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Aranos – Grim & Grey

Folky song shenanigans from the Czech’s 1999 album ‘Making Love In Small Places’. This is great stuff from a man who explores several different directions; sometimes during one track.


Theo Parrish – Overyohead

Yep, yet another sublime House tune from Detroit’s Parrish. This one was from back in 1999, and like many Parrish joints, has retained a freshness due to not following the herd.

Volcano the Bear – Nobody’s Falling

Leicester’s Volcano the Bear carry the torch for Avant-Rockers past, especially This Heat; though one can hear remnants of Robert Wyatt (vocal style*), The Residents, Faust, Henry Cow, and Renaldo & the Loaf. Sometimes hit and miss, but when they hit, they hit hard (an incredible live act). Here’s an example of the band “on target”, and a solid reminder of how much joy horns can bring to underground music.

*see also – This Heat.

The Beta Band – It’s Not Too Beautiful

In 1999, this was definitely Indie-in-an-ideal-world; as in, it wasn’t Brit Pop or any of the other assorted beige cock-drippings that orbited around said “Brit-Pop”. This Scottish outfit had much more to them, and were at times rather expansive. In this track there’s a wonderful, and odd moment, where the track breaks into a section with a John Barry sample. It’s unexpected, yet works beautifully. This is from their self-titled 1999 debut album.

Porter Ricks – Phosphoric

Isolationist piece from the collaborative 1999 album ‘Symbiotics’ with Porter Ricks and Techno Animal. The album is a succession of one acts tracks after the other, rather than a full on “collaboration”. This track is from Porter Ricks.

Baby Ford & Zip – Vacuum Cleaner

The ultra-minimal Microhouse duo with a track on Perlon from 1999.

Aranos – Steady Job

Czech born Petr Vastl a.k.a Aranos with some Gypsy Folk in his inimitable style, which is off of his 1999 album ‘Making Love in Small Spaces’.

Blixa Bargeld – Soul Desert

Wonderful cover of the 1970 Can song that the Neubauten frontman and Bad Seeds guitarist released in 1999 on the compliation ‘Pop 2000 / Das Gibt’s Nur Einmal’.

Aphex Twin – Windowlicker

What a collaboration! Richard D James gives a warped R&B spin to his Electronica; whilst Chris Cunningham completely lampoons the ludicrous video’s that accompanied R&B/Hip Hop around this time. Cunningham outdoes his ‘Come To Daddy’ video by bringing the horror into daylight and using ambiguity to ramp up the terror. The tune? It’s a cracker. 1999 folks!

Soul Capsule – Lady Science (NYC Sunrise)

Baby Ford and Thomas Melchior come up with some lush Deep House on this track from 1999.

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