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Actress – Falling Rizlas

Here’s the official video for this sparkling, beatless Electronica from Darren Cunningham’s 2017 album ‘AZD’. What makes it even better is that this has been directed by Dean Blunt. 2017.

Bambooman – M1

From March’s ‘Shudder’ EP, ‘M1’ delivers some lovely straight(ish) ahead underground House moves from a man who also likes to delves into abstractions from time to time (he’ll go anywhere from abstract Hip-Hop/downbeat, through Ambient Electronica, to to field recordings). That man is Leeds based Kirk Barley. Keep an eye on this guy.

Octo Octa – Adrift

Stunning track from the recent ‘Where Are We Going’ album. This is a track that would be perfect for either sundown, or sunrise; out in the open, with a vast sky above your head. Pulsing, driving Techno that manages to be foreboding, uplifting, and melancholic all at the same time. Huge emotional charge to this track, just like many others in the history (so far) of electronic dance music.

Octo Octa – Fleeting Moments Of Freedom (Wooo)

Cracking underground House from Brooklyn-based Maya Bouldry-Morrison, and is from their 2017 album ‘Where Are We Going?’.

Porter Ricks – Port Of Tangency

Lovely, lovely Dub Techno from the renowned duo. This excellent slice of minimal dance abstractions is from their recent album ‘Anguilla Electrica’.

Porter Ricks – Scuba Rondo

Murky, sub-aquatic minimal Techno from the Berlin based duo of Thomas Köner and Andy Mellwig. This is from their fantastic new album ‘Anguilla Electrica’, which is their first for 18 years. Released on the Tresor label.

Pixx – I Bow Down

Sounds a lot like Stereolab. 2017.

Skullflower – Furthur

Pure psych noise from the UK’s Skullflower. The point where psychedelic consciousness just blacks out. This is from the band’s most recent album, 2017’s ‘The Spirals of Great Harm’.

Burial – Beachfires

The B-Side from Burial’s new release, ‘Subtemple/Beachfires’. This, along with side A, is very far from the post-Dubstep shuffle of Burial past. He’s scrubbed at this, wiped away the beats and bass, and left traces of the original work that’s smeared across your speakers. This is Ambient sound/noise, yet still very much Burial. Possibly not one that’ll go down well with all of his fans, but The Sentinel really likes it.

The The – We Can’t Stop What’s Coming

Yes, The The is back proper (meaning Matt singing songs rather than his fantastic film scoring) with this new single released exclusively on Record Store Day. This definitely whets the appetite for the forthcoming album as all of the hallmarks are there; all of the ingredients that make a The The song. Can I describe them? Why bother when you can hear for yourself.

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