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David Jackman – Vault

Dark drone from the 1988 cassette compilation ‘Rising From The Red Sand 3’.


Fat – Crank

Fat displaying far more groove (albeit a jittery, fumbled kinda groove) than they were later know for on albums released on These Records and ReR. This is from the Canadian bands 1988 debut album ‘Fat Plays For You’.

Butthole Surfers – VPRO Radio Broadcast 1986/ Peel Show 1988/ Plus “Comb”

1. Mark Says Alright

2. Johnny Smoke

3. Graveyard

4. Sweatloaf

5. 100 Million People Are Dead

6. Cherub

7. Psychedelic Jam

8. Blindman

9. Edgar

10. Nee Nee

11. Comb

Tyree – Night Of Acid

Chicago Acid from 1988; so, classic stuff from the very eye of the storm.

Muff Man Featuring House Master Baldwin – Sit On The Face

Classic Chicago Acid House from 1988, back when the Acid was really sleazy sounding.

The Residents – God In 3 Persons (Demo 1)

A kind of “run through” of the album with Hardy on relaxed vocal duties. This is the first 2 tracks, opening theme and “Mr X Indeed”.

RIP Mr. Fox.

Butthole Surfers – Day of the Dying Alive

This is a different version of the 1st half of the track titled ‘Jimi’, which is from the Texan bands 1988 album ‘Hairway to Steven’. A track that is Moronic Evil in sludge rock form, and sees the Buttholes at their best.

Foetus Interruptus – Don’t Hide It, Provide It

By 1988, Jim Thirlwell’s Foetus project had become all-consumed by his evil alter-ego, Clint Ruin. Ruin was a vile misanthrope, and the worst kind of person you would ever want to meet, and it is him that sings on these songs; songs full of hate and bile, on an album called ‘THAW’, set to a grimy Industrial that has been imitated by many; imitated poorly in many circumstances. This is the opening track from the album, and Ruin sets his stall out early with this maniacal Garage track from hell; all clanking, thumping metal drums and a guitar (?) riff that is a descent into Acid mayhem. Lovely!

Suicide – Devastation

Some Electro-Rockabilly-Punk from one of the most important bands to have graced underground music. The one and only, monomaniacal Suicide. This is from the duo’s 1988 album ‘A Way Of Life’.

John Paul Jones – 4 Minute Warning

Lovely horn piece from the former Led Zep bassist. This track; all eastern horn buzzes layered on top of each other; is from the 1988 compilation ‘Music For Films III’, where he is in illustrious company such as Brian Eno and Harold Budd. Some may recognise a portion of this as a sample used by Orbital for their 1993 track ‘Impact (The Earth Is Burning)’.

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