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The Velvet Underground – I Can’t Stand It

This track was one of a bunch intended for the bands second release on MGM Records, circa-1969; however, due to management changes and poor judgement, the album was shelved. Lou Reed re-recorded for his eponymous 1972 album.


Foetus Interruptus – Don’t Hide It, Provide It

By 1988, Jim Thirlwell’s Foetus project had become all-consumed by his evil alter-ego, Clint Ruin. Ruin was a vile misanthrope, and the worst kind of person you would ever want to meet, and it is him that sings on these songs; songs full of hate and bile, on an album called ‘THAW’, set to a grimy Industrial that has been imitated by many; imitated poorly in many circumstances. This is the opening track from the album, and Ruin sets his stall out early with this maniacal Garage track from hell; all clanking, thumping metal drums and a guitar (?) riff that is a descent into Acid mayhem. Lovely!

Monks – Higgle Dy Piggle Dy

Rowdy Garage/Rock/Punk/Country/Whatever from the Tonsured GI’s incredible 1966 album ‘Black Monk Time’.

The Rotations – Gentle Exemption

Weirdo sleaze from this gnarly Glasgow outfit. Think of Fat White Family on nastier drugs, and you could be close.

Chrome – TV As Eyes

Like The Stooges on steroids (is that an homage in the song title?), with the band all racing, metallic Garage punk, before the whole thing breaks down into a lysergic, Sci-Fi dystopian nightmare. From the bands super lauded 1979 album ‘Half machine Lip Moves’.

The Velvet Underground – The Gift

The second track off of the Velvets masterpiece, 1968’s ‘White Light/White Heat’, has John Cale telling the story of hopeless nice guy Waldo Jeffers in the left speaker, whilst chunky, tough Garage Rock/Punk steamrollers out of the right speaker.

Warmduscher – Big Wilma

Duscher Rock from the Brixton crew; off of the single released in January.

Monks – I Can’t Get Over You

This track from Monks can be found as an extra on the CD release of their seminal 1966 album ‘Black Monk Time’. It’s has a slightly different feel to the majority of tracks on said album, with a far more comedic tone. This was The Mothers of Invention before The Mothers of Invention; or something. Funny.

The Dead Boys – Sonic Reducer

From the ashes of Cleveland’s Rocket From The Tombs came two bands; one was the famous Avant-Rock/New Wave act Pere Ubu, the other was US Punk act The Dead Boys. These guys took the Amped up Garage Rock of bands such as The Stooges and ran with it. Originally using the moniker ‘Frankenstein’, The Dead Boys quickly garnered a reputation as a riotous live act. ‘Sonic Reducer’* is certainly a true Punk Anthem, and was from 1977.

*originally played and recorded by Rocket From The Tombs.

Pere Ubu – Street Waves

Garage Punk as part of the New Wave from the Cleveland Titans; the section where it all kicks in again at the 2 and a half minutes mark is one of music history’s sweet spots. This is from the bands debut album, 1978’s ‘The Modern Dance’

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