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Soundgarden – Drawing Flies

RIP Chris Cornell.


Electrelane – If Not Now, When?

Electrelane are an all time favourite on the Sentinel, and this is another great track. One of the best groups of the past twenty years, without a doubt.

Electrelane – The Partisan

Who’d have thought a Leonard Cohen track word work so well as a punk tune? Electrelane at their absolute finest.

Section 25 – Friendly Fires

Produced by Martin Hannet, and it shows. A nice gloomy bit of 80s indie.

Nirvana – Moist Vagina

Nirvana at their best: silly and irreverent with the right amount of angry noisiness.

The track title is also the name of a Norwegian garage/noise band due to record their first material next week (keep ears peeled).

King Crimson – Red

Just really good. I’d forgotten about this track till something reminded me of it today. One of the very few tracks where it’s the guitar I’m mainly listening to. Good old Fripp. Precursor to certain types of noise rock, drone rock, doom.

Swans – The Seer

The title track from their 2012 album, which they’re currently touring. It’s my first listen to this album and I’m in love with it already. Previous (older) recordings I’ve found difficlut to appreciate, mainly due to dated-sounding production and too much muddy reverb – a lame excuse but believe me, since being blown away by their live set at Supersonic 2010 I’ve really tried to get into their back catalogue – this album has the brooding, spacious feel that previous recordings were aiming for without those drawbacks. Too epic for some perhaps at almost two hours, but hitting the nail on the head for me at the moment.

I also love the “Portsmouth Sinfonia” feel the start of the track has. Slightly ridiculous but so, so sinister.

Tame Impala – Elephant

I’m still not sure about this. Hauntological glam pop? Australian psyche rock with FlyLo compressors? Needs more of a listen.

Electrelane – The Valleys


Welsh Choir stylee.

Shellac – Didn’t We Deserve a Look at You the Way You Really Are?

Continuing a recent theme of long-form, repetitive rock music (with the likes of Om and Pharaoh Overlord), this is Shellac at perhaps their most minimal. With absolute deconstruction of rock music’s usual forms, its subtlety in change makes it both hypnotising and deeply sinister.

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