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Stereolab – Percolations

This is from their spilt flexi 7″ with Faust and Foetus, titled ‘überschall’ (1996), and sounds like it was an offcut from ‘Dots and Loops’.

Paul Schütze – The Velvet Horizon

This is from 1992’s ‘New Maps Of Hell’ album, and is a companion piece to the track ‘Sacred Agent’, which comes along two tracks after this does. This is a lighter shade, before the album starts to get darker. Beautiful take on Jon Hassell’s ‘fourth world’ music, with the emphasis on the electronic.

Paul Schütze – Sacred Agent

4th world Electronica from Paul Schütze’s 1992 album ‘New Maps Of Hell’. This is the sound of a digital rainforest; all humidity and moist pixels.

Autechre – Laughing Quarter

A track from the bands 1997 EP ‘Envane’, which was the forerunner to their incredible album later that year, ‘Chiastic Slide’; an album where the hulking rigidity of ‘Tri Repetae’ started to loosen and melt before our eyes. This particular track has some traces of Aphex DNA in it; all spluttering Drill ‘n’ Bass inflected Electro and burbling analogue shenanigans. All hail Autechre.

Rachel’s/Matmos – The Precise Temperature Of Darkness

Matmos reconstruct ‘Full On Night’ by Rachel’s, and take the sombre chamber Rock and clanging ambience and set it fizzing off into the Electrosphere. From 2000.

Seefeel – Plainsong (Sine Bubble Embossed Dub)

Seefeel were one of the bands who were put under the new journo label of ‘Post Rock’ (it was a British thing before Tortoise et al got lumbered with the tag). Ethereal and expanding upon the MBV shebang, they were ripe to be remixed by the burgeoning Ambient Techno artists who were like the Electronic flip side to all of this Post Rock malarky. On their 1993 EP ‘Pure/Impure’ they get both Richard D. James involved, as well as an act called Sinebubble (later to become better known as Autocreation). This is track is taken completely into the soundworld that the remixing team used to inhabit, and is a lovely reminder of the possibilities that presented themselves back in the mid 90’s.


Matmos – Very Large Green Triangles

The official video for Matmos’ track from their 2012 ‘Ganzfeld’ EP; where they based the music around a series of parapsychological experiments conducted by the pair, in an attempt to turn cognitive behaviour into something tangible to funnel into their work. Another lofty concept by the duo that’s also deliciously sly and tongue in cheek. The track’s pretty fantastic too by the way.

Matmos – Lipostudio….And So On

Who thought a track that utilised samples of liposuction could be funky then elegant and beautiful? No one probably, that is until Matmos released their 2001 album ‘A Chance To Cut Is A Chance To Cure’. This track features a few guest appearances, such as Stephen Thrower on Clarinet, as well as Felix Kubin and Blevin Blectum on ‘speech’. Suck away at this one.

Actress – Dancing In The Smoke

Darren Cunningham shows no signs of slipping up as he ploughs forward with yet another stunning album under his Actress moniker. Last months ‘AZD’ feel like it has a more accessible feel to it, whilst, paradoxically, not losing any of the edge that previous efforts have. Actress is post-dance music music in much the way that the best of the so-called IDM artists in the 90’s were hailed as. Unlike acts such as say, just for an example, Autechre, Actress doesn’t take the listener through maddeningly intricate and convoluted Electro worm holes, yet he manages to step beyond House, Techno, Electro, Garage tropes without sounding like a trite mashup or sub-genre (which puts him up there with the aforementioned Autechre). To think this man was labeled as ‘Dubstep’ in the past.

To Rococo Rot – Extra

The German bands 1997 album ‘Veiculo’ is a collection of intricate electronica puzzles; like Labyrinths without Minotaurs that exist purely for a pleasant stroll. So, stroll on in.

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