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Volcano the Bear – Nobody’s Falling

Leicester’s Volcano the Bear carry the torch for Avant-Rockers past, especially This Heat; though one can hear remnants of Robert Wyatt (vocal style*), The Residents, Faust, Henry Cow, and Renaldo & the Loaf. Sometimes hit and miss, but when they hit, they hit hard (an incredible live act). Here’s an example of the band “on target”, and a solid reminder of how much joy horns can bring to underground music.

*see also – This Heat.


The Beta Band – It’s Not Too Beautiful

In 1999, this was definitely Indie-in-an-ideal-world; as in, it wasn’t Brit Pop or any of the other assorted beige cock-drippings that orbited around said “Brit-Pop”. This Scottish outfit had much more to them, and were at times rather expansive. In this track there’s a wonderful, and odd moment, where the track breaks into a section with a John Barry sample. It’s unexpected, yet works beautifully. This is from their self-titled 1999 debut album.

Porter Ricks – Phosphoric

Isolationist piece from the collaborative 1999 album ‘Symbiotics’ with Porter Ricks and Techno Animal. The album is a succession of one acts tracks after the other, rather than a full on “collaboration”. This track is from Porter Ricks.

Baby Ford & Zip – Vacuum Cleaner

The ultra-minimal Microhouse duo with a track on Perlon from 1999.

Aranos – Steady Job

Czech born Petr Vastl a.k.a Aranos with some Gypsy Folk in his inimitable style, which is off of his 1999 album ‘Making Love in Small Spaces’.

Blixa Bargeld – Soul Desert

Wonderful cover of the 1970 Can song that the Neubauten frontman and Bad Seeds guitarist released in 1999 on the compliation ‘Pop 2000 / Das Gibt’s Nur Einmal’.

Aphex Twin – Windowlicker

What a collaboration! Richard D James gives a warped R&B spin to his Electronica; whilst Chris Cunningham completely lampoons the ludicrous video’s that accompanied R&B/Hip Hop around this time. Cunningham outdoes his ‘Come To Daddy’ video by bringing the horror into daylight and using ambiguity to ramp up the terror. The tune? It’s a cracker. 1999 folks!

Soul Capsule – Lady Science (NYC Sunrise)

Baby Ford and Thomas Melchior come up with some lush Deep House on this track from 1999.

Prince – Automatic

The Electro is strong in this one, and made even better with the track cosying up with ‘Something In The Water (Does Not Compute)’ on his album 1999 (1981).  “A U T O matic”

Kalahari Surfers – 1999

No, this isn’t a cover of the Purple one’s 80’s hit, but rather a post-punk song in its own right from the South African avant-rock outfit; another song from their 1985 classic album ‘Living In The Heart Of The Beast’.

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