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Stereolab – Peel Session 1996

1. Metronomic Underground

2. Brigitte

3. Spinal Column

4. Tomorrow Is Already Here


Stereolab – Freestyle Dumping

Chunky grooves from the Groop. This track first appeared, at least to our knowledge, on the 2002 Rough Trade compilation “Electronic 01”; even though it’s not really electronic, but don’t ask us about that, have a word with Rough Trade.

Stereolab – The Seeming and the Meaning

Absolute cracker from the band’s first album, 1992’s ‘Peng’ on Too Pure. Dig!

Stereolab – Eye Of The Volcano

Great stuff that ranges from melancholic to groovetastic; from the album Fab Four Suture, released in 2006.

Stereolab – Harmonium

Classic Motorik Stereolab; from their 1992 7″ of the same name. French Pop meets NEU!

Stereolab – Percolations

This is from their spilt flexi 7″ with Faust and Foetus, titled ‘überschall’ (1996), and sounds like it was an offcut from ‘Dots and Loops’.

Stereolab – Whisper Pitch

Gorgeousness and gorgeousity made flesh; from 2006.

Stereolab – Motoroller Scalatron

Stereolab with their trademark Motorik Pop-Rock from the truly wonderful 1995 album ‘Emperor Tomato Ketchup’. The slight shift in tone at 2:33 is sublime.

Stereolab – Jaunty Monty And the Bubbles Of Silence

Another beauty from the ‘Groop’; which is a track from 2003.
Jaunty indeed; but with that sweet melancholia that Stereolab do so very well.
This is one for those who cannot wait for spring to, well, spring.


Stereolab – Eaten Horizons Or The Electrocution Of Rock Full Album Demos

Demo’s from the Groop. Some vital stuff here; not just for completists.


0:00 – Crest
2:10 – John Cage Bubblegum
3:46 – Mountain Instrumental
5:12 – Reich Song
8:11 – Cybele’s Reverie Pt. 1
9:33 – Cybele’s Reverie Pt. 2
11:04 – French Disko
13:44 – Happy Pop Song
15:37 – Jenny Ondioline
19:28 – Lucia Pamela (ICC)
23:04 – Drone Instrumental (with Nurse With Wound)
25:08 – Plastic Pulse One
26:48 – Plastic Pulse Two
27:35 – Plastic Pulse Three
28:32 – Plastic Pulse Four
29:43 – Sad Chicago Organ
32:27 – Brigitte Pt. 1
34:21 – Brigitte Pt. 2
35:35 – Infinity Girl Pt. 1
36:32 – Infinity Girl Pt. 2
38:13 – Cobra Tune
39:30 – Heavy Munich
41:07 – ZigZag Song
44:38 – Monday Song

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