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Isolée – L5 Syndrome

Some lovely underground House doings from Isolée; showing off his usual style and class once again. This tune is from the 2017 EP ‘Mangroove’.


Juan Atkins & Moritz von Oswald – Concave 2

Behold 2 Techno legends as they take the dubness onto the middle of the dancefloor with.A.Tune. 2017.

The Caretaker – Bewildered In Others Eyes

James Leyland Kirby has thus far released three “stages” of a six stage release titled ‘Everywhere At The End Of Time (stages 1-6)’. The idea behind this stems from what Kirby initiated on his 2011 album ‘An Empty Bliss Beyond This World’, which was based on studies of Alzheimer’s patients and music. Now, it’s as if that project itself has dementia (to paraphrase Kirby), and the condition worsens on each “stage”. This track is from 2017’s ‘Stage 3’, and is where the project starts becoming truly affecting. The track selected here invokes a feeling of anxiety and fear; whilst much of what follows is deeply sad and heartbreaking. Stages 4- 6 could just be too much, but it’s something we will have to hear before we know how much we can take.

* We’re guessing the video is fan made; whoever did it, kudos to them as it really does match the feel of what Kirby is doing brilliantly.

LCD Soundsystem – Tonite

The obvious “hit” from ‘American Dream’, the new “comeback” album from James Murphy and co. Disco kudos goes to the man once again with a song that rocks dancefloors for everyone ranging to Post Punkers, Disco lovers, House/Techno heads; and even to those sawdust sawing 80’s wannabe “kidz”.

Margaret Dygas – Saasafras

Playful, spacious, and freaky minimal House from Dygas; which featured on last years ‘Superlongevity 6’ compilation on Perlon. As ever with Dygas and Perlon, a class act.

The Scorpios – Yaelhajarok (They Leave You for Me)

The London-based, multicultural Sudanese Afrobeat combo with a track from their self-titled 2017 album. Dig the conjuring.

Deepchord – Underwater Galaxies

Get submerged with some aquatic Dub-Techno from the Detroit crew. This is from their last album, 2017’s ‘Auratones’.

Dorisburg – Venom

Swedish Techno from October 2017. This is sparse, dank material at 126 bpm. Groove me baby!

Truncate – Pseudo V1

Some new, tough Techno for the purists out there.

Manny Cuevas – A Matter Defined (Acid House)

Some brand new Acid for your Jackin’ requirements. This is from the Florida man’s 2017 EP ‘Thee Jackin’ Zone’.

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