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Foetus – Hammer Falls

The Sentinel has already gone into the issues surrounding 1995’s ‘GASH’; for both Thirlwell and his audience; so there is no need to go into that again. ‘Hammer Falls’ is one of the albums crackers, and drags the listener into a maelstrom that includes a horn section on steroids, punishing drums, and diseased raga shenanigans. Long live Jimmy!


Foetus – Slung

After a 7 year gap (which has been exceeded since) Thirlwell brought his Foetus project back into the life of his longing fans. 1995’s ‘GASH’ was a disappointment to some, especially Thirlwell himself (the whole Sony debacle isn’t worth going into here, and has very likely been mentioned on The Sentinel in the past), but there’s no doubt that the album had some strong numbers on it. One of those was ‘Slung’, where Jimmy more or less drops the ‘Industrial Big Band’ tag for simply ‘Big Band’ Here’s our red haired hero almost playing it straight on a track about getting dumped.

Foetus – Take It Outside Godboy

This brutal attack of a song takes its title from a Homer Simpson quote, and is in keeping with Jim Thirlwell’s historic referencing of  so-called ‘trash culture’. The track starts off with crushing monotony, then throws the listener into samples from 1961’s ‘King Of Kings’; a biblical epic with a very white Jesus. This ends up dovetailing into heavy rolling drums and fizzing guitar grinds in true hard Foetus style. The track is from Jim’s 1995 album ‘GASH’; a Foetus comeback album (the last Foetus album was 1988’s ‘THAW’, although Jim released Wiseblood and Steroid Maximus material in between) on a major label. However, Jim’s short stint with Sony wasn’t a happy one, and although ‘GASH’ is nowhere near the failure he claimed it to be, it lacked the overall edge you would expect from a Foetus album. This tune is one of the real crackers though, and there are quite a few on the album.

Foetus – Grace Of God

After the disaster of ‘GASH’ (1995); where Jim went into an ill-fated deal with Sony which ended with him being emotionally burnt out; he regrouped and came out with the stunning ‘FLOW'(2001), which was a return of form. it wasn’t as if ‘GASH’ was bad, it just seemed to lack the diversity that was a hallmark of Foetus albums, and wasn’t the noise tour de force that you would have wanted as a floow up to ‘THAW’ (too many years had passed between the two albums).
‘FLOW’ was a mash up of styles that all got pulled into the gravitational field that was the Foetus universe; all pulsating big band and deviant pop.
‘Grace Of God’ harked back to early Foetus with it’s subversion of Gospel music; salvation for the damned.

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