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Butthole Surfers – Perry

The Perry Mason theme tune gets a deranged re-working from our favourite Buttholes; this off-kilter psych garage tune is from 1986’s ‘Rembrandt Pussyhorse’.

“It’s about licking the shit off the floor, It’s about doing the things that you ought to do,
It’s about being a butthole surfer.”


Shuggie Otis – Happy House

Sparkly, Funky, but sadly, too short. This track is from Shuggie’s 1974 album ‘Inspiration Information’.

The Stranglers – Shah Shah a Go Go

From the band’s 1979 album ‘The Raven’; which, whilst solid, isn’t up there with the previous years ‘Black & White’, which is one of the real New Wave/Post Punk classics. However, tracks such as this see the band in top form. The track opens with the call to prayer, before they kick in with a synth sound that predicted so much of what would come during the next few years in both the New Wave, Indie, and Pop scene. Then that sharp, angular UK Post Punk sound that launched so many careers. Fantastic song!

Captain Beefheart & His Magic Band – Sugar ‘n’ Spikes

Joyous free Rock with a huge dose of the Delta blues from Don Van Vliet’s truly seminal 1969 album ‘Trout Mask Replica’.

Throbbing Gristle – Exotica

Short, eerie track from the bands 1979 album ’20 Jazz Funk Greats’.

Nurse With Wound – Lunar Cement Sidewalk

Would you like to listen to a piece of music that transports you to creepy Victorian back alley’s where the lost are approached by sharply dressed demons? How about being thrust into another dimension where time moves backwards and soundforms and physical forms are interchangeable; where the pastoral and industrial link arms and dane a ring around the rosie? Listen to this track from Stapleton and co’s 1999 album ‘An Awkward Pause’ and let us know if it fulfills any of those wishes.

Basic Channel – Quadrant Dub I

Radiant, sparkling Dub Techno from the masters of the genre. This is from 1994, and has lost none of its magic.

Nurse With Wound – Mummer’s Little Weeper

This subtle piece of music that closes 1999’s brilliant ‘An Awkward Pause’ album is simultaneously beautiful and sinister. The musical equivalent of a warm, balmy summer evening in the pitch black darkness. Stunning.

Uzect Plaush – Wetzone Rapture

Light as a feather Ambient piece from Paul Schütze’s 1994 album ‘More Beautiful Human Life’. This work; which he released under an anagram of his real name; had a more stable rhythmic undertow than his other albums, and got promoted by Apollo as an Ambient Techno release. However, the similarities to that sub-genre are superficial at best, and this is yet another entry into Schütze’s very own take on fourth world music.

Electrelane – Blue Straggler

Brighton 4 piece Electrelane conjure up the spirits of fallen mods on this typically moody piece from their 2001 debut ‘Rock It To The Moon’.

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