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The Body Lovers – Track 9

A track that sits on the fence between creepy and melancholic, switching to one or the other at various points. This was Michael Gira’s side project from Swans, and possibly grew out of the aforementioned bands ‘Soundtracks For The Blind’ sessions. The Body Lovers produced a single album, which was 1998’s ‘Number One Of Three’.


Add N to (X) – The Black Regent

Royal Synth rock from the UK crews 1998 album ‘On The Wires Of Our Nerves’. The Black regent would appear on and off over the years this outfit operated. Keep a lookout for him please.

Tortoise – Swung From The Gutters

Perfect two decades ago, and still perfect today. This lovely track from the somewhat overrated ‘TNT’ (1998) album, is a loose, languid number that really pulls on the heartstrings. A real album highlight for sure.

The Beta Band – Inner Meet Me

Groovy Scottish band who, bizarrely, got labelled as ‘folktronica’ (Ultramarine anyone?). Sure, they have some electronic elements, and some folky touches, but theirs is more of a mellow psychedelic groove for those who don’t necessarily want to go into the heart of darkness. This track is from the 1998 EP ‘The Patty Patty Sound’.

David Tibet & Steven Stapleton – The Fire Of The Mind

This expansive, Kosmische track was originally given away with the book “Simply Being” by James Low, and originally credited to Current 93. It eventually came out on the 1998 album ‘Octopus’ credited to David Tibet & Steven Stapleton. Come on in, the water’s lovely.

Thomas Köner ‎– Kaamos

The first of three tracks called ‘Kaamos’ from the 1998 album ‘Kaamos’ on the Mille Plateaux label. Drone on droogies.

Ui – Drive Until He Sleeps

Lovely, lovely stuff from the New York trio’s 1998 album ‘Lifelike’. The band manage to wrap some sultry bass licks around the post Rock breaks.

Boredoms – Super Shine

After the glitchy trickery is over, this track from their 1998 album ‘Super æ’ becomes a magical, Psych Rock monster of epic proportions. Get on thy knees and pray.

Add N to (X) – Little Black Rocks in the Sun (edit)

This is a shortened version of the 1998 track to accompany the wonderful video directed by Nick Abrahams. Drum breaks and analogue synth monsters crash, burn, and reform endlessly. The fact that they’d gotten in Stephen Hawking for the intro was a great feat; he wasn’t known for guest appearances back in those days.

Mark Hollis – Watershed

A track from Mark Hollis’ only (sadly) solo album from 1998; where he took the sound that Talk Talk had perfected (?) on their last 2 albums, and scrubbed it and stripped it down even further. An extremely personal sounding album that is haunting, yet deeply touching. Hard work to describe, yet certainly warrants terms such as sublime.

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