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The Residents – The New Hymn (Recessional)

The closing track from the Louisiana bands 1982 EP ‘Intermission’ (music made for the Intermission of the bands ill-fated tour ‘The Mole Show’) is constructed from metallic percussion and church organ stabs, with backing vocals from Annette Stocking, Joan Cashel, and Jeanette Sartain; and the lyrics sung by the main singing Resident are related to the story of the Moles and the Chubs, though they have categorically stated that the EP is not part of the Mole Trilogy (and part 3 of the Trilogy has never seen the light of day). ‘Intermission’ is a real favourite amongst Residents fans, and has been a starting point for many; perhaps it can be your start on a  long and interesting journey?


The Residents – Shorty’s Lament

It was the band’s first live tour, which turned out to be an expensive disaster for them all. However, in true residents fashion, they threw themselves into it 100%, and not only did they develop their studio-bound sound for live performance (with a huge helping hand from the brand spanking new Emulators), they also recorded music to be played during the concerts intermission (yep! No bands open for the Residents, they play a long show with a break). The tracks recorded for the intermission get their own release on the 1982 EP/Mini-Album, simply titled ‘Intermission’. This is a firm favourite among Rez heads, and is a classic in its own right. Again the emulator plays a large part on these recordings, as it was the fab fours favourite toy at the time. The tracks on side B of the release definitley have a Moles and Chubs theme (for those familiar with The Mole Show), but side A appears to be different. This track alludes to recent shifts within the band “bye Jay….bye”, and one can only wonder who shorty is. The rolling sampled drums and synthetic mariachi horns are forever remembered once heard, and I hope those who are hearing this for the first time enjoy it as much as those that came before.

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