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Main – Flametracer

Main channel their parent band Loop on this mantric psychedelic “Rock” track from their debut EP, 1991’s ‘Hydra’.


Ultramarine – Lights In My Brain

Canterbury lovin’ Ambient Techno act sample some Soft machine for a track from their classic 1991 album ‘Every Man And Woman Is A Star’. Nostalgia for those that were there.

LFO – Simon From Sydney

Crisp, cubic Electro from the Leeds Techno duo’s absolute classic album, 1991’s ‘Frequencies’. Stunning stuff from 2 guys and their hardware from back in the day.

Nurse With Wound – Creakiness

A 16 minute sound collage that beggers belief, Creakiness was one side of an album that was split with the band Spasm.
During the piece you will hear the sound of characters from well known latter day cartoons (this is a truly ‘looney toon’), medieval folk, marching tinmen, and creaking furniture that sounds like moaning monsters.

Steven Stapleton said he was in an effervescent mood when he created this back in 1991; and you can really tell.
An absolute masterpiece from one of the all time greats of true underground music.


  • – Hair, Fur and Twiggs Jameson

  • – Delilah’s Lap

  • – Creakiness

  • – Admirals of the Blim

  • – Electric Fretum Attachment

Soundgarden – Drawing Flies

RIP Chris Cornell.

Soundgarden – Slaves and Bulldozers

A band called Grunge who, here at least, were delivering straight up heavy Metal as Black Sabbath first imagined. Slow and heavy, and touching on Doom, this track is a real slice of audio fire.

Fishbone – Junkies Prayer

Brilliant track that stands apart from the usual early 90’s Crossover thang that they were known for (and undoubtedly good at). This is far more in the realms of The Last Poets; visceral, unflinching, and spiky. From their 1991 album ‘The Reality Of My Surroundings’, which was probably their very finest and, definitely, their most diverse.

Slint – Breadcrumb Trail

The opening track from Slint’s classic debut 1991 album ‘Spiderland’. A precursor to the American strand of Post-Rock epitomised by the likes of Tortoise, Ui, et al , which wasn’t too much of a surprise due to the fact that Slint guitarist Dave Pajo was also in Tortoise; and was a central figure within the burgeoning Post-Rock scene. Influences such as Hardcore and  Americana rub together on this track; as well as the album in general.

Blake Baxter – Vision Of Truth

Blake Baxter with a track from his 1991 EP ‘The Prince Of Techno’. Where a track like ‘When A Thought Becomes You’ demonstrates the beautiful, lilting side of the machine Soul of Detroit Techno, this flips it and delivers a more driving, tough, and abstract side. Wonderful stuff from a fantastic era.

Blake Baxter – When A Thought Becomes U

From his 1991 EP on Underground Resistance ‘The Prince Of Techno’, Baxter gives us some beautiful, sensual Techno that hits the heart as much as the feet; as all true (Detroit) Techno does. Sublime.

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