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Can – Moonshake

We honour Holger Czukay, who sadly passed away, with this mantric, propulsive banger from Can’s 1973 album ‘Future Days’.


Can – Bel Air

The second side of Can’s 1973 album ‘Future Days’ consists solely of this track; a track described by Julian Cop in his ‘Krautrocksampler’ book from 1996 as ‘a shambles’. Cope hit the mark many a time in that book, but sometimes went pretty wide; his description of ‘Bel Air’ was one of those times. It was far less monolithic than the Can tunes of the previous two albums, but this hardly made it ‘symphonic’, or anything as tasteless as bog standard Prog. Instead, ‘Bel Air’ gives us more of the lilting Krautrock that the opening track ‘Future Days’ delivered; except this time the song takes twists and turns and throws a bit more ferocity in the mix every now and again. A lovely piece of music, especially the opening segment (which get’s repeated again during the course of the 19+ minutes) that sees Damo Suzuki in fine fettle.

Can – Future Days

The title track from 1973’s ‘Future Days’ album. Lovely, lilting Damo-era Can with a drum pattern from Jaki Liebezeit that sounds like a template for Drum ‘n’ Bass (just ask A Guy Called Gerald).

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