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Matmos – Mental Radio

Matmos with a track from their 2013 album ‘The Marriage of True Minds’, where they transmitted the concept of the album into people’s minds after said people were subjected to sensory deprivation. The tracks were then build upon the subjects descriptions of what happened to them and the visuals that accompanied their transmission.


Rachel’s/Matmos – The Precise Temperature Of Darkness

Matmos reconstruct ‘Full On Night’ by Rachel’s, and take the sombre chamber Rock and clanging ambience and set it fizzing off into the Electrosphere. From 2000.

Matmos – Very Large Green Triangles

The official video for Matmos’ track from their 2012 ‘Ganzfeld’ EP; where they based the music around a series of parapsychological experiments conducted by the pair, in an attempt to turn cognitive behaviour into something tangible to funnel into their work. Another lofty concept by the duo that’s also deliciously sly and tongue in cheek. The track’s pretty fantastic too by the way.

Matmos – Lipostudio….And So On

Who thought a track that utilised samples of liposuction could be funky then elegant and beautiful? No one probably, that is until Matmos released their 2001 album ‘A Chance To Cut Is A Chance To Cure’. This track features a few guest appearances, such as Stephen Thrower on Clarinet, as well as Felix Kubin and Blevin Blectum on ‘speech’. Suck away at this one.

Matmos – “Ultimate Care II”, Live @ Floristree, Baltimore, 2/20/2016

Matmos just released a whole album using the sounds from their washing machine. What first started as a joke (“we’re The Darkness of Musique Concrète”), became a serious endeavour. The album is great; but to truly experience it, I feel it may be during one of their fantastic live shows. here’s a recent one from Baltimore with the duo receiving assistance from Sam Haberman of the mighty Horse Lords!

Matmos – Ultimate care II Excerpt Three

A brand new release from Matmos on Thrill Jockey, with the duo using their washing machine in order to create a whole album (you know what they’re like). So far, so good, from what can be heard here.

The video was directed by Max Eilbacher.

Matmos – Stupid Fambaloo

Matmos deliver the kind of cheeky oddball Microhouse that wouldn’t go amiss in a Matthew Herbert DJ set. A wonderful opener from 1998’s ‘Quasi-Objects’.

Matmos – California Rhinoplasty

In 2001 Matmos released their ‘A Chance To Cut Is A Chance To Cure’ album; a work that consisted primarily of tracks built around samples of medical procedures, such as liposuction, hearing tests, bonesaws, and plastic surgeries. This track, of course, is centered around samples of nose reconstructions…….or, nose jobs. When the listener understands this the cracking breaks of the percussion can become a little uncomfortable. However, as heavy and serious as the samples are, the music is incredibly playful, and this piece has different stages to it, each one wonderful and joyous. The added use of nose flutes are just genius. Cracking track!

Matmos – Supreme Balloon (Part 1)

Matmos have been making work that flits between full on abstract noise and underground dance music for a decade and a half. The duo of Drew Daniel and M.C Schmidt are also a real life couple, and have been so throughout their career under the Matmos moniker.
After doing a dance album using samples from nose jobs and liposuction; or folk electronica album revolving around the civil war (called ‘The Civil War’, from 2003), they came up with 2008’s ‘Supreme Balloon’. This album has the band throw out any of the hurdy gurdy’s and/or attention-grabbing samples; and opt to limit themselves to digital and analog electronics. They have some vintage gear on here, like Moogs, Arps, and Waldorfs. There is a kind of retro electro pop feel to some pieces, like ‘Polychords’, but many of them feel like they have been put through a process that spins a cheeky post-minimal Techno sound on them. The album also has Sun Ra’s Arkestra’s Marshall Allen on it.
The real gem though is the title track; which is the albums centrepiece. All 24 minutes of it.
‘Supreme Balloon’ is one of those tracks that has you blurting out names of classic’s past. To some it up on the backs of others, which I’m gonna do here, I would say it sounds like a mix between Cluster and early Kraftwerk, with some Terry Riley thrown in for good measure. It really is that good. Neo-Kraut that avoids all of the pedestrian faux-Neu! trappings that so many other tired acts will roll out when paying homage to Germany’s distant legends.
Multi-coloured psychedelic electronica Krautrock for the noughties.
By the way, the bands name is taken from the name of the seething lake of evil slime beneath the city Sogo in the 1968 film Barbarella.

this is split in two halves due to the Sentinel still relying on YouTube to get you the music we love.
Part 2 is directly below this post.

Matmos – Supreme Balloon (Part 2)

Second part of the track.

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