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Jimi Tenor – Paint The Stars

This track is from Tenor’s ‘Out Of Nowhere’ (2000) album; which brings to mind ‘Parade’ by Prince, among other things.‘Paint The Stars’ was described as a sonic representation of an eye kiss when the album was released, and I cannot come up with a better description than that.

Beautiful orchestral, psychedelic soul; done in the style of a ballad. Swoon.


Ghost – Two Thousand

Absolute 2-step banger from, er, 2000; from the mighty pairing of EL-B and J Da Flex.

Pram – Mother Of Pearl

No, not a cover of that fantastic track by Roxy Music, but rather a lovely slice of warped Pop with horns a plenty from the bands 2000 album ‘The Museum of Imaginary Animals’.


Jimi Tenor – Spell

Jimi channels his inner Curts Mayfield on this track from the wonderful ‘Out Of Nowhere’ (2000) album.


Jeff Mills – Dagma

Jeff Mills making a score for Metropolis made sense; him doing a score for a Buster Keaton film was far more likely to have people scratching their head. However, what resulted from this was a rather Wonderful album of lush, intricate Detroit Techno from 2000.


Die Trip Computer Die – America’s Burning

Sampledelia from Die Trip Computer Die (Xentos “Fray” Bentos, Lepke B, and Bongo Bongo Barrow). This is from their second album ‘We Are Your Friends’ (2000), and bases the track from a sample of the song ‘You Set the Scene’ by Love; as previously posted on The Sentinel. They seem to make the sample their own as well, that can discombobulate the listener slightly when confronted by the original.


Rachel’s/Matmos – The Precise Temperature Of Darkness

Matmos reconstruct ‘Full On Night’ by Rachel’s, and take the sombre chamber Rock and clanging ambience and set it fizzing off into the Electrosphere. From 2000.


Broadcast – Until Then

Beautiful, plaintive Hauntological post rock from the Brum acts 2000 album ‘The Noise Made By People’.


Broadcast – Papercuts

The official video for a track from the Birmingham bands first album ‘The Noise Made By People’ (2000). The Hauntological lushness that became the bands trademark is evident from the off. Nice video too; one that perfectly matches their musical aesthetic.


Jeff Mills – The Serenade

Classy, sleek, light-as-a-feather Techno from the Detroit legend; off of his 2000 album ‘Three Ages’.

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