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Moondog – Oo Debut

Moondog’s Trimba instrument features on this excellent (aren’t they all?) track from the Viking of 6th Avenue. Circa 1954.

Moondog – Invocation

An epic piece made even more amazing by the fact that very little happens throughout. A track that is the audio equivalent of witnessing legions of the Roman army walking towards you. All hail Moondog! The Sentinel is unsure of the date this came out, but is guessing it is between 1950 and 1960.

Moondog – Suite Equestria

Wonderful, epic stuff from Moondog here. 1992’s ‘Elpmas’ see’s a revitalised Moondog, replete with first-time sampler in tow. Other hallmarks are present, such as use of the marimba, which is heavily used in this track. The combination of said instrument with a valiant male chorus is truly something to behold. Incredible!

Moondog – Big Cat

Here’s one for all of those with feline pets, from the wonderful Moondog. This was recorded in 1956, and places Moondog up there with Sun Ra as one of the founding fathers of the out there sound. This was just as influential on, say, early Residents as the aforementioned Sun Ra was.

Moondog – Theme

Happy Birthday to Moondog.

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