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Moondog – Moondog Monologue

Louis Thomas Hardin a.k.a Moondog was an American composer who paved the way for many an oddball in later years, and along with the likes of Sun Ra and Harry Partch (also Americans), can be seen as one of the Godfathers of underground music. Their influence can be heard in the music of later maverick Americans such as The Residents, Captain Beefheart, Tom Waits et al. However, Moondog was doing this in the 50’s, which was mind blowing. His material was odd for the time,  but there is no denying it was was rhythmic, melodic (though minimally so in some cases), and direct; especially compared to the aforementioned Partch. Many of his tracks featured his own instruments such as the “trimba”, which can be heard on this piece, and his music was described by him as being in the “snaketime” style. This piece, which comes from the 1956 album ‘More Moondog’ is a wonderful slice of otherworldly Americana, which Moondog delivering a, ahem, monologue over his snaketime rhythms whilst the lilting trimba is sprinkled over them. Truly enchanting.

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