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An Interview with Renaldo & the Loaf (2007)

The reformed R&tL talk about their past work, along with what was intended to come next. Portsmouth’s finest.


Renaldo & the Loaf – Melvyn’s Repose

Tape loop shenanigans from the Swinging Larvae -era. Check out the loop at the one minute mark; hellish under certain, enhanced circumstances, but to this listener it has a haunting beauty. Portsmouth’s finest!

Renaldo & the Loaf – Lime Jelly Grass

This is where the madness starts! The opening track to the gaggle of lysergic tape-loops, toy drums, and candy-coloured chants that is their 1980 masterpiece ‘Songs For Swinging Larvae’.

Renaldo & The Loaf – A Street Called Straight

The Renaldo & The Loaf that appeared on their 1987 album ‘The Elbow Is Taboo’ were one equipped with drum machines and synthesiser’s; changing the band’s sonics, even though the song form and musical structures were still in keeping with their back catalogue (especially previous album ‘Arabic Yodelling’).  This track is like T-Rex going psych Raga, with an opening incredibly similar to Peter Gabriel’s ‘The Family & The Fishing Net’ from his 1982 album (unofficially titled ‘Security’).

Renaldo & The Loaf – Green Candle

The opening track from the band’s 3rd, much saner album; 1983’s ‘Arabic Yodelling’. There’s something very lovely and familiar about ‘Green Candle’, whilst still managing to transport the listener into an alien soundworld. Excellent work.

Renaldo & The Loaf – A Medical Man

Insanity from an album that never really lets up during its (almost) 40 minutes. Yes, this is definitely ‘I think I took too many’ material. Wonderful stuff from the Portsmouth duo’s 1980 masterpiece ‘Songs For Swinging Larvae’.

Renaldo & the Loaf – A Convivial Ode

Renaldo & the Loaf are releasing a new album after nearly 30 years since their 1987 LP ‘The Elbow Is Tabboo’. this is something people thought would never happen, for several reasons. Nevertheless, it IS happening, and us fans can truly rejoice. This track from the album, titled ‘Hurdy Gurding’, has the undeniable stamp of the band all over it; especially considering where they were going with ‘Arabic yodelling’ (1983) and ‘Elbow….’. The video is their first since 1981, was produced, directed and edited by Jez Stevens.

Renaldo & The Loaf – The Elbow Is Taboo

This is a track that first surfaced on the ‘Hambu Hodo’ EP; then on the 1987 album of the same name. By this point the bands sound had morphed, partly down to the equipment they started using; namely their heavy use of a drum machine which is relied upon heavily throughout the album. Many, many handclaps pepper this track, recalling the sound of Electro which was waning into the background as House music was making its entrance. However, this is very different music to Electro; and the fact that the drum machines so reminiscent of that electronic music takes a central role in the strange world of Renaldo & The Loaf makes for an even stranger listening experience. There is also a decidedly European (mediterranean?) feel to this music, lending it a touch of the nostalgic and familiar in amongst the oddness. Renaldo M’s vocals on this track reach almost feminine realms, exhibiting an astounding range and demonstrating an ability to deliver beauty, rather than Residents-like shrill insanity. This is a lovely track, and has a sound particular to this band, at this time.

Renaldo & The Loaf – Fluorescent Showboat to Tangier

Strange gurglings from the Portsmouth duo’s first album. There is a (very) strange beauty to this track, with otherworldy tapeloops and cartoon voices rising from the ether.

Renaldo & The Loaf – Like Some Kous-Kous Western

Some Arabic Yodelling here from the 1983 album called ‘Arabic Yodelling’, of course.

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