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Brian Eno – The True Wheel

Back in the days when Brian was still a Glampire; paving the way for Post Punk and adding shapes to existing genres with abandon. From his 1974 album ‘Taking Tiger Mountain (By Strategy)’.


Brian Eno – Third Uncle

Gnarly Post Punk that was, er, Pre-Punk. This track from Eno’s 1974 album ‘Taking Tiger Mountain (By Strategy)’ makes it very clear why Talking Heads wanted the man to produce ‘Fear of Music’.

Brian Eno – Baby’s On Fire

Version of one of Uncle Brian’s ‘hits’ from 1974 BBC session.

Talking Heads – Cities

Jittery White boy Funk from New York’s Talking Heads. This infectious track is from the Eno produced 1979 album ‘Fear Of Music’; their 3rd lp. Classic stuff!

Brian Eno – Sombre Reptiles

A simple and beautiful piece (simply beautiful); just like the rest of 1975’s ‘Another Green World’ album.

Brian Eno – St. Elmo’s Fire

Gorgeousness and gorgeousity made flesh. A track from the brilliant 1975 album ‘Another Green World’ that is unashamedly beautiful. Lush, yet not overblown. One can really hear the influence of Cluster on here (as with the album as a whole).

Brian Eno – No One Receiving

White boy Funk from Eno here. You can really hear the connection between him, Bowie, and Talking heads on this one, and can see why David Byrne and co had Eno produce 1979’s ‘Fear Of Music’. This is from Eno’s 1977 album ‘Before And After Science’.

Talking Heads – Air

Great Talking Heads tune about the dangers of air from the Eno-produced fear of Music album (1979)

Roxy Music – In Every Dream Home A Heartache

Early Roxy Music; a different beast to the later material and the wayward wanderings of frontman Brian Ferry.
These were the Eno days, and this is when the band had strong similarities to the German band Can (Malcolm Mooney era-Can for all of you aficionado’s out there).

This is probably the best song ever written about blow up sex toys; probably.
Great track from 1973’s ‘For Your Pleasure’ album.

Uilab – St. Elmo’s Fire

Ui + Stereolab = Uilab.
A 1998 cover of a Brian Eno track  no less.

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