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The The – Soul Mining

The title track from The The’s 1983 album is a sultry, slow burning Electro Pop number. This is the album that The The seem to be adored for, and deemed the quintessential work by many fans. This could be due to nostalgia, as Matt Johnson has released some hefty work since (especially the follow up ‘Infected’); although there is no denying this LP’s staying power.


Nancy Sinatra & Lee Hazlewood – Sand

A classic from the duo’s 1968 album ‘Nancy & Lee’. Neubauten also covered; seek it out.

Todd Rundgren – International Feel (Single Version)

Todd Rungdren decided to go for a bit of radio airplay by combing the opener to his 1973 album ‘A Wizard/A True Star’ with the closing track to said albums A side (titled ‘Le Feel Internacìonále’). This is expansive glitter-glam-prog-pop of the highest order, and probably gives Ariel Pink hard on’s just thinking about it. A very, very more-ish track(s) that gives grins to all who are righteous.

The Hollies – Bus Stop

British Pop tune from the bands fourth album, also called ‘Bus Stop’, that was released in 1966. Those of you who know the Beatles will hear the similarity between this track and the Fab Four’s ‘Things We Said Today’ (1964).

The Zombies – She’s Not There

Who could have thought that a band from St. Albans could have come up with such an incredible song? Until recently, this Sentinel thought this song was recorded by an act from the States; which was a mistake and apologies to my fellow countrymen for this error. This is a truly wonderful Pop song from 1964; a song for which the term ‘Pop’ seems rather lightweight (and their DEBUT single for goodness sake!). For anyone who wonders about the lyrics, they were written by organist Rod Argent, who took inspiration  from being jilted weeks before his wedding by his (almost) bride to be Patricia; leaving him broken hearted.

The Box Tops – The Letter (Live on ‘Upbeat’ in 1967)

The Box Tops performing their hit ‘The Letter’; a track that has a place in The Sentinel’s heart due to it being one of the tracks that The Residents deformed and re-formed for their classic 1976 album ‘Third Reich ‘n’ Roll’.

The Yardbirds – For Your Love

London’s Yardbirds here with their 1965 hit ‘For Your Love’. The song did very well and also managed to shift Eric Clapton from the band as he hated the song; so, job done!

Max Tundra – Number Our Days

“Nothing happens when you die,
You don’t leave your body or fly off into the sky,
The deities you count on were just made up by some guy.”

Odd electronic pop music from Max Tundra, who recently archived all 111 of his Resonance FM radio shows on his mixcloud page, here.

John Leyton – Johnny Remember Me

Joe Meek produced, so typically reverb-soaked and strange sounding, this ghostly and melancholy country pop song made UK number 1 in 1961.

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