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Ectogram – Excerpt From The Faust Tapes

Welsh Post-Rock act giving us some Faust from their 1995 EP ‘Spoonicon’. This was back before we knew this ‘excerpt’ was called ‘J’ai Mal Aux Dents’.

Great cover.


The Gories – Ghost Rider

Detroit Garage Punk band The Gories give us a cover of Suicide’s classic track ‘Ghost Rider’. This can be found on the band’s 1994 compilation “I Know You Be Houserockin'”

Lou Reed – This Magic Moment

Fantastic version of the Doc Pomus track from 1960 (as performed by Ben E King & The Drifters). This featured on the 1995 Pomus tribute album, ‘Till The Night Is Gone’, and was recorded around that time. It was, of course, also used in David Lynch’s 1997 film ‘Lost Highway’, and features on that soundtrack.

Melvins – Interstellar Overdrive

Melvins cover the classic Barrett-era Floyd track with great gusto.

Dump – Dirty Mind

Dump was Yo La Tengo bassist James McNew, and in 2001 he did an album of Prince covers called ‘That Skinny Motherfucker With the High Voice?’. This, the best track on the album, is a fantastic rendition of a great Prince song.

Pussy Galore – Yü Gung

Pussy Galore covered one of Einstürzende Neubauten’s tunes* in 1988 and decided that what was also required was nods to Public Enemy in the shape of samples. Lacks the drive of the original; but it’s a really nice version nevertheless.

*from their 1985 album “Halber Mensch’ to be precise.

John Cale – Memphis

John Cale’s excellent cover of Chuck Berry’s ambiguous track about Marie  really has Cale put his own stamp on it. From 1986’s ‘Even Cowgirls Get The Blues’.

Weep – Shut Up And Drive

America’s Weep cover Rhianna’s hit. Someone on YouTube smeared it all over Venture Bros and we thought we’d post it.

Robert Wyatt – I’m A Believer (Live on Top Of The Pops 1974)

Wyatt hits the cover version jackpot yet again, and here he’s performing it on what was once Britain’s most vacuous TV music show; with Fred Frith (on guitar) no less!. This clip was presumed lost, and the BBC weren’t happy to have a man in a wheelchair on their beloved show (I mean, disabilities are so yucky). Luckily, the clip was preserved, Top Of The Pops is no more, and the public now see the likes of Jimmy Savile as repulsive; rather than people in wheelchairs. Robert Wyatt, a national treasure.

Foetus – Faith Healer

Jimmy with the live Foetus incarnation doing a cover from The Sensational Alex Harvey Band. This version was on the live album ‘MALE’, that was released in 1992, but was recorded on November 3, 1990 in Manhattan’s famed CBGB club. He also had this cover titled as ‘Hate Feeler’ on other releases. It’s funny, because Jim’s own Foetus material never really translated well in a live setting, but covers like this worked with the band set up.

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