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The Residents – Handful of Desire

A cracking one minute tune from an album full of 60 second slices of delight. This is saturated with that electronic “Residential” feel, and really nails the sound they had during this period; from the incredible 1980 LP ‘The Commercial Album’.


Wire – Heartbeat

Simmering New Wave number that some may know from the cover Big Black did back in 1987. This track, the original, appeared on Wire’s 1978 album ‘Chairs Missing’.

Captain Beefheart And His Magic Band – Veteran’s Day Poppy

Today would have been Don Van Vliet’s 77th birthday if he was still in this dimension. So to celebrate this we give you the closing track from Don’s main masterpiece (as opposed to all of his other one’s), 1969’s “Trout Mask Replica’. This track has three sections to it, all three are wonderful, but somehow that coda is where the real magic is.

Devo – The Day My Baby Gave Me A Surprise

New Wave power Pop from the band’s second album, 1979’s ‘Duty Now For The Future’.

The Residents – Safety Is A Cootie Wootie

This 1983 track was intended to be part of a bigger project. However, the band were in disarray after the disastrous ‘Mole Show’, and it took a while for things to get off of the ground afterwards. It’s a shame, as this track in particular is very strong, and really showcases that analogue electronics Residents sound that they were touting from The Commercial Album/Mark of the Mole era. Great song.

Jac Berrocal – Rock N Roll Station

A very special track dating from 1976; Rock N Roll Station saw French maverick Berrocal team up with Vince Taylor. Taylor was a Rock n Roll star from the 60s who had descended into madness, and was the main inspiration behind David Bowies Ziggy Stardust creation. The piece has Taylor reciting a kind of beat/concrete poetry over a subdued and haunting musical backing with Berrocal playing a bicycle, amongst other things. A true cult classic.

The Dead Boys – Sonic Reducer

From the ashes of Cleveland’s Rocket From The Tombs came two bands; one was the famous Avant-Rock/New Wave act Pere Ubu, the other was US Punk act The Dead Boys. These guys took the Amped up Garage Rock of bands such as The Stooges and ran with it. Originally using the moniker ‘Frankenstein’, The Dead Boys quickly garnered a reputation as a riotous live act. ‘Sonic Reducer’* is certainly a true Punk Anthem, and was from 1977.

*originally played and recorded by Rocket From The Tombs.

Renaldo & the Loaf – The Blowflie’s Dilemma

Bouncy, joyous strangeness from the Portsmouth duo’d 3rd album, 1983’s ‘Arabic Yodelling’; released on The Residents label Ralph Records.

Art Bears – (Armed) Peace

Eerie RIO from the bands 3rd and final album, 1981’s ‘The World As It Is Today’.

Talking Heads – Mind

Some Eno-produced New Wave/Post Punk from the New York quartet’s 3rd album ‘Fear Of Music’ (1979)

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