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Richie Hawtin – DE9|Closer to the Edit

Minimal before it was watered down and Hawtin lost his mojo. It could be argued that he perfected the ideas we can hear taking shape here with his 2005 release ‘DE9| Transitions’ , but there’s no doubt that this 2001 release is a solid statement for what Hawtin envisioned. As a description of what’s going on here, tech-wise etc, we’ll leave it for Hawtin to explain “After recording, sampling, cutting, and splicing over 100 tracks down to their most basic components, I ended up with a collection of over 300 loops, ranging in length from 1 note to 4 bars. I then started to recreate and reinterpret each track, putting the pieces back together as if an audio jigsaw puzzle- using effects and edits in between each piece. This 53 minute piece, consisting of over 70 tracks and 31 ID points, represents what those loops became, and how their interactions created something that had not existed before.”


Matt John – Princess Unknown

Spangled Minimal circa 2005; from the golden age of Minimal Techno, back when it was still being thanked for saving Techno from the bangin’, bland sausage fest that it had become, and before it became annoying. Swings and roundabouts innit? Perlon label, natch.

Robert Hood – Chase

The minimal master with some tough Techno off of his 1994 album ‘Internal Empire’.

Matthew Dear – Will Gravity Win Tonight?

Sublime Minimal Techno from Matthew Dear’s 2007 album ‘Asa Breed’.

Baby Ford – 3 A.M. Gargoyle Requiem

This is the kind of minimal, subtle Techno that is best played as the sun starts to rise. Detroit in spirit, but the sound is all Peter Ford. From his 2003 album ‘Basking In The Brakelights’.

Julian Winding – Demon Dance

Fantastic spectral Techno from the soundtrack to the 2016 film ‘Neon Demon’. Listen to the tune, but forget about the film.

Robert Hood – Analog Track (Ghost)

THE original minimal master with a perfect slice of tough, yet tripped out Techno from 2013 on his M-Plant label. Prescribed to make you grin.

Dorisburg – Venom

Swedish Techno from October 2017. This is sparse, dank material at 126 bpm. Groove me baby!

Function Presents: Sandwell District Continuous DJ Mix (2009)

Heavy, dark, fantastic Techno from the Sandwell District label; delivered by Function.


Porter Ricks – Scuba Rondo

Murky, sub-aquatic minimal Techno from the Berlin based duo of Thomas Köner and Andy Mellwig. This is from their fantastic new album ‘Anguilla Electrica’, which is their first for 18 years. Released on the Tresor label.

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