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Can – Moonshake

We honour Holger Czukay, who sadly passed away, with this mantric, propulsive banger from Can’s 1973 album ‘Future Days’.


Moonshake – Ghosts Of Good Intention

The UK’s Moonshake with a track that could soundtrack Sam Spades journey into interzone; from their 1994 album ‘The Sound Your Eyes Can Follow’.

Moonshake – Just A Working Girl (feat. PJ Harvey)

The UK’s Moonshake were part of the original wave of music coined ‘Post Rock’ by the press. Along with Stereolab, Laika, Disco Inferno, and┬áBark Psychosis, Moonshake were heralded s bringing the experimental back into Rock (had it gone away? it certainly had a long and rich past) before the term was mainly applied to US acts such as Ui, Tortoise, Trans Am etc. Whatever your thoughts, it’s a shame there wasn’t more from Moonshake, who had a real jittery, wayward feel to their music. On this track from their 1994 album ‘The Sound Your Eyes Can Follow’ they’re joined by someone who was making their own stamp on early 90’s rock music, our very own Polly Jean Harvey.

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