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Negativland – Yellow Black and Rectangular

The insanity of repetition used perfectly from the US outfit on their classic 1987 album ‘Escape From Noise’.


Negativland – Backstage Pass

Another track from the bands 1987 album ‘Escape From Noise’; this time transporting the listener into a virtual zen garden.

Negativland – The Playboy Channel

Fantastic track from their classic 1987 album ‘Escape From Noise’, with guest noisemakers jello Biafra playing ‘flushing toilet’, and Mark Mothersbaugh on various instruments/sounds. Short, sweet, and lovely,

NEU! – Negativland

This is the colossal penultimate track from the Dusseldorf acts 1971 debut album. This track gives away the fact that Dinger and Rother were part of the original Kraftwerk juggernaut; with the track speeding up and slowing down at will. Yes, it’s more streamlined than ‘Kraftwerk 1’, but it’s still Krautrock, and it still has that ragged edge. Clashing cymbals and monomaniacal bass. All of this comes into play after the initial field recordings of road work drills etc, of course. Classic.

Negativland – Yellow, Black and Rectangular

RIP Richard Lyons.

This brilliant track is from the bands 1987 album ‘Escape From Noise’. Repetition is insanity.

Negativland – Perfect Scrambled Eggs

Another one from the 1987 Ralph Records compilation ‘Potatoes (A Collection Of Folk Songs From Ralph Records – Vol. 1)’. This is great as you can even follow the recipe.

Negativland – A Big 10-8 Place (part one)

RIP Don Joyce.

To mark this sad passing, The Sentinel brings you this plunderphonic cut ‘n’ paste number from Negativland’s 1983 album ‘A Big 10-8 Place’.

Negativland – The Mashing of the Christ (Christianity Is Stupid)

Negativland, a band from the bay area of San Francisco who took their name from a NEU! track, have never been strangers to controversy, and one of their ‘peaks’ was the ‘Christianity is Stupid’ track from 1987’s ‘Escape From Noise’ album. On this track Negativland sample the Reverend Estus Pirckle, from his ‘If footman tire you, what will horses do?’ film.

In 2004, Negativland used the song for their video ‘The Mashing Of the Christ’.

Negativland – Time Zones

Satirical sound collage from the masters of that artform, Negativland. Funny and insane in equal measures.
This is from their classic ‘Escape From Noise’ album, released in 1987.

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