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Kurtis Blow – Christmas Rappin’ (Do It Yourself Version – Instrumental)

Kurtis basically takes you to Disco heaven on the B-side of his 1979 track ‘Christmas Rappin’ (also know n as ‘Rappin’ Blow’). Hip hop in its infancy.


Aphex twin – D-Scape

Slightly ominous Ambient Techno effort from Richard D James’ 1993 EP ‘On’. This spacious number was where the listener could breath after the onslaught of ’73 Yips’, and gather their strength before the Horror-Core gloom-Techno of ‘Xepha’. Funny as the whole EP starts in an optimistic, upbeat fashion 9with added fart bass).

Autechre – Overand

The penultimate track on Autechre’s hulking, rusted, metallic beast of an album; 1995’s ‘Tri Repetae’; changes tack from what came before, and allows the listener to freefall into beatless space and creepy ambient.

Parliament – Gettin’ To Know You

The P-Funk superstars go for a P-Soul approach on this wonderful love song from the 1976 album ‘The Clones of Dr Funkenstein’.

Hercules – 7 Ways (Vocal Mix)

Classic Chicago House music from the legendary Marshal Jefferson. This is from way back at the beginning, 1986. Jack your body.

Einstürzende Neubauten – Ubique Media Daemon

A titan of a track! If only everything tagged ‘Industrial’ was up to the standards of this monumental juggernaut. Metallic marching drums underpin chanting and Blixa’s diseased vocals. This is from the bands 1993 EP ‘Malediction’, the accompanying piece to the album ‘Tabula Rasa’.

The Residents – Dimples and Toes

Rock ‘n’ Roll from Pluto, Residents style; from their 1980 classic ‘The Commercial Album’.

Stereolab – The Flower Called Nowhere

A song that spins like a merry-go-round whilst sprouting incandescent melodies, whilst  ethereal vocals that sound like the ghosts of French movies from the 60’s (it’s Stereolab, after all) abound. This is from their 1996 album ‘Dots And Loops’.

Can – I’m So Green

So very Kraut, yet so very catchy. It could be argued that this track from the immense Cologne outfit’s equally immense 1972 album ‘Ege Bam Yasi’ was an influence for lesser acts years later; such as The Stone Roses with their track “Fools Gold”. The Happy Monday’s also evoked Can (and this groove in particular) on a few of their tracks. Thing is though, ‘Madchester’ wasn’t fit to shine Can’s shoes.

Kraftwerk – Strom

Harsh guitar noise makes way for pastoral Kosmische. This is from the Düsseldorf bands 2nd album, 1971’s ‘Kraftwerk 2’.

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