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Terry Riley – In C (Bang On A Can Allstars)

The Bang On A Can crew take on Terry Riley’s ‘In C’. 2001; Dig.


Aranos – Octopus Field

Some drone work from Petr Vastl a.k.a Aranos; Avant=Folk artist from Bohemia and neighbour to Steven Stapleton. This is from hi 2001 album ‘Whilst Your Gaiety Melts’.

The Other People Place – Let Me Be Me

Detroit Techno-Electro from James Marcel Stinson’s 2001 album ‘Lifestyles Of The Laptop Cafe’. Great stuff!

The Other People Place – Eye Contact

Sublime Electro as imagined by Detroit Techno; from the prolific, mercurial, and sadly missed James Stinson of Drexciya fame. This is from the 2001 album ‘Lifestyles Of The Laptop Café’, which is as magnificent throughout as this track would suggest. Go seek.

Jan Jelinik – Tendency

This track is Microhouse from the original wave of said sub-genre; off of Jelinik’s sublime 2001 album ‘Loop-Finding-Jazz-Records’, where the title speaks for itself and Jelinik constructed the entire thing from samples off of Jazz records. The album has a lot of tracks that are the kind of clean, minimal Electronica that was au fait at the time (think Kreidler, To Rococo Rot, et al). However, this tune, as previously stated, is super minimal microhouse. The devil is really in the details in this incredible piece of music.


Dump – Dirty Mind

Dump was Yo La Tengo bassist James McNew, and in 2001 he did an album of Prince covers called ‘That Skinny Motherfucker With the High Voice?’. This, the best track on the album, is a fantastic rendition of a great Prince song.

Animal Collective – Another White Singer

Sometimes it’s hard to remember when Animal Collective were experimental, and this Residents=like track from their second album, 2001’s ‘Danse Manatee’ is a strong reminder. It’s recommended that one checks out the rest of the album if this tickles your fancy, as the band throw up shapes resembling everything from primitive Techno, through This Heat, to their friends and fellow travellers Black Dice. This was back when they felt as vital as the rest of the Brooklyn noughties scene.

Matmos – Lipostudio….And So On

Who thought a track that utilised samples of liposuction could be funky then elegant and beautiful? No one probably, that is until Matmos released their 2001 album ‘A Chance To Cut Is A Chance To Cure’. This track features a few guest appearances, such as Stephen Thrower on Clarinet, as well as Felix Kubin and Blevin Blectum on ‘speech’. Suck away at this one.

Radiohead – The Pyramid Song

When Radiohead holed up in the studio and came out with ‘Kid A’ in 2000, word was the band had done a ‘Talk Talk’, and were now a stadium level band peddling underground music. Some in the underground snorted with derision; and some did so without actually listening. Well, the band were deadly serious about what they were doing, and they did indeed manage to pull off a ‘Talk Talk’; drawing their own sound from their influences without aping them. This track is from the 2001 album they brought out after ‘Kid A’, an album that grew out of the massive bouts of recording sessions they had to release that massive curveball. ‘The Pyramid Song’ has an epic feel that still manages to sound subdued (not stadium epic, natch) and subtly shifting throughout.

Jimi Tenor – Backbone Of Night (Live)

Live rendition of one of his many standout tracks from his 2000 album ‘Out Of Nowhere’. This version is longer, and still features those wonderful horn sections. Space age Soul music for futuristic bachelor pads. This is from a 2001 performance with the J Riga Symphony Orchestra. The conductor was Normunds Sne.

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