melancholic to groovetastic; from the album Fab Four Suture, released in 2006.

Stereolab – Harmonium

Classic Motorik Stereolab; from their 1992 7″ of the same name. French Pop meets NEU!

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