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Repeat – Tomorrows People

Another slice of deep, ambient Techno from the quartet of Ed Handley, Andy Turner, Dave Hill, and Mark Broom. A slice of electronic beauty.


Repeat – Lilt-A

Mark Broom, Dave Hill, and the duo of Ed Handley and Andy Turner (Of The Black Dog and Plaid fame) got together and formed a kind of UK Techno supergroup that produced a handful of singles and EP’s, and one album. The album was called ‘Repeats’ (1995), and the act was called Repeat. Their material wasn’t banging Dancefloor fodder, but rather slotted in alongside the discrete, Detroit influenced work of the aforementioned Black Dog. Just no one mention IDM.

Mark Broom – Intron

UK Techno stalwart Mark Broom with a tune from back in the day. This track is a minimal combination of spaced strings and percolating Bass synth underpinned by a subtle kick drum and crisp handclaps. Produced by Dave Hill (another one from the Ifach crew), and released in 1995.

Perbec – Gurner

Real minimal stuff from Baby Ford and Mark broom circa 1997. The work these guys did for the Ifach label has really stood the test of time.

Perbec – Long John

Baby Ford & Mark Broom give us that underground UK sound with their Perbec project. From 2015’s ‘Chaser’ EP.

Brubaker – Texas Sun

Wayward, warped Techno from Baby Ford & Mark Broom on Ford’s Ifach label. This is from their 1996 EP of the same name.

Perbec – Chaser

Funky Tech-House from UK legends Mark Broom & Baby Ford. This was released in 2015.

Brubaker – In

Deep and minimal Techno from the Ifach crew circa 1996. Like the majority of the Ifach label, this is still holding up all these years later. Brubaker was Mark Broom and Baby Ford, and this from the ‘Texas Sun’ EP.

Perbec – Variety Club

Funky, Disco-fied UK Techno from Mark Broom and Baby Ford. This is a track from their 1998 12″ ‘Until The End’.

Sympletic – Space 4-2

UK Techno from Baby Ford’s Ifach label back in 1994. Sympletic is Mark Broom and Dave Hill. and here they’re giving us some Techno which is expansive, and dancefloor orientated at the same time. UK techno that looked to Detroit, but gave it its own spin.

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