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Sun Araw – Horse Steppin’

Bleached, beached psyche from Cameron Stallone’s second album, 2008’s ‘Beach Head’


Tipsy – Tuatara

Here’s one from Tipsy’s dizzying foray into loungecore plunderphonics, 1996’s ‘Trip Tease’, and one can almost smell the palm tree’s. Lush, lovely intoxicating stuff.

Paddy Steer – The Blob

Infectiously groovy stuff from Manchester’s one man Arkestra, Mr. Paddy Steer. From his wonderful, and at times Sun Ra-alike 2014 album ‘Dragons Breath’. Brilliant!

Stereolab – Pack Yr Romantic Mind

Some schmoozing from the Groop’s 1993 Major label effort ‘Transient Random-Noise Bursts with Announcements’.

The Focus Group – The Heavy Blessing

Another lovely vignette from Julian House’s ‘The Elektrik Carousel'(2013) album. Lounge exotica sampledelia in excelsis.

Herb Diamante & Diatric Puds – In New Moons Lull

Herb Diamante has been described as a ‘Psychedelic lounge karaoke singer from the U.K.’. Not bad for starters. In 2007 he did an album with ‘friends’ (one group of friends being Sun City Girls) called ‘A Spoonful of Yeast’. This sultry number, replete with binatone-like rhythm, is like Nick Cave morphing into Jimi Tenor with Joe Meek at the controls. Lovely.

Tipsy – Mr. Excitement

Lounge plunderphonics from USA’s Tipsy; from their brilliant 1996 album ‘Trip-Tease’. This is the opener and is a lovely piece of rolling, paisley patterned, formica-covered sampledelia.

Tipsy – Cinnabar

Lounge and exotica plunderphonics from Tipsy here, from their 1996 album trip Tease’. The album came out the same year as Stock, Hausen & Walkman’s ‘Organ Transplants Vol 1’, and Tom Recchion recorded his ‘Chaotica’ album. There was definitely something in the air at this time. This track takes the lava lamp vibe out into an LSD drenched Hawaii.

Get with it people.

Tom Recchion – Flying Weather

Ex LAFMS (Los Angeles Free Music Society) member Recchion came up with a brilliant album of Sampledelia that vandalises Exotica, Lounge, and Easy Listening and brings the listener something with real substance that bears repeated outings. The album was called ‘Chaotica’, and was recorded between 1985-86; released 1996. Bands such as Stock, Hausen & Walkman, and Tipsy (especially early Tipsy) seemed to riff on what Recchion achieved with this dizzying, candy-coated piece of sampledelia.

Pram – Little Scars

Labels such as Hauntology get waved about when this band are mentioned these days. However, back when this album (Sargasso Sea) was released in 1995, then the term Post-Rock (shudder) was thrown at it. Likened to Stereolab; mostly due to the adoption of ‘exotica’ in the music; Pram definitely forged a sound of their own, and were certainly less NEU! obsessed than the Lab.
‘Little Scars’ is a lovely, fuzzy balled that gives the listener a kind of borrowed nostalgia; hence all the talk of Hauntology.

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