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Biota – Arboreal

Avant-Folk miasma from Biota’s 2012 album ‘Cape Flyaway’. Truly underrated band from the USA.


Matmos – Very Large Green Triangles

The official video for Matmos’ track from their 2012 ‘Ganzfeld’ EP; where they based the music around a series of parapsychological experiments conducted by the pair, in an attempt to turn cognitive behaviour into something tangible to funnel into their work. Another lofty concept by the duo that’s also deliciously sly and tongue in cheek. The track’s pretty fantastic too by the way.

Paranoid London feat. Mulato Pintado – Eating Glue

The UK duo Paranoid London with some sexy Acid nastiness, topped with a little story from America’s Mulato Pintada. 2012. Acid.

Xylitol – Ghost Office

Some Hauntological Electronica from Canterbury’s Catherine Backhouse from 2012.

Liars – His And Mine Sensations

2012’s WIXIW was an unsatisfying experience, with the band offering up the amazing concept of crossing over indie/rock/(insert label) and ambient Techno; like the 90’s never happened. However, some tracks stood out. ‘No.1 Against The Rush’, the albums first single, was a synth heavy post-punk number that has hints of Human League and Gary Numan to it; and even stronger hints of “A Forest” by The Cure. Another track that really stood out was ‘His And Mine Sensations’, which is like a lite version of ‘Proud Evolution’, or a cleaned up outtake from Drums Not Dead. Neither of those descriptions are meant as insults by the way, and this is a great Liars track.

Burial – Rough Sleeper

Reposted as the original post had a YouTube death. This track is 21st Century soul music; and is the B-side to 2012’s ‘Truant’ ep (the A Side is fantastic too, and can be found on here). Just lovely.

The Belbury Poly – Green Grass Grows

Ghost Box Records co-founder Jim Jupp’s ‘house band’. Imagine yourself locked in an eternal UK 70’s with all of it’s Sci-Fi, Horror, and Kids TV shows, forever; that’s the sound of The Belbury Poly. This is from their 2012 album ‘The Belbury Tales’.

Volcano The Bear – Buffalo Shoulder

Volcano The Bear wear their This Heat influence on their sleeve for this track from their 2012 album ‘Golden Rhythm/Ink Music’. Hypnotic drum patterns with post-prog/punk guitar and floating vocals certainly make one think of Hayward and co.

Rusconi – Alice in The Sky (feat. Fred Frith)

This is from the bands 2012 album ‘Revolution’, and features Mr. Fred Frith. Chamber music with serrated edges.

Cyclobe – Sulphur

This is from 2012’s ‘Sulphur-Tarot-Garden’, where the band soundtrack three rare, silent super 8 films by Derek Jarman. This track, the longest, is an unsettling, throbbing drone piece.

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