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The Other People Place – Eye Contact

Sublime Electro as imagined by Detroit Techno; from the prolific, mercurial, and sadly missed James Stinson of Drexciya fame. This is from the 2001 album ‘Lifestyles Of The Laptop Café’, which is as magnificent throughout as this track would suggest. Go seek.


Autechre – Chatter

Some Acid Electro from Autechre in their early days; off of the Warp compilation ‘Artificial Intelligence II’ (1994).

A Number Of Names – Sharevari

1983 Electro from the Detroit outfit ‘A Number Of Names’. This was, quite frankly, one of the essential blueprints for Detroit Techno and future dance music. This fits nicely into the pared down, future Disco sets that Magda likes to spin, and this track is a favourite of hers and manages to still rock the floor.

Arthur Russell – Let’s Go Swimming (Walter Gibbons Mix)

Some excellent alt-Electro moves from Arthur and Walter circa 1986. You know the drill.

Black Dice – Snarly Yow

The opener from the bands 2005 album ‘Broken Ear Record’ set out the stall for their new direction post-drummer; which means busted, whacked out Electro on a serious dose of Psilocybin. Wonder at the mashed-ness of it all.

Autechre – Laughing Quarter

A track from the bands 1997 EP ‘Envane’, which was the forerunner to their incredible album later that year, ‘Chiastic Slide’; an album where the hulking rigidity of ‘Tri Repetae’ started to loosen and melt before our eyes. This particular track has some traces of Aphex DNA in it; all spluttering Drill ‘n’ Bass inflected Electro and burbling analogue shenanigans. All hail Autechre.

Liaisons Dangereuses – Los Niños Del Parque Original 12 inch Version 1982)

Proto-Electro/Techno from Beate Bartel (Mania D, Einstürzende Neubauten) and Chrislo Haas (Deutsch Amerikanische Freundschaft), released in 1982. Seminal etc.


Aphex Twin – Xepha

Gloomy Electro-Techno from Richard D James’ 1993 EP ‘On’. Dario Argento at a Rave, possibly.

AFX – Mc-4 Acid

Have never been part of the Richard James worshiping herd myself, it has to be said. However, he does come up with some material here and there that I love, and this is some of it.
Nothing groundbreaking, just a lovely marriage of British acid (was always distinct from the original Chicago style) and old skool Electro.
Nice and spiky. From 2005.

Autechre – Montreal

This track is from 1994’s ‘Amber’, which was Autechre’s 2nd album on Warp. Back then (and now, alas) this stuff was called  ‘IDM’, which is possibly the worst ‘genre’ label of all time. Back then, we also had ‘Intelligent Techno’ (again…..), ‘Home Listening Techno’ (sigh), and ‘Electronica’ (bingo!); whatever we want to call it, there is no denying that tracks like this have survived both the labels and the onwards march of Electronic music (which comes with many paradoxes; but that’s another blog). This is a lovely, chunky slice of 90’s Electro; which builds upon the music’s B-Boy roots without falling into retro pastiche (see ‘Jedi Knights’). Class act, then and now.

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